How To Be A Better Boss? – 12 Hidden Tips To Unwind

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Being on the chair of a boss is not an easy game. As a boss, you must have thought once in your life about how to be a better boss.

Improving as a boss is a must-learn trick. And once learned, you can turn the tables.

Bosses should be capable of handling people and resources. So keep learning the tips to be a better boss is inevitable.

12 Ideal Ways To Be A Better Boss 

We know effective bosses are the ones who are in a constant state of becoming a better boss.

But the tips for being a better boss are still hidden somewhere.

Let’s explore these tips together and learn something great.

1. Attend Some Communication Classes To Be A Better Boss

Communication is the key to better relations. You can’t connect to your employees unless you are a great communicator.

Good communication skills are a must-have.

Your great plans aren’t going to be of any use until you communicate them to your employees.

How To Be A Better Boss
Attend Some Communication Classes To Be A Better Boss

Tell your employees about your expectations and make them follow your roadmap.

You can refine as a communicator by strengthening your listening game. Also, gather the points where you are lacking and start working on them.

Recall all those times when you couldn’t get your point understood properly.

2. Make Practicable Objectives – How To Be A Better Boss

Being a boss, you’ll always have too much on your plate to achieve. But don’t get frustrated and confused.

Focus on doing what you should do. Manage the flow of the organization and let everything run smoothly.

Develop Those Objectives Which Are Possible To Achieve
Make Practicable Objectives – How To Be A Better Boss

Develop some sensible objectives and work on achieving them. Instead of creating chaos around you, give time to the specified goals.

So you can be victorious and confident for the next time.

3. To Be A Better Boss You Should Give Constructive Feedback

Every one of us makes mistakes, but you need to learn from them to be successful.

So let your employees learn from their mistakes. Constructive feedback is a motivating force that brings everything back to track.

If you give constructive feedback to your employees, they’ll try to improve.

Build People By Giving Enthusiastic Feedback
To Be A Better Boss You Should Give Constructive Feedback

Being committed to work, they’ll take feedback to enhance their performance even more.

Remember to keep your feedback meaningful and precise instead of overstating.

Go with this great tip to be a better boss by directing your team from time to time.

4. Stop Being A Dictator Is A Great Way To Be A Better Boss

Being a boss doesn’t mean at all that people need to follow whatever you say.

You are going to ruin everything by dictating your employees to respect your authority.

Be a leader and lead from the front to inspire people working under you. Encourage them through your actions that they try to be like you.

Never Try To Enforce Your Authority To Be A Better Boss
Stop Being A Dictator Is A Great Way To Be A Better Boss

If you look forward to being a great leader, then help others to connect to their goals.

If your employees know what to achieve, they’ll be more responsible. Working with more enthusiasm, they’ll contribute to the betterment of the organization.

5. Look At Your Performance – How To Be A Better Boss

A boss has his journey and struggle. Working above someone gives him more autonomy.

It means as a boss; you’ll have to be more responsible than before. You’ll have to work for the growth of your employees as well as groom yourself too.

Be A Better Boss By Assessing Yourself First
Look At Your Performance – How To Be A Better Boss

A person can inspire others only when he has something great to offer. Begin with identifying your weaknesses and turn these into your favor.

Your performance matters a lot because other people are looking at you.

So if you are successful, it means the whole team is on the path to success.

6. Find New Ways To Motivate People

Motivation can come from several different ways. Some of your employees might get motivation by working in a team.

While others might be more motivated for their career growth.

It’s your job as a boss to see in what conditions your employees are more productive.

Motivation Is A Key Factor In Being A Better Boss
Find New Ways To Motivate People

Research says that the best bosses are those with whom people can feel positive vibes.

The ones who don’t feel the need to be the boss and use their authority.

Make your employees feel that you’ve got their back. This is the best approach for motivating people.

Try not to be one of those bosses who hinder the growth of their employees. And steal the credit for work done by employees.

It leaves a bad impact on the organization as a whole.

7. Being A Better Boss Requires You To Be Synergistic

Don’t you think a more collaborative boss is more interesting to work with? Sounds great. Right?

The reason is they are creating a bond between everyone.

And do this without taking the credit for it. Thinking to be one such boss?

Then you have to be the channel that lets the information flow.

If you’ll do this and the information flows through the whole team. It will have a positive effect on everyone working there.

Make The Results Better By Adding Value To Work
Being A Better Boss Requires You To Be Synergistic

Furthermore, this approach will increase the productivity of the business.

Remember that being a boss doesn’t make you the most innovative person. Embrace the ideas coming from other people and let your employees invent themselves.

