The Perfect Debate On Groupthink Vs Group Polarization

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The debate between groupthink and group polarization is been years old now. But here we have a healthy discussion on groupthink vs group polarization.

Groupthink is a psychological tendency found within a group of people.

The desire for harmony in this group emerges as an indecisive outcome.

For your ease, let me tell you that different people in such groups draw irrational conclusions.

Contrarily, group polarization makes the members of a group move towards a higher point in a direction.

And here the tendency of members gets predicted too.

Group polarization is also used to change the attitudes of everyone within the group.

Groupthink Vs Group Polarization – A Healthy Discussion

Here have a look at the fair analysis of groupthink and group polarization.

1. What Is Groupthink:

Groupthink is usually based on feeling and wanting to get accepted as a part of the group. 

Groupthink handles everyone instead of making one person right and the other wrong.

Groupthink got formed according to the opinion and beliefs of the majority. Everyone starts believing in the same way by forgetting their personal opinions.

What Is Groupthink
What Is Groupthink

It would be right if we say that groupthink victims also fall victim to pressure. And do what the group wants. 

You’ll see members of groupthink may not like what they are doing. But still, they let the group take the charge because of authority.

They just get involved with the group regardless of what they are doing. Somehow the group finds its way and everyone who doesn’t agree with the group swept away with it.

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2. Can Groupthink Be Positive:

Talking about groupthink vs group polarization it’s important to know these are positive or not?

Groupthink is a psychological trend in which a group of people seeks common harmony.

If the goal is positive and the result is positive, then this is positive groupthink. But if the consequences are negative then so is the groupthink.

Can Groupthink Be Positive
Can Groupthink Be Positive

It means that it’s possible to drive the group to the positive side.

So the group doesn’t create negative effects but also positive ones.

3. Example Of Groupthink:

Groupthink occurs when an individual’s thinking and creativity are enough exhausted. So people are automatically forced to live in the comfort zone of consensus.

A great example of the group was the decision-making process that led to the invasion of the Gulf.

Based on this, the US administration considered removing Fidel Castro after the attack.

4. What Is Group Polarization:

Have you ever had an incident in your life when you sat down to talk to someone?

And at the end of the communication, you felt that you are right and the person in front is wrong?

There can be reasons why you are saying something stupid to the person in front of you.

For example, if he says that a banana is better than a strawberry for breakfast, it would be foolish.

You try your best to be friendly with whomever you are talking to. But because of what you are saying you feel like your tone is getting harsh.

Inside you are defending your opinion. And they feel that this is wrong for them.

What Is Group Polarization
What Is Group Polarization

This example suggests that you may not like eating bananas for breakfast but I like the one in front of you. But you feel very attached to your opinion.

According to the group polarization based on such discussions.

Science says that sit down whenever you want to and talk to your family member.

It does not allow you to communicate exactly as you think. Or they don’t make you think more about your choice.

Science has examined why this happens and what it means.

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5. Example of Group Polarization:

Many examples of group polarization exist.

Within these are examples of public policy terrorism accompanied by decisions. Also debates about all forms of violence against college life.

An example of informational influence within group polarization is jury decisions.

Other side effects of group polarization demonstrated during sporting events.

8 Aspects Of Groupthink:

1. There is a process within this group that you believe you can’t stop if you are with the group. It called the illusion of invincibility.

2. The second aspect is to give reasons for not disputing the group’s ideas.

3. Ignoring any moral issues related to action which is known as beliefs.

4. For people in or out of the group, it creates stereotypes about people versus their mindset.

5. Everyone forced to hide their ideas, which is called censorship.

6. You have to believe in the groupthink method before you believe in each other. It called the illusion of coincidence.

7. The act of pressuring you to accept the groupthink aspect is also called direct pressure.

Different Aspects Of Groupthink
Different Aspects Of Groupthink

8. Covering anything that goes against the group’s beliefs known as mine guards.

Reasons Behind Groupthink Vs Group Polarization:

There are many reasons for the birth of these concepts. These include group leadership and group isolation.

Also, decision-making pressures and are known as causes.

Mutual pressure due to the high level of coordination reduces the amount of language.

1. Why Group Polarization Occurs:

Group polarization within a group can form for a variety of reasons.

Group polarization occurs when a conversation leads a group to create actions.

That is far more rigorous than the initial behaviors of individual group members.

Why Group Polarization Occurs
Why Group Polarization Occurs

Keep in mind that there is a risk of leaving the group could be in the direction of conservatism.

It will take you in one direction.

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2. Why The Groupthink Vs Group Polarization Is Bad?

When we talk about Groupthink Vs Group Polarization, we must be aware of why they get considered bad.

The truth is that any of this can have consequences in your future. And even in the immediate moment.

You and the other person must agree to talk about something else.

This is important because it allows you to understand both ways of the profession.

Also, change your mind about rational arguments. You should come up with a new you and do something great.

When you have to sit in a group where you are quite different. Then you should be able to share your opinions by being in the discipline.

This is one of the most important factors in the development and management of our society. Doing so will make you change your mind to fit into the group.

Test the other-self because the majority say it is wrong. But if the fact is that with grouping you never know what the majority thinks.

Because not everyone is expressing their opinion.

Why The Groupthink And Group Polarization Bad
Why The Groupthink And Group Polarization Bad

3. Getting Help In Groupthink Vs Group Polarization:

Neither group, which includes groupthink and group polarization feels any relief.

You may have a feeling that you feel comfortable in one group and not in another. This may make you anxious to talk to a crowd that has a completely different opinion from you.

You might not like to hear opinions that differ from yours. Those things are fine but they are things you should start working on.

Getting Help In Groupthink Vs Group Polarization
Getting Help In Groupthink Vs Group Polarization

Also, the key to success in both is your self-confidence. Getting help with any of these conditions and problems can be the first step.

So you can do this by contacting a psychiatrist. And learn more about accepting other people around you.

They will help you with what you are doing in your life which makes it easier for you to have problems.

He works with you on anything you encounter. They will put pressure on you in a few different exercises and sessions.

Also, you will be able to do this without leaving the comfort of your own home.


Now you must be aware of what groupthink vs group polarization actually is.

The debate between these concepts is never going to end. Though both of these have their own positives and negatives. 

But that doesn’t make one better than the other. And there were reasons behind the formation of both these concepts.

So it’s important for one to know the actual groupthink vs group polarization. 

Share your learnings and feedback in the comment section below.

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