Can A Lazy Person Be Successful? – Explore The Answer

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There is a firm belief related to laziness. It says that success comes with hard work, and there is no place for laziness. Is that true? Can a lazy person be successful?

The answer is “yes”, there are many people like Newton, Picasso, Einstien who were lazy yet successful.

What does it mean to be lazy?

Why do you call someone lazy? What is the basis of this perception of yours? Did he refuse to do your work? Or was he interested in doing something else?

If someone is doing so, he prefers to do easy tasks rather than do hard things first.

There are a lot of people who seem to be lazy, but still, they are successful.

So in our opinion, even if someone is lazy to study or towards hard work. He can be successful in life.

Can A Lazy Person Be Successful? – 10 Lazy People Facts

To clarify the statement that lazy people can be successful in life. We are giving some facts that link laziness and success to each other.

Each one of us is lazy, some people have it more while others are occasionally lazy. But the trait of laziness exists in everyone.

The problem is that we have become habitual to consider laziness a bad thing. But what if the reality is opposite to it? What if laziness is a good thing to be successful in life?

So let’s have a look at those reasons which turn lazy asses into successful people.

1. Can A Lazy Person Be Successful? – They Know The Worth Of Time:

As far as the concern is work, lazy people know how to get everything in shape.

They don’t have this habit of wasting precious time on less important tasks. When they start to work, they come straight to the point.

Lazy People Are Inventive
Can A Lazy Person Be Successful? – They Know The Worth Of Time

Lazy people find regular monotonous work to be very boring and annoying. They know how to make life easier because they like it this way.

Why people invented so many automated machines? Because they were lazy enough to do these everyday chores. 

2. Lazy Peeps Know Where To Put Sleeping Preference:

Knowing when one should take a rest is an essential thing in life. The more power put in, the lesser you will have to pour into bigger plans.

The people who are always spending their energy age faster. They start to lose their memory quicker.

According to science, if you stay awake at night. And you get up early and start to exercise. Then you are destroying your health. So lazy people should continue to be lazy.

3. Their Vision Is To Fly Above The Sky:

Lazy people are always up to invent something new. Their mind is working to think of a new idea, that can benefit their laziness. They always have new and creative ideas in their mind.

As they do not keep responsibilities and excessive thoughts in their minds. They are more entrepreneurial.

Lazy people think out of the box. They think in different styles and different categories.

They try to make sure that their work is not boring. Also, they try to get the best results in the end.

4. Lazy People Lack Extremism To Get Things Done:

Such people avoid to keep on jumping from one task to another. They don’t believe in rushing everything.

Some people get nervous, and their attention gets diverted. They can’t show commitment to their jobs.

But, lazy people don’t get trapped by worries. They are calm and relaxed. So they know how to complete their tasks on time.

Lazy People Are Moderate
Lazy People Lack Extremism To Get Things Done

Lazy people take their time and get to task after task.

5. Their Mind Is Always Running On A Fast Track:

Lazy people have sharp minds and they know how to get their work done. When they are relaxing, they are thinking of ways to make things possible.

Lazy people have their own plans to make their time worth it.

Employees are either clever or foolish, painstaking, or lazy. You can prove to be the best employee in the company if you are both lazy and smart.

6. Slow And Steady Wins The Race:

Lazy people are aware of which goal to focus on. They have a clear focus in life. They pay more attention to their goals rather than the ones imposed by others.

In simple words, lazy people are too lazy to pay attention to others’ goals. So they keep the focus on themselves.

Also, they spend less time achieving their goals. So they can have more time to relax at the end of the day.

7. Can A Lazy Person Be Successful? – Have Mastery Over Machinery:

In the present era, the invention of gadgets took control of everything. These things make jobs easier and quicker to do.

Such people have better knowledge about these things because they don’t like manual work.

They save time by using these gadgets and complete their tasks faster.

Lazy people like to simplify their work procedures. They don’t like to put so much effort into their work.

Lazy People Use Technologies
Can A Lazy Person Be Successful? – Have Mastery Over Machinery

Lazy people always like to save time. It allows them to take a rest for a while.

8. Lazy People Prefer Smart Work Over The Hard Work:

Rather than taking everything on their shoulders, they know how to share the burden with others.

Lazy people believe it’s better to delegate a task. All you have to do is to put a lazy person to work and see the magic.

They will delegate the work to their subordinates. The delegation will be so efficient and quick that the results will be flawless.

9. They Develop Passive Income Sources:

As discussed before, lazy people don’t like to work so much to achieve success.

Instead of working hard, they will try to use technology and online tools. A lazy person will develop a passive income source that can allow him to be lazy in the future.

So they make money even if they are not working.

What will lazy people do if they wake up and find more money in their accounts than before? They become lazier.

10. Can A Lazy Person Be Successful? – Believes In “I’ll Do It Later”:

Procrastination is the dream of all lazy people. The surprising fact is that it works well for them.

Can A Lazy Person Be Successful? – Believes In “I’ll Do It Later”When people procrastinate, they know that they have no time to fulfill their tasks.

They are aware that they have no time to waste. So they start to work with their best efforts. They try not to leave any faults.

Before learning the tips to be successful, you should be aware of the root cause of why people are lazy?

