How To Get Your Boss To Notice You – 10 Tips To Follow

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It is essential that your boss notices you and you are exceptional for career success. Let’s discuss how to get your boss to notice you. 

The article will teach you how to make your boss notice you among other employees.

If you are in your boss’s good books, you have chances for promotion. Also, you can get his extra help on work.

How To Get Your Boss To Notice You – 10 Tips You Can Follow 

Actions that make bosses notice their employees vary. It may be hardworking or brown-nosing. 

Some are happy with their employee’s performance and some by their excellent company. Here are 13 tips you can follow to make your boss notice you: 

1. Improve Your Team Work Skills: 

Bosses like those who are team players. The best way to improve your teamwork skills is through real-life practice. The more you work with your team, the more you will grow as a leader. 

To start improving your teamwork skills, you need to identify areas of improvement. 

How To Get Your Boss To Notice You

For instance, your team has trouble communicating with each other. Identify those areas of improvement and make a list of what to improve on. 

Once you have made that list, try implementing it into your team. Discuss your ideas with your boss and take his suggestions. 

Please make yourself available when it comes to answering questions and taking feedback. 

2. Ask For More Work:

Take part in extra work. Ask your boss to give you more assignments on which you can work. It is a way to tell your boss that you accept challenges. 

However, make sure to complete your actual work before asking for more. You’ll need to make a case for why you’re the best person for the task. 

You’ll need to prove that the extra work will pay off in the long run. In addition, you’ll need to ensure that your boss is receptive to your request. 

If you want to achieve your company’s goals and get an extra pat on the back from your boss, ask them for more work. Remember that every boss wants to have engaged and motivated employees. 

No one wants an employee who is timid or lazy. Be sure to give your boss a reason to recognize your hard work by asking for more responsibilities. 

3. How To Get Your Boss To Notice You – Be Punctual Or Arrive Early: 

One of the essential skills to master is punctuality. When you are late for your meetings, it shows that you don’t respect other people’s time. Bosses hate latecomers. 

Arriving on time is essential in a lot of different areas of life. But there’s something special about being punctual in maintaining professional relationships. 

If you’re frequently late for meetings, that can be an easy way for people to lose trust in you. You will annoy your boss this way. 

Yes, he will notice you, of course. But it won’t be for good reasons. 

Moreover, if possible try to arrive early than the starting time, just a few minutes won’t hurt. They will help you get in your boss’s good books. 

4. Speak Up With Ideas And Opinions: 

One good way to make your boss notice you is by sharing ideas and opinions with them. Most people are afraid to share their views or thoughts with the boss. 

share ideas

It is because they think their boss will shut them down. They don’t know how to present ideas and opinions in business meetings. 

You can do express yourself by: 

– Being ready 

– Knowing what to say 

– Being confident about what you present. 

One of the best ways to share your ideas and opinions is through presentations. You can also share your thoughts and opinions by writing them down. 

Your boss will see you as a potential employee who has a vision of growth. 

5. Be Proactive With Work: 

Isn’t it better if you already have everything ready if your boss asks you for some work? Likewise, taking measures beforehand to avoid risk is beneficial for the company. 

It will increase your chances of impressing your boss. Doing small extra things will show that you are ready to support the company’s growth. 

Active participation in the projects will help you make a good impression. Moreover, solving issues before they become major will make your boss notice you. 

To be proactive, try to look around the office for new items that require attention. Take the necessary measures to ensure that everyone completes tasks in time. 

Proactivity has been an essential quality for workplace success. Moreover, it plays a pivotal role in getting your boss’s attention. 

6. Share Your Achievements And Progress With Boss: 

Most people are afraid to share their achievements with their boss. They think their boss is too busy to care. Nothing can be further from the truth. 

Your boss will likely be happy with your achievements. It’s a way of letting them know that you’re on top of your work and meeting the company’s expectations. 

Moreover, it also shows that you’re ready to take on more responsibilities in the future. 

When it comes time to give out promotions, your boss will remember your achievements. 

7. How To Get Your Boss To Notice You – Dress The Part: 

There is a saying: 

“Do not dress for the job you have; dress for the job you want to have.” 


And everyone likes a well-dressed person. It is an excellent way to impress your boss. Moreover, keep yourself clean. Take a bath every two days or every day. 

Do not be a mess at work. Professionally style your hair. Wear good shoes and accessories. Bosses notice employees who are decent and look professional. 

If you are a boy, suit up. If you are a girl, wear professional suits or skirts. However, another way to dress up is dressing your table up. Make sure your desk is clean. 

Organize it all the time, and make sure there is no debris on it. Ask the office cleaning people to clean your desk every day. 

Organizing yourself and your items is one good way to leave an excellent impression on your boss.

8. Send Your Boss A Thank You Email: 

When your boss does some good thing, appreciate him with a thank you email. Consequently, your boss will notice your email and your appreciation. 

You can write something like:

“Dear Sir/Ma’am, 

I hope you are doing well. 

The purpose of this email is to thank you for [mention the excellent work]. 

I have never found a boss more positive and supportive to their employees. Your kind words and guide helps me to improve my skills. They boost my morale, and I want to work harder for the company. 

You have been a fantastic mentor throughout, and I am proud of you. 

Thank you for always helping me excel in my career. 


[Your name]” 

9. How To Get Your Boss To Notice You – Be Respectful: 

Wherever you are, you should always respect your boss wherever you happen to be. It is true. It will help if you respect those above you. 

Your boss has more experience and knowledge than you. Bosses love those who grow their power and respect them. You should respect your boss and understand how to handle their moods. 

Firstly, please don’t get into heated arguments. Secondly, do not go behind their back to talk about them with others. It would help if you always treated your boss with the utmost respect. 

respect boss

Moreover, never forget that they are the one who ultimately determines whether you get a raise or not. 

10. Ask Questions About Work: 

Asking questions from your boss is the best way to impress him. Whenever you ask a question from your boss, you learn something new. 

It shows that you are curious and want to know more. A great way to get your boss to explain things you don’t understand is to ask them questions. 

You might feel like asking the question will be annoying or pointless. But, bosses like those employees who want to keep learning new things. 

Bosses like those employees who go into the depths of projects. It is the best way to get your boss to notice you. In addition, you can ask such productive questions: 

– How can I improve myself? 

– What’s the background of this project? 

– Can you tell me more ways to improve work productivity? 

– I want to perform the best. Are there any tools that can help me? 


There are several ways to get your boss to notice you. Improve your teamwork and be a team player. You can ask your boss for extra work to improve your skills. 

Appreciate your boss without flattery. Moreover, share your achievements and progress with your boss. Ask your boss ways to improve yourself. 

Get feedback from your boss and help him notice you. Always be punctual or arrive early. Keep your desk neat. Dressing professionally