How To Convince Your Boss In 10 Steps

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Do you want to convince your boss? Our compelling full-proof ways will help you learn how to convince your boss.

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Some bosses are hard to convince, some are easy. However, all bosses need a solid plan to agree on and install.

How To Convince Your Boss In 10 Steps

Whatever your motive is, there are specific ways to talk to your boss if you want to convince him.

Some of us are lucky enough to have a boss that trusts us and is our biggest fan. However, if you’re reading this, chances are that it’s not the case!

We all want to tell our boss about a new idea, but most of the time they reject us. The trick is to be ready and know how to convince your boss.

In this article, we will show you how to convince your boss in 10 steps:

1. Make A Solid Plan:

The first thing you need to do is make a plan. Plan your approach and how you want to convince your boss about the idea.

How To Convince Your Boss

Make a list of all the facts that support your idea. Moreover, do your homework beforehand. It will help you align your words with what you want. Your plan should include:

– What idea are you working on?

– How is that idea beneficial for you?

– How is that idea beneficial for the boss and the company?

– Why do you want to put in place the idea now?

– What measures have you taken for the idea?

– What are the risks of the idea?

– Details of what help you need from the boss.

These are some things you can include while brainstorming and making a plan.

2. Be Ready Before You Go To Your Boss:

Before you go to your boss, have a comprehensive plan. Moreover, talk to the people who can support you with this idea.

Have your team ready to help you when the boss agrees. Please make sure the benefits outweigh the costs and objections before presenting them.

Moreover, do not forget to request your boss for a formal meeting to get ready.

We emphasize in almost every article that timing is very important if you want your boss to listen to you.

In addition, you should relax and calm yourself down. Meet with your boss with a fresh mind so that you can handle whatever questions he throws at you.

3. How To Convince Your Boss – Know Your Boss:

People say “know your audience,” but what about knowing your boss? What do they want and expect from you?

How can you do a better job of meeting their needs and working as a team player? It is important information for anyone who works for someone else.

It can help you:

– Navigate tricky situations at work

– Deliver more capabilities

– Meet deadlines

When you know your boss, you will understand how to convince him. Bosses have different types of personalities. They have other things which impress them.

Knowing your boss’s personality will help you determine what to do to impress him. And once you impress him, you will be able to convince him too.

focus on your idea

Once you know the type of person he is, you will adjust your style accordingly. Figure out your boss’s goals and work to align your goals with them.

4. Become A Problem Solver For Your Boss:

What is the best way to convince your boss? Assure him that your idea will solve a problem that he or the company faces.

Every day, the boss will face a large number of issues. Your proposal should be able to help the boss to solve these problems.

Most of the things your boss deals with are problems. Therefore, if you have a solution, your boss will be happy to listen to you.

Do not give mere statements that you can solve his problems. Go to your boss with facts and figures ready. In addition, have strategies to deal with the issue. Be an action-doer.

5. Be Confident, Not Pushy Or Demanding:

When convincing your boss, let him know that you have taken steps to solve the problem. Since you are working for your boss, he will worry about concluding.

Therefore, convince him by showing that you have done the research and action. These measures will boost your confidence and make your statements credible.

However, do not be pushy. Do not ask for more than you need from your boss. Do not be too demanding because there will be more chances of you getting rejection this way.

For example, do not ask your boss to approve a project if he can not provide any funding or resources. You will be leaving yourself with no bargaining power at all.

6. How To Convince Your Boss – Prepare For Objections:

Before you go to your boss, prepare for the objections he might throw at you. Think about the things that can stop you and how you will deal with them.


For example:

– How do I convince my boss if they think my idea is too risky?

– What methods will I use to gain more support from clients or coworkers?

– Is this problem big enough to impress your boss with a solution?

– What if he doesn’t like my plans?

There can be several other objections that your boss can do when you present the idea. Therefore, to convince him, prepare for the answers beforehand.

If his questions puzzle you and you take the time to think, you will lose confidence. And once you lose faith, you lose the chance to convince your boss.

7. Keep It Professional But Enthusiastic About Their Decision To Say Yes:

No matter what you talk to your boss about, always be professional. But being too formal doesn’t mean that you don’t show excitement for your work.

You have researched your plan; your hard work needs appreciation. Therefore, let your boss know that if he says yes, how excited you will be.

Show that this idea means a lot to you, and you see it as a successful one. Your enthusiasm might be the tool to convince your boss.

Here you can share how this idea will benefit your personal and professional growth.

Moreover, you can tell your boss how much effort you put into this and what bright future this idea holds.

8. Include Specific Examples, Not Just Statements:

When you make statements like:

“I will make sure to put in place this idea.”

“This plan will be successful.”

Don’t just say that these things will happen. Show how they will happen. Do not make empty statements. Do not say: “I can solve your problems” without having a strategy to solve them.

convince your boss with examples

If you want to convince your boss, include specific examples to back up what to say. Giving numbers and figures that show your idea is crucial.

For example, tell your boss what percentage of sales your idea will help to increase.

9. Ask For His Feedback:

Ideas are nothing; execution is everything. Most people who want feedback on their idea never ask for it. It is because they’re afraid of the criticism – and the risk of rejection.

It takes courage to get feedback, but it’s a necessary step in creating a successful idea. Therefore, after sharing your whole plan with your boss, ask for his suggestion.

Ask him what areas of the idea need improvement. And if he points out loopholes, work on them. Go back to your boss with a mature idea after feedback.

Then your boss will find it easy to agree on your idea. So, you can convince him at last.

10. How To Convince Your Boss – Follow Up After The Meeting:

Do not sit around and wait for your boss to get convinced. Rather follow up via another meeting, email, or text, whatever suits your boss.

A follow-up to your boss is a great opportunity to enhance your chances of convincing him. Remind him again of the facts and figures you mentioned in your meeting.

If possible, prepare a document and share it with your boss after the meeting. This way, you will ensure that your boss knows the importance of your idea.

idea benefits company

If he forgets to think over your suggestion, your follow-up will remind him. A follow-up is a must for getting what you want: a convinced boss.


The people who work for a company determine its success. When you are looking for ways to improve your company, begin by focusing on the people.

The best way to convince your boss to let you try something new is to explain how it will benefit the business.

There are three categories of convincing your boss:

1. Have a plan.

2. Organize your idea

3. Be ready

Find ways on how your idea will lead to more sales, more customers, or more money for the company. Once you have the idea, make a plan, do your homework.

Give examples and facts, and figures. Do not give empty statements. Present potential solutions to the problems your boss faces. In conclusion, follow up with your boss.

We hope you get to convince your boss next time with your idea.

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