Frustrated At Work? – Here Are The 12 Measures To Take

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While you feel frustrated at work, you must be thinking about staying at this job or quitting it.

It can be a good idea to keep your resume updated and look for new opportunities.

But it would help if you also considered ways to deal with frustrations at work. Sometimes it can be helpful if you manage your workplace frustrations.

12 Measures To Take If You Are Frustrated At Work

Your perspective to look at your job might change altogether. And you won’t get stressed to lookout for a new job.

So here we have 12 ways you can opt to manage your workplace frustration.

1. Take A Moment To Think Why You Are Frustrated

If it’s a general frustration, you should take out a moment and think before reacting in any way. There can be different reasons for frustration at work.

Larger workplaces have several workers, and thus conflicts among personalities can occur.

But it would help if you didn’t get involved in these conflicts. Give yourself a moment to think about the situation.

See The Reason Behind Your Frustration
Take A Moment To Think Why You Are Frustrated

It’s a way to have control over whatever happens next. Do you feel any strong emotions at the workplace, around your coworkers?

Wait for a moment and think about how do you want to respond to this. Control your negative emotions and don’t react to every single thing.

2. Frustrated At Work – Belief In Your Abilities

If you get frustrated at work quickly enough, then take a look at yourself. While you’re trying to advocate for yourself, trust that you deserve to get approved.

It happens when you believe in your skills, abilities, and talent. After all, it was your capability that helped you got this job.

After you realize this thing, you’d be ready to move forward with a new mindset.

3. Look At The Bigger Picture

Your company’s present situation is because of several reasons behind. And everyone working there has a perspective.

So it would help if you tried to look at the situation from everyone else’s point of view. You can’t ignore the organization’s context.

Look From Others Perspective To Check Why You Are Frustrated At Work
Look At The Bigger Picture

For instance, your frustration might be due to you following the rules. At the same time, the rest of the team members have made their own rules.

4. When You Are Frustrated At Work, Look For Positive Aspects

It would help if you stopped once to see why you’re frustrated with work. What are the reasons behind this? Concisely write all the things that you think are frustrating you.

Your next step is to think about the positive aspect of this situation. For instance, you get frustrated that your manager doesn’t show up on time.

Look at it from the positive side that you get more time to prepare for the meeting.

5. Frustrated At Work – Identify What You Enjoy

We all feel frustrated at work at some point in our career, but we enjoy things too.

There might be perks at your job like a competitive salary or flexible work schedules. And you don’t want to lose these benefits just because of one reason.

Find Out The Things You Love To Lessen Your Frustration
Frustrated At Work – Identify What You Enjoy

Don’t let that negative aspect ruin the things you enjoy at your job. After analyzing your position and related benefits, your perspective will shift.

And you’ll get convinced that this job is worth the frustration.

6. Share Your Feelings With A Person Who Is Objective

Find someone separate from the situation and share your feelings with him. It is the best way to deal with your frustration.

Because the person will give you an unbiased opinion on the situation. You might get to explore a new perspective you didn’t think of before.

Remember to share the data and facts instead of enforcing your opinion. Because facts and figures leads to a better conclusion.

7. Picture Your Life One Year From Now

Another right way to get a new perspective on this situation is to think about your future. Make a picture of where you will be after one, five, or ten years from now.

See Where You Will Be Standing After One Year And What Really Matters
Picture Your Life One Year From Now

Rethink about your goals in life and see where do you stand after one year. Ask yourself if this frustration is worth creating a hype.

It will help you to know if you should address this frustration’s reason or let it go.

8. Talk To Your Manager When You Are Frustrated At Work

As you’re too much frustrated at work, it’s time to have a word with your manager. If you plan to do so, it’s better to go prepared.

Write down your current situation and what’s right in your role. While you explain where do you want a change, be precise.

Tell your manager in what ways you’d be more successful and happier if you adopt this approach. Remember to approach your manager peacefully.

There are chances that he’ll try to consider your requests and make changes in your role.

9. Identify The Areas Where You Can Make Positive Changes

Once you decide that you want to stay at this job, consider making some positive life changes. It will reduce your work frustration.

For instance, change your morning routine so that you can go to work with a fresh mind.

Or you can explore a hobby outside of work that keeps you motivated enough.

