How To Find a Good Boss – 30 Traits

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Finding an excellent boss is a difficult task. Bosses are usually drunk on power and mistreating. But here’s how to find a good boss.

A good boss is a leader who sets goals and goes somewhere, who lets his team think the way they want.

How To Find a Good Boss – 30 Traits

To find a good boss, you must read between the lines. A good boss’s qualities are in his name, so they are easy to spot if you know how to read.

Here are some signs that can help you find a good boss:

1. He Is Not Proud:

A good boss knows his limitations. He doesn’t feel drunk on power if he has power. He is humble and doesn’t flaunt his authority.

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Moreover, he doesn’t let his power get to his head and makes condescending remarks.

2. He’s Not A Jerk:

A good boss is not rude. He treats people very well and respects them, even if he is essential. 

He doesn’t try to intimidate and doesn’t need his position as manager of the company.

3. How To Find a Good Boss – He’s Proactive:

A good boss comes up with very positive ideas for the company. He doesn’t wait for others to tell him what to do next. 

He tries hard to offer his team the best he can. Being proactive is a quality that all bosses should have.

4. He’s Honest:

A good boss doesn’t deceive his team. He tells them the truth and gives them a chance to make their mark. 

He doesn’t lie or give false promises. Likewise, he doesn’t engage in gossip about his team.

5. He’s Not A Bully:

A good boss does not abuse his position. He does not take advantage of anyone or mistreat them. 

He doesn’t push to get his team the best he can. Being a bully is the opposite of being a good boss.

6. He’s Not Manipulative:

A good boss doesn’t manipulate his team. He does not try to take advantage of people, and he is not controlling. 

Instead, he respects his team and values their ideas. A manipulative boss is the opposite of a good boss.

7. How To Find a Good Boss – He’s Not A Cheat:

A good leader does not cheat his team. He wants it to succeed, not because he wants money or power.

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He does not try to convince his team to do something terrible and ruin the company.

8. He’s Not A Liar:

A good boss is not a liar. He tells people what he thinks and doesn’t forget his promises. 

He doesn’t lie to his team about anything, nor does he break his promises.

9. He’s Not a Micromanager:

A good boss doesn’t micromanage his team. He trusts them to do their work, and he does not expect to know every detail.

 He trusts his team to do their job and take care of the rest.

10. How To Find a Good Boss – He’s Not Gossipy:

A good boss is not gossipy. He doesn’t go around telling lies about his team or talking badly of them. 

He does not interfere in their private lives and is always respectful. Instead, he’s very discreet and keeps his opinions to himself.

11. He’s Not Greedy:

A good boss doesn’t care about money and power. He does his job because he wants to make a difference. 

His work is not for personal gain and ego satisfaction. Being greedy is the opposite of being good.

12. He’s Not A Control Freak:

A good boss doesn’t try to control his team. He knows he is only the boss and doesn’t want to be more than that.

He’s not domineering and doesn’t seek absolute power. Instead, he wants to help his team be the best it can be. Being a control freak is the opposite of being good.

13. How To Find a Good Boss – He’s Not Mean:

A good boss is not mean. He doesn’t make his team feel bad or put them down. 


He does not terrorize them and doesn’t make fun of them in public. Instead, he encourages his team to do their best all the time.

14. He’s a Good Listener:

A good boss listens to his team. He considers the opinions of others and is willing to change. 

He doesn’t impose his ideas on others but listens to what they say.

15. He Is A Leader:

A good boss knows how to lead and be a role model. He’s honest and trustworthy. 

Even though he has a good sense of humor, he is responsible. A leader is someone to whom others can look up to as a role model.

16. He’s Dependable:

A good boss is dependable. He has a sense of responsibility and is always there for his team. 

He doesn’t use others and never lets them down. Employees trust him because he’s responsible.

17. How To Find a Good Boss – He’s Not Unreasonable:

A good boss does not act unreasonably. He knows that sometimes, things can go wrong. 

He doesn’t make a big deal out of little things but always knows how to rectify the situation. Being unreasonable is the opposite of being a good boss.

18. He’s Not Selfish:

A good boss is not selfish. He doesn’t care only about his interests.

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He prefers to work for the good of others and sacrifices his needs to meet those of his team.

19. He’s Not Late:

A good boss does not come late to work. He is dependable and shows up on time every day. 

He doesn’t leave his team waiting for him and never makes them worry about him. Being late is the opposite of being a good boss.

20. He Encourages Others:

A good boss knows when to give a pat on the back. He doesn’t care about himself, but his team as well. 

He is always encouraging to people and ready to help them. Therefore, everyone likes them.

21. His Actions Reflect His Words:

A good boss does not say one thing and does another. His words reflect his actions. 

He is always honest, never says things he doesn’t mean. He is always sincere, and his actions match what he says.

22. How To Find a Good Boss – He’s Serious About His Work:

A good boss doesn’t take things too lightly and is serious about work. He does not make fun of his employees in front of others nor.

A good boss doesn’t play around when there’s work to do. He knows the importance of work and takes it seriously.

23. He Is A Team Player:

A good boss knows he is a team player and supports his teammates. 

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He knows that teamwork will help him do more and that working together makes the dream work.

24. How To Find a Good Boss – He Is Not Lazy:

A good boss leads by example, will work harder than anyone else. He will not be lazy and let his team do all the work while watching. 

Instead, he will take on some of the burden himself and lighten the load. Laziness is the opposite of being good.

25. He Will Sacrifice His Interests For Those Of His Team:

A good boss always puts his team first. If it means the sacrifice of some personal interest, he’ll do it for them to make sure they are happy.

Likewise, a good boss will never ask his team anything that he wouldn’t do himself.

26. How To Find a Good Boss – He Remains Calm Under Pressure:

A good boss doesn’t overreact when something goes wrong. He remains calm and doesn’t let his emotions get the best of him. 

Instead, he will think before taking action and doing what is right.

27. He Keeps His Promises:

A good boss will make promises if he can keep them. If not – he’ll tell the straight truth upfront. 

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A good boss does not go back on his word or make promises he knows he can’t keep.

28. He Is Not Afraid to Say Sorry:

Even though it won’t happen often, he’ll come forward and apologize for it if he does something wrong. 

It takes an excellent boss to realize that mistakes happen and be willing to say sorry for them.

29. How To Find a Good Boss – He Is Open To Criticism:

A good boss doesn’t need to be perfect. He knows he can continually improve. 

He will never get defensive if his employees give him constructive criticism. Instead, he will take it to heart and look at how he can improve.

30. He Has Extensive Knowledge:

A good boss is constantly learning and will never stop. He invests his time in gaining more knowledge to be the best at what he does.

Learning is one of the most important goals of a good boss, and he makes it his priority to achieve that goal.  


There are certain traits of a good boss. You have to recognize the features to find a good boss. Like: encouraging others justifies their actions. 

Make sure your boss fits those requirements and will be a good leader for you. A good boss knows what to do in every situation and takes the initiative to reach his goals. 

He can reach his goals without too much worry. A good boss is a hard thing to find. If you have one, consider yourself lucky and treat them well.

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