Why Are People Lazy? – The Root Cause:

In all this hype, the question arises why people are lazy? Despite all these benefits of laziness, you must justify your laziness.

There are many reasons for this, and some of these reasons are as follows:

1. Lazy People Need Relaxation:

Lazy people are always looking forward to some free time. They love to sit back and relax.

Lazy people can use all their time to rest and relax. And even if someone calls them lazy, they won’t mind it.

2. The Fear Of Failure:

Lazy people being too much self-critical are more prone to procrastination.

They try to avoid making decisions because they have no trust in their abilities.

The Fear Of Failure
The Fear Of Failure

They have a fear of failing because they think their decision will not be worth it.

3. The Fear Of Expectations:

When you are performing something, people start expecting from you.

It becomes an unseen responsibility to fulfill their expectations.

Lazy people don’t want to burden themselves with such expectations. So that’s why they set the bar too low.

They try that people do not expect anything from them.

So they won’t have to feel the shame of not fulfilling their expectations.

4. Depression:

This is a major reason for laziness. Many people fell victim to laziness because they have no motivation to work.

Because of the lack of interest, they don’t want to pursue their goals.

So lazy people at work are, most of the time, careless towards their goals. This is because they lack the motivation to achieve these goals.

If you are a lazy person, and you don’t know how to be successful.

Then these reasons must have tempted you to know the ways to be successful.

Tips To Be Successful While Being Lazy:

If you are lazy and you want to be successful, then read these tips at least twice.

Here is a bit of detail about these ways. You can learn these strategies to bring success into your life.

1. Lazy Person Can Be Successful By Adopting Strategic Thinking:

First of all, you need to learn how to be a strategic thinker. It would be best if you always had great ideas in the store. You need to be innovative enough for this.

Lazy People Adopt Strategic Thinking
Lazy People Adopt Strategic Thinking

If you have a perfect idea of a business. And you work on it with efficiency, then keep this in mind, that this will work for sure.

There are many examples of creative businesses that capture the market. And people are in love with these ideas.

It doesn’t mean that you don’t need to work at all. Even the most creative ideas need hard work.

If you want your idea to work. You need to put in place the best of your efforts and skills.

The point is that if you have a good idea, the chances of your success increases.

2. Build A Career Out Of Your Passion:

Put your efforts and motivation in the right place. Don’t underestimate yourself.

Remember that if you are lazy in one thing, you must be great at doing other things.

So learn to channel your motivation and energy at the point where you want the success.

For instance, video gamers are so much passionate about their games. They can wake up early to play games.

Even they can skip their meals and sacrifice their sleep time for it.

It means you can be successful if you are hardworking in one stream. And lazy at other tasks.

The point is you need to learn to direct your motivation in the right way.

3. Learn To Play The Game Better Than Others:

If you know that you are lazy. But still, you want the best and be the winner.

Then you need to learn the art of mastering the game. It would be best if you played it better than anyone else.

Yes, success and laziness can go hand in hand. But the trick is to be the best at what you do.

You must learn the rule of the game and play it in the best way. You can still win even if you are not the most hardworking person.

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4. Hire The Best Talents:

Another trick to be both lazy and successful is to know the best use of talents.

If you want the best results in your work, you must hire the best people for it.

A person can be very hardworking, but still, he can’t do everything by himself.

He will always need help and support from other people if he tries to do everything independently. He will end up being unproductive.

Hire The Best Talents
Hire The Best Talents

This would also result in a wastage of time.

For example, if you are an entrepreneur and you want to introduce and grow your business. Then it would be best if you focused on things you are good at.

It will bring you success for sure. But you should not waste your time on administrative tasks or other works.

So you need to hire great talents. It will also help you to learn from others if you are not an expert at everything.

Frequent Asked Questions Can A Lazy Person Be Successful

How Do Lazy People Affect Others?

We all are often surrounded by lazy people at our workplace. Such people’s laziness not only inhibits the morale of the workplace. But they also leave a bad effect on the effectiveness of a team. A person who is not proactive will bring down the performance of the whole team. This is how they affect others.

Why Do People Become Lazy When High?

It’s a proven fact that people become lazier when they are high. Because smoking cannabis affects the area of the brain responsible for motivation. According to studies, drugs make a person apathetic. This condition also gets described as a motivational syndrome.

Why Do People Assume I’m Lazy?

The opposite of laziness is hard work. So people assume other people to be lazy when they see them doing nothing. Lazy people have their conditions prioritized and they know how to deal with matters. If people assume that you’re lazy that’s because they see the surface and not the reality.

How Do Lazy People Get Ahead At Work?

If you’re lazy and want to improve your performance at work. Then you should focus on what your peers are doing. Maintain a good connection with them and adopt their positive ways to work. A mentor is the best way to get ahead at work. Because he can teach you how to fill your role.


All we have experienced laziness in some parts of our lives. There are certain times when we don’t have the motivation to work.

But such times also do come when we are so driven to take actions throughout the day.

Laziness is not a that bad thing. It can’t harm us until we know the strategies to be successful.

The actual key to success is motivation. All you need is to learn to work on good things and build productive habits.

If you are lazy now, that doesn’t mean that you are going to be lazy forever.

So don’t rush things. And don’t worry about the laziness. Instead, you should learn to grow and nourish your abilities.

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