How To April Fool Your Boss – 15 Fun Ways

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April fool’s day is rapidly approaching. You know what that means, time to prank the boss! But how to April fool your boss?

April fool is a day where you can let your inner prankster out. This year, instead of trying to think of something funny, why not try to think of something clever?

How To April Fool Your Boss – 15 Fun Ways

Try some of these methods to hopefully get a laugh and a promotion this April fool’s day. Here are 15 fun ways to April fool your boss:

1. Prank Calls:

This one is pretty simple, and most people tend to do this every year without fail. Don’t be a clone and prank your boss using the same calls repeatedly, be creative.

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Try pranking your boss with some of these classic prank phone calls:

– Your mom called. She wants her jacket back.

– You have reached the number of a psychic hotline; please hold. (wait for response)

– You have reached 555-1234. If you are calling about an unpaid bill, please press 1. If your call is regarding a collection agency press

– The police got a call of a hostage situation at your location.

– Your parking permit is here- we are towing your car. Call us as soon as you get this message to arrange the payment.

2. Office Pranks:

Another way to April fool your boss is office pranks such as:

– Put superglue on your boss’s seat.

– Add some uninvited guests to your boss’s office (you will need sticky tack, tape, and other methods)

– Pull the fire alarm while your boss is in the building.

– Replace your boss’s coffee with decaf.

3. How To April Fool Your Boss – Take Over The Office:

This one is a bit risky, but it might work if you have a lot of coworker support!

Arrange to take over the office for an hour or two and run through a few fun-themed scripts such as: 

– I am not doing anything without a raise after this, do you understand? 

– You’re all fired! Except you, you’re my new personal assistant

– There’s a horrible gas leak in this building. Everyone evacuates immediately by the fire department- it’s not a drill.

Go now or risk getting deadly fumes! Oh, and bring me back an ice cream sandwich on your way out. You know how much I love those things!

4. Social Media:

Social media is a powerful weapon if used correctly. If you have a sense of humor about it, then grab some attention with these ideas:

– Post a picture of your boss on Facebook with an appropriate caption. This is perfect for any unfortunate photos you may have of them.

– Tweet out some fake job positions looking to hire in the company at your boss’s department. ‘Hire’ more employees than are available.

Hope they don’t notice it’s all bots until someone complains about getting pranked by one of them. Then watch as the chaos ensues!

5. How To April Fool Your Boss – Prank Gift:

Finally, why not give your boss a small prank gift this April fool’s day? Cut off the top of the shoebox and put it to the side.


Cut the inside about halfway down. Make sure you don’t cut all the way! Now take whatever object at the bottom of your prank gift and place it at the bottom.

It can be something small like a ring pop or something else that would fit in this space). Then glue or tape back together.

Wrap this up as if nothing has happened and hand it over to your boss. They will open it right away due to sheer curiosity and give you an excuse to watch.

6. Floating Head Prank:

Some people can’t take a joke, so try out these pranks on the boss! If you have never seen someone pull a floating head prank before, then sit back and enjoy the show.

Start by taking a photo of someone’s face. Do so when they are unaware or distracted by something else. Please print it out onto a thin sheet of transparent plastic.

Then cut out the image of their face but leave a small amount of space between where you cut along the nose & mouth areas.

Cut small holes in this piece for eyes, making sure only to see the pupil through each eye hole. Tape or glue each piece into view on your monitor or computer screen from behind the monitor/screen.

It will look over your shoulder towards your boss/coworker. Make sure that when you get up to help yourself to some coffee, the eyes appear fixed on them.

It will lead them to believe that you are looking over their shoulder the entire time!

7. Sticky Prank:

Sticking things like tape, glue, and superglue on your boss’s seat is always fun!

Hide the sticky side of the tape or glue on their chair. People will be pulling it off all day long, thinking it’s something else they are sitting on. On top of that, you can also put it on their back, legs, or even arms.

Superglue works best with this prank. It will most likely be the only time they touch anything in their office chair throughout the day.

And when someone inevitably decides to help remove glue from them, you can jump out and yell, “April fool’s!”

