14 Best Ideas For Choosing Going Away Gift For Coworker

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Finding a going away gift for a coworker is as hard as saying goodbye to him.

The nostalgia hits hard when you think about working without your favorite coworker.

As he is going somewhere else, the relationship between you two might get weaker. But you can create some good memories by giving your coworker a going away gift.

It’s a way to keep the friendship alive even after you guys aren’t working together.

14 Ideas For Going Away Gift For Coworker

You can offer so many unique gifts, so they remember you care for them. Remember to choose a facility that provides utility and is inside your budget.

Your search for a good going away gift stops right here. This list contains different and unique ideas for going away gifts.

So keep reading and find your pick!

1. A Diary Is A Fine Going Away Gift

You can gift your coworker an empty diary or a fill-in-the-blank book. It’s blank pages with cute illustrations and funky compliments will make them smile.

A diary is always a good idea to tell your coworker that you liked working with him.

Going Away Gift For Coworker
A Diary Is A Fine Going Away Gift

You can write one or two compliments by yourself. So that your coworker knows how much you are going to miss his presence at the workplace.

2. Going Away Gift For Coworker – Saying Goodbye Candle

It would help if you didn’t miss the simple ideas while selecting a going away gift. As sometimes simple presents can be more precious than expensive presents.

A candle with a message written on it is one of such simple and memorable gifts.

You can get such customized candles with a sweet message written on them. It can be a motivational quote or something related to an inside joke between you two.

A Scented Candle Is A Good Idea
Going Away Gift For Coworker – Saying Goodbye Candle

That is the best way to make your coworker remember those happy moments.

They can get a good burn time or a sweet scent from this candle.

So don’t you think your coworker deserves a handmade goodbye? He does!

3. The Best Going Away Gift For Coworker Is A Temperature Control Mug

A mug for holding coffee is the best idea as a gift for a tea or coffee lover. And a temperature control mug is even the best.

You can help your coworker enjoy his coffee or tea at his desired temperature.

Give A Temperature Control Mug To Let Him Enjoy His Coffee
The Best Going Away Gift For Coworker Is A Temperature Control Mug

He won’t have to make it warm in an oven again and again. He can also control its temperature and taste from his smartphone.

This feature allows one to customize the settings for a perfect drink every time.

4. A Personalized Farewell Guestbook

You can buy a personalized farewell guestbook for your coworker. All your coworkers can sign on this digital print.

Get it framed in a beautiful encase to make it look more adorable.

So that’s how your leaving coworker remembers the whole team through these signatures.

Your coworker can also hang this frame in the new office as a tribute to the old team and the teamwork.

5. One Good Going Away Gift Can Be A Metal Pen Holder

You can offer your coworker a wonderful gift in the form of a desktop pen holder. A metal made pen holder can reflect versatility and style at the same time.

You don’t need to find a unique looking penholder. Instead, give a simple one to your coworker.

Going Away Gift Can Be A Pen Holder
One Good Going Away Gift Can Be A Metal Pen Holder

So your coworker can proudly display this elegant penholder on his desktop.

6. Going Away Gift For Coworker – Gift Box For Personal-Care

Starting a new job would be stressful for your coworker, right? Here comes the need for a self-care box.

You can include goodies of your choice or those which your work best friend loves.

The box should contain a face-mask, scented candles, bath salts, and a lip balm. Choose the scent of your coworker’s choice.

7. Fruit-Infuser Water Bottle – A Perfect Going Away Gift

All your health-conscious coworker needs are a water bottle with a fruit-infuser.

Keep Your Coworker Hydrated
Fruit-Infuser Water Bottle – A Perfect Going Away Gift

It will help him to stay hydrated at work with different delicious tastes.

It is the best choice for a coworker who always keeps himself hydrated.

8. Going Away Gift For Coworker – Customized Box Of Chocolates

Make the going away gift for coworker both thoughtful and delicious. You can do this by getting a message written on small chocolates.

Crafting a message on chocolates will make him smile every time he opens to eat them.

Chocolates Are Always Welcomed As A Gift
Going Away Gift For Coworker – Customized Box Of Chocolates

You can customize the box according to your coworker’s taste. The package can contain milk or dark chocolates depending upon their preference.

9. Magnetic Decision Maker Is A Helpful Going Away Gift

We all know that decision making is an energy-consuming process. And your coworker deserves a break after making a big decision.

There is a ball on that magnetic decision-maker that swings around in a circle. And the process has different answers to their question.

When the ball stops swinging, they get their answer.

Giving a gift of impeccability is the best way for you to go arty while gifting something.

10. Farewell Card With An Adorable Message

The idea of giving a card as a farewell gift never gets old. It will help to lessen your coworker’s stress as he proceeds in his career.

He can put this card on his desk or frame it on the wall in front of him. And smile by reminiscing those old memories with you.

Cards Never Get Out Of Fashion
Farewell Card With An Adorable Message

You can write a kind and loving message on it – like work-life will suck without you.

