How Can I Write A Resignation Letter To My Boss – 15 Steps Guide

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Are you thinking: It’s time to resign in workplace and give notice? Here’s a complete guide on how can I write a resignation letter to my boss?

A resignation letter is a written document. It states the employee’s intent to resign from the job.

How Can I Write A Resignation Letter To My Boss – 15 Steps Guide

A resignation letter gives the boss advance notice of your intentions. It provides them with time to find a replacement for your job. Once, you decide to quit, it is a mandatory step.

You should follow these ten steps to write a resignation letter to the boss:

1. Start With A Warm Greeting:

Always start your letter by thanking your boss for the opportunities. Use phrases like, “I have enjoyed working with you,” or “thank you for being a great mentor.”


A warm greeting will be a positive start to the sad news you have to share with your boss.

2. Be Clear About Your Intentions:

After thanking them, write about why you are leaving and when exactly you will be leaving. State how much time they will need to find a replacement.

You can also mention how long it might take to finish things before resigning.

3. How Can I Write A Resignation Letter To My Boss – Keep It Brief And To The Point:

Don’t make too many lengthy statements. It might look like an essay that bosses want to read when receiving this letter.

Moreover, too many words in length, and you might miss out on essential things.

4. Include Your Contact Info:

This advice could also apply to any other official document you send to your boss.

Don’t forget to include your contact information. Mention any helpful information that the boss might require after you resign.

5. Proofread And Read The Letter Aloud:

Read it at least two times before sending it. Ensure you didn’t miss out on any vital point and correct all glaring errors.


If there is an error, do not hesitate to ask another person or two to review it for you. You want to impress your boss with the letter and respect it.

6. How Can I Write A Resignation Letter To My Boss – Attach Resume Copy:

You should also attach an official copy of your resume with the letter. It could be beneficial for future references and job hunting.

It could mention why you picked them over others if you had multiple options while selecting a new job.

That is another way of letting them know how much they mean to you and that you will not forget them.

7. Assemble Everything:

Make sure you don’t miss out on anything. Attach all the necessary documents before sending your resignation letter to your boss. The required documents can be:

– Resume copy

– Any certifications or awards that you received from the company.

– It is with clients, co-workers, and other business associates. It could be beneficial for future references.

8. How Can I Write A Resignation Letter To My Boss – Follow Up:

Please send a short email to your boss in about a week to make sure they received it.

It is always good to let them know that you are available for any questions or concerns. Show them you are willing to help with anything until your last day at work.

9. Say Thank You:

It’s a common courtesy. You should always thank your boss for being a great boss and mentor, even if they weren’t. Say goodbye in the same way.

Thanking them would remind them what a good employee you were. It would also leave a lasting impression on their minds before leaving the company.

It could be beneficial when job hunting after resigning from this position.

10. Keep It Short And Sweet:

They tend to grow bigger, but things of beauty are best when they’re simple. Keep your letter short and sweet but make sure it says what you need to say.

How Can I Write A Resignation Letter To My Boss (2)

Even if the letter is too long, it’s better than having a short one that doesn’t convey enough information.

11. Be Sure Of What You Are Doing:

It cannot be accessible when quitting a job, especially if it is my first time leaving. But the fact remains that it’s not healthy for anyone when an employee stays in a position that he does not like.

Remember, you will feel psychologically more satisfied by writing a resignation letter. It will give peace of mind and bring down stress levels too!

It will also help in building confidence and self-esteem. So don’t fear quitting if you are not happy with your job.

12. How Can I Write A Resignation Letter To My Boss – Add Personal Touch:

You don’t have to mention that you are resigning when giving formal notice in the letter. However, it will be a nice touch if you do.

If possible, try to end the letter by mentioning personal things like:

– How much you enjoyed working at this place

– Anything else that personalized the situation.

13. Tell The Truth:

Please do not lie about reasons for quitting. It will come out sooner than later. It could tarnish your professional image in front of everyone who worked with you.

Speak the truth and say what’s on your mind without mincing any words. You will feel better, and others will appreciate your candidness too.

14. Deliver The Letter:

Even in a strict no correspondence policy, you must give the resignation letter. Could you not send it via email?

It also shows them how serious you are about quitting. It shows that you respect this institution enough to give it later if they ask for it.

15. Keep Notes:

Do not only write a resignation letter. There is no point in writing anything without having any reason behind it. Instead, make notes before quitting.


They should include all reasons you should choose to quit your job- be sure to add positive things.

That way, even if you need to decide to apply for other jobs, you would make the right decision.

Sample Template 1: Write A Resignation Letter To My Boss


Dear Mr. Smith,

Today, I am writing this letter to inform you of my resignation. I am resigning from my position as an editor with your publishing company.

I have worked here for the past two years. It has been a privilege to take this opportunity to work under you.

Unfortunately, due to personal reasons, I am left with no choice but to resign at this time.

Please accept this letter as official notice that my last day with the company will be July 1, 2015. I appreciate all the support given during my time here, and thank you for everything.

If there is anything I can do before then, please let me know to make arrangements.


Your Name”

Sample Template 2: Write A Resignation Letter To My Boss


Dear Mr. Smith,

With a heavy heart, I submit my resignation from XYZ Publishing Co. It will be effective May 1, 2015, and I plan to clear out my desk by the end of the week.

I appreciate all the support and knowledge you have shared with me during my time here at XYZ. I wish nothing but success for this company in the future”.


Your Name”

Sample Template 3: Write A Resignation Letter To My Boss


Dear Mr. Smith,

Please accept this letter as official notice that I will be leaving XYZ Publishing Co at the end of this month. My last day will be April 30, 2015, and I plan to clear out my desk by May 1.

Thank you for allowing me to work for your company. And thank you for appreciating all the knowledge and experience. I wish future success for the company in its endeavors”.


Your Name”

Sample Template 4: Write A Resignation Letter To My Boss


Dear Mr. Smith,

I must tender my resignation from XYZ Publishing Co. by the end of this month with great regret and sorrow. My last day will be April 30, and I plan to clear out my desk immediately after that.

I appreciate everything you have done for me in my time here. I wish you continued success in all your future endeavors”.


Your Name”


A resignation letter needs not to be too formal. It should be short, straight to the point, and precise. You do not need to go into too many details like what you will do next or your replacement.

How Can I Write A Resignation Letter To My Boss

Just let them know about your departure date. Remember- if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.

In conclusion, keep the resignation letter short and to the point. It is always essential to make sure that you are not burning any bridges when leaving your place of work.

Make the letter formal, but do not make it too long or short. When writing the letter, keep in mind that you want to leave on good terms with whomever you are resigning from.

Like many of us, this may be the only job you ever have. You want to go on good times.

You may even need a reference or two later down the road. Be sure that your resignation letter is professional and polite.

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