8. Fake Birthday:

This takes a little more time than the other pranks, but it’s worth it. Prepare weeks in advance. Start by putting everyone coming to your birthday party as ‘attending’ on Facebook.

Hide all those who are not going to be able to attend. Also, start planning early for your cake order and decorations.

You don’t want this day to go like every other day, right! On the morning of April, first, wake up extra early.

Fix yourself up as if you’re going out on a date or something special – make sure your boss sees this. Then head down about 15 minutes before their workday starts.

How To April Fool Your Boss

Your boss won’t suspect anything yet. Send them a text message letting them know you will be running a little late because of traffic.

Another idea is that if your boss’s phone is always with them, it would be good to call the entire office.

Speak with their assistant. Let them know they have to come for this special birthday dinner you have planned.

9. Fake Visitors:

Create a fake Facebook profile for someone who works in another department.

Put their intro as ‘visiting’ but not where from. Leave this up on your boss’s newsfeed for as long as possible without them noticing it!

It may even give you a few laughs looking over. It will be funny what your boss is thinking in their head about who they think this person could be.

10. How To April Fool Your Boss – Fake Promotion:

Make a fake letterhead from the company you work at and Photoshop yourself into it. Then change your status on Facebook to “employed” at the said company for quite some time now!

Make sure your cover photo on Facebook shows you standing next to the building where you work. Print out copies of everything for this April Fools pranks to have a bit more punch.

Post them around your cubicle or tape them up on top of every computer monitor in the office so everyone can see! If you want to go all out with this one, get a sticky notepad.

Write down some notes along the lines of ’employee of the year’ and ‘I’m doing such a great job!’.

Stick those notes around so your boss will see them as well! If you decide to go with this one, I hope you have an extra pair of underwear ready. They’ll drop when your boss realizes what’s going on.

11. Fake Email:

Send your boss a fake email from another coworker. Let them know how much they despise working with you, and everything about this job so far has been horrible!

This should at least give them a little chuckle when they read it, if not a lot.

12. How To April Fool Your Boss – Fake Survey:

On April 1st, send out a professional-looking email to everyone in the office. Pose as an unbiased survey company asking questions that have been on everyone’s mind, such as

– ‘How do you feel about your cubicle?’

– ‘Does anyone else wish we had more paid time off or whatever?

How To April Fool Your Boss (2)

It can be anything that might be something they may want to vent about for just a moment.

Be sure to include employees’ names and yours in the title of the email. They will feel a little silly for not catching on right away!

13. Fake Meeting:

Create a fake meeting notice on your boss’s desk. Let them know they must be in the conference room for a substantial 9 am decision-making meeting.

But don’t forget to include some little tips under:

– In case you’ve forgotten where it states that everyone should wear their best attire

– Please be sure to bring your laptop or tablet with you.

– We need to order another round of coffee after the first one was so delicious! Good luck!

14. How To April Fool Your Boss – April Fools Day Prank-a-Thon!:

Get together with your coworkers beforehand. Plan out an entire day filled with pranks only limited by your imagination.

Just make sure there aren’t any paper cuts involved! Try putting hair remover cream in each other’s shampoo bottles.

Replace the sugar with salt or even coffee grinds. If you’re all into that kind of thing, then put rubber bands on their chair.

They will be sure to get an excellent little scratch when they sit down. Replace all the pens with disappearing ink pens, so it looks like crap everywhere!

The possibilities are endless. But be careful not to go overboard. If your boss catches wind of what is going on, then that’s how people lose their jobs.

15. A Prank of a Different Kind!:

If you’ve ever wanted to find out the inner workings of your boss’s mind, then this is how. The night before April 1st, they put some water bottles on their chair.


Place ice cubes inside them so they will be nice and cold. When they come into work, sit down, and take a picture of their reaction?

This way, you’ll know a little bit more about what your boss is thinking in their head when they look at you.


April Fools Day is a day for people to let their creativity run wild at the expense of others’ sanity.

Remember, always use your best judgment when it comes to April Fools. April fool your boss by using the tips provided in this article! Have fun, everyone.

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