Or you can add a sarcastic comment to tell them how you feel about them leaving the work.

But then remember to add a sentimental message inside the card. Put a surprise inside it like confetti!

11. Going Away Gift For Coworker – Foot Hammock

Finding a gift for your coworker that doesn’t just sit in the cupboard is a challenging task.

A foot hammock can be very tempting for them to try at their new work desk.

Such hammocks are multifunctional and get easily fastened to any work desk. Apart from resting feet, it can get used as a handbag or storage for headphones.

Every time your coworker puts his feet to rest, he will send prayers your way.

12. Sarcastic Balloons Are Unique Going Away Gift For Coworker

Showing love through sarcasm is the best way. Select some mocking balloons with rude comments written on them. Like “We will miss you (for 5 minutes).”

Your coworker will get amused for sure. So these sarcastic balloons are a perfect fit with a goodbye bash for your leaving coworker.

13. A Going Away Gift For Coworker Is Coffee Mug With A Funny Message

A mug may not be a unique idea as a going away gift. But it shows the closeness between you two and offers a feeling of warmth.

A Coffee Addict Coworker Needs A New Coffee Mug
A Going Away Gift For Coworker Is Coffee Mug With A Funny Message

The mug is the best way to let your coworker know that they are leaving the best office. But you still wish them the best.

Your coworker can put this mug in their new jobs’ kitchen and enjoy their regular coffee in it.

14. We Are Going To Miss You Frame Is A Good Going Away Gift For Coworker

You can get all your team in one frame as a gift for your departing coworker. It would be a real sentimental going away gift.

Photo Frame Can Prove To Be A Memorable Gift
We Are Going To Miss You Frame Is A Good Going Away Gift For Coworker

You can get a customized frame with a group picture of staff. Or you can buy one with cute color combinations.

Adding a personalized message at the bottom would be perfect.

How To Choose A Going Away Gift/ Rules For Choosing A Going Away Gift

Your coworker is leaving for a new opportunity, and it’s time to honor him.

Here are some easy tips to keep in mind while choosing a going away gift.

1. Ask Their Spouse Or Close Friend

It would be helpful if you can get in touch with your coworker’s spouse or friend.

They can give you better insight into ideas for choosing a farewell gift.

Get Help From His Closed Ones
Ask Their Spouse Or Close Friend

You can also find out what their next job is about. So you can figure out the gift that fits their needs at the new job.

2. Reflect On Their Hobbies

Try to choose a gift that relates to the hobbies or interests of your coworker. It will let them know that you were paying attention to what they like.

Also, you believe in them that they are going to give their best performance.

Make them realize that even if you are not with him, you wish success for him.

3. Be Creative

It would help if you found out a gift that relates to an inside joke between you two. It can also be something related to a situation where you both got embarrassed.

Be Creative While Choosing A Gift
Be Creative

Such a gesture will add a personal touch to the going away gift. You can also buy something from a store.

4. Think Smaller

It’s not necessary to buy an expensive gift for a coworker whom you don’t know well.

Instead, you can go with a pen holder or a simple goodbye wishing card. Remember to offer something useful and appropriate.

You can even offer a handwritten note with good wishes. They might appreciate it more than expensive gifts.

Donating to a charity they support is a beneficial idea.

5. Avoid To Give Gag Gifts

Gag gifts are not appreciated much. If someone is retiring, you shouldn’t give them something age-related.

Avoid giving gifts related to something personal. People can be leaving their jobs for many reasons.

So if you gift them based on those personal reasons, it might not be very kind to them.

Frequently Asked Questions

What To Do For A Coworker Leaving?

You can use a goodbye card to show support to your leaving coworker. Sending an email with a thankyou note would be appreciating. Leave a small gift at their desk before they show up for the last time. You can arrange a little get together and bid your coworker a farewell.

How Do You Say Goodbye On Your Last Day Of Work?

Before you leave work, check with your manager and tell him goodbye. Send an email to your coworkers with a thankyou note. Leave your contact information at work. Be positive and show some gratitude.

Should I Give Gifts To Coworkers When Leaving A Job?

Yes, you can give gifts to the people in the office you are leaving soon. The staff might give you a farewell party. But it would help if you first gave a gift to your boss and small presents to your coworkers too.

What To Buy A Female Colleague Who Is Leaving?

You can give a nameplate with a lovely compliment on it. Sharing a funny spoon or a coffee mug will be fun to make the gesture. You can also offer her a frame of the group picture. An organizer would be best for a female who is always organized.


A coworker leaving work or getting retired can be a sad event, as you had a strong emotional connection with him.

That is why choosing a going away gift is a significant task to do. You would want to give your coworker something to make them remember you.

We hope that this guide helped you to get some clues for your gift hunt. You can now choose a thoughtful gift for your coworker regardless of their gender or hobbies.

Please share your experience with us in the comment section below.

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