8. Don’t Interfere With Your Team All The Time

A good boss doesn’t need to be stick to his team all the time. So step back when there is no need for you to interfere.

Giving some space to your employees is necessary. It will let them explore new ways rather than following the same old beaten path.

If you’ll keep interfering with your team by asking them random questions. Or throwing unnecessary deadline recalls.

Then there is a probability that things won’t work well.

So don’t interfere without a need to remind them that you are the boss.

Consider being flexible and let them make their own ways. 

9. Let Employees Maintain Work-Life Balance To Be A Better Boss

Won’t it be fair to say we all are more productive when we are happy? Of course, it does.

Being a boss, it’s justified to think you should have the full attention of your employees. But remember that they have families and a life outside of work.

How To Be A Better Boss
Let Employees Maintain Work-Life Balance To Be A Better Boss

Give your employees some space to create a balance in their work and life. So they don’t leave the job because of a mess in their lives.

It’s also your responsibility as a boss to keep a check on your employees. Is their mental wellbeing okay? Are they doing fine outside the work?

Take some time to ask them what’s wrong. It will help them overcome personal issues and perform better at work.

10. Developing Your Replacement Will Make You A Better Boss

Succession is an element of the business. A good boss should know how to find someone to fill your shoe.

And planning succession is not as easy as it seems. One should identify the skills required to fulfill the goals in the longer-term.

So that after the executives are gone, the leadership continues to exist.

Keep The Things Go In A Flow While Trying To Be A Better Boss
Developing Your Replacement, Will Make You A Better Boss

To be a good boss, you’ll have to make sure that the process runs even after you leave.

Make an effective succession plan and identify how to enlarge the pool for the talent you are finding.

Don’t follow the old path and keep filling the same hole.

11. Give Your Team A Relief

You can’t put your team in the grinder and expect them to give the best results.

If you look forward to being a better boss, let your team have some fun to reduce their stress.

No doubt, the workplace has a stressful environment. But some companies are nailing the art of making it all fun.

Let Your Employees Breathe In Open Air
Give Your Team A Relief

For instance, people working at Google are happier than people working somewhere else.

This is because Google lets them enjoy free food and transport and gives free time.

Come up with some new ideas to light up your workplace. Make it easy by making it fun!

12. To Be A Better Boss You Have To Be Light-Footed

Tie your laces and bend down to run the race. Be vigorous enough to adapt to the changes coming your way.

You can’t keep ranting over the past; this position would demand you to be pro-active.

Run Before You Get Left Out
To Be A Better Boss, You Have To Be Light-Footed

So trying to be a better boss, you must have to be flexible towards differences. Welcome everyone and embrace their ideas.

You’ll be responsible for decision-making. So ensure to take adjustable and innovative decisions.

Frequent Asked Questions

What Qualities Make A Good Boss?

Honesty, integrity, and a perfect ability to inspire other people. These are the key ingredients of a good boss. Being honest makes a boss trustable enough, and his employees can follow him without fear. A good boss should know the tactics to inspire and motivate other people.

How Can You Make Your Boss More Effective?

If you want to start managing things on your own. Then you should embrace the vision of your company. Cooperate with your boss and interpret his goals and needs. Telling him how to make use of his talents is the best thing you can do. But keep focusing on your job as well.

What Can I Do To Better As A Manager?

Being a better manager has several ways. First of all, manage the resources and work with what you have. Build your team by motivating them and, meanwhile, improve yourself. The most important skill here is communication. Communicate your thoughts and issues to better yourself as a manager.

How To Keep My Boss Happy?

If you want to make your manager’s life easy and happy. Then know him first. Listen to his goals and ambitions in life. Instead of showering him with problems, offer him solutions. Don’t expect too much from your boss. He has to do his job as well. So, meet the deadlines on your own.

Is It Okay To Tell Your Boss How You Feel?

If you aren’t satisfied with your boss’s actions. Then you must tell them about your insecurities at work. Chose the right communication method, so you don’t offend them. Tell them that you are not happy with what they are doing and request to take action.


There is one thing to add at the end, i.e., be original while being a boss. Working with employees of different nature, you don’t need to color yourself in an avatar.

An effective boss builds a culture of his company where everyone feels safe to work. And people love to work there.

Try to hire people who are smarter than you so that the mission keeps going on.

Be patient to listen to the ideas coming from employees. Don’t dismiss their ideas without proper judgment.

Follow these golden tips and see how things change within days.

Please share your experience and tell us how helpful this article is.

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