Frustrated At Work Is A Big Challenge
Identify The Areas Where You Can Make Positive Changes

You might want to add a new skill to your skillset. And this skill might open new doors of opportunities to advance in your career.

10. Frustrated At Work – Remember You Are In Your Control

Remember that you are the person having control over your life. It’s in your hand what steps you take next.

If you let your frustration give you a negative outlook of life, you’ll get more frustrated.

Yet, things can be different if you keep yourself optimistic. And remember that you’re in control of your future.

It will help you to add things that make you happier in life and brighten your future.

11. Use The Circumstances For Motivation

When you feel frustrated at work, you should look out for ways to improve the situation.

See how this hurdle can be a way for your motivation and growth. You can do this by setting up new goals.

Turn The Hurdles Into Chances For Yourself
Use The Circumstances For Motivation

The goal might help you to overcome the obstacle and focus your energy on achieving it.

So instead of focusing on a negative aspect, center your attention on positivity.

12. Center On Your Abilities

Your skills and abilities were the ones that brought this job to you. These are the sole reason your company hired you.

Stop yourself when you are thinking negatively about yourself. And take a moment to write down two or three things you like about yourself.

When you focus on your skills, it becomes easier to survive any situation.

5 Signs Of Frustration At Work

Everyone faces a terrible time at the workplace. It can be a week or two, but if you don’t remember the last day you were happy at work. Then it’s time to see the root cause of this problem.

These signs will tell you if it’s frustration or something else.

1. Being Physically Or Mentally Tired

Work makes everyone tired. And sometimes, a long workday makes us feel exhausted.

Frustration Takes Your Energy Away
Being Physically Or Mentally Tired

But if you feel this condition every other day and your life is in perpetual stress. Then you might be experiencing work burnout.

It’s a primary sign that everyone with frustration will experience.

2. Nothing You Do Is Enough

Despite being the prominent individual at work, you’re always meeting the workload deadlines.

Despite your efforts, your manager is always expecting more from you. It’s a sign that you’re frustrated with your job.

And it’s the time to look for a place where you’d get valued.

3. You Are Not Growing

To stand out in any profession is challenging. But in case if you love doing what you’re doing, then chances of excelling increases.

Not Growing Is A Strong Sign You Are Frustrated At Work
You Are Not Growing

The right career is the one that keeps on upgrading your skills. But if you feel that you aren’t picking up anything new, then you should consider leaving.

4. You Are Bored At Work

If you don’t feel challenged while doing your job, it’s pretty sure that you are frustrated.

You might find yourself talking behind your manager’s back.

It is something you shouldn’t be doing. Please leave the job.

Though boredom is a standard mood, endless boredom is a sign you’re doing something you don’t enjoy.

5. Stress Over Money

Though we stress over money now and then. But if you’re always stressed out for money, it means you’re frustrated.

You Are Continuously Stressed For Your Spending
Stress Over Money

The reason for this frustration is you aren’t getting enough pay. If you have spent a long time in this company, then talk to management about this.

If it doesn’t work, then you should explore other job opportunities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Okay To Get Frustrated At Work?

Yes, anybody can get frustrated at work. But it's more important to make it channeled constructively. Frustration shows other people that you are getting harmed. But if conducted calmly, it can lead to workplace benefits.

Why Do I Get Frustrated At Work?

The source of frustration is where you feel stuck or trapped. It also happens when you can't move forward due to a block. The reason can be your coworker blocking you from a project. Or your manager is delaying a meeting with you.

How Do You Calm Down When Frustrated At Work?

Calming down your frustration is a real deal. First of all, take deep breaths and repeat a word in your mind that comforts you, like relax. Avoid tensing up your muscles, and try to listen to your favorite music.

Why Do We Feel Frustrated?

Frustration takes birth from the feeling of uncertainty or insecurity. It happens when you think that you aren't able to do a specific task. That's where uneasiness or frustration occurs.


Anyone can get frustrated at work, and there can be any reason behind it. What matters is how you deal with it.

You can either let your frustration take away your time and prevent you from achieving. Or you can make changes in your life and lessen the impact frustration leaves on your life.

You need to set up your expectations right and build a positive frame of mind.

It’s all up to you how you turn your frustration into an opportunity to grow and learn.

Share your thoughts about frustration at work in the comment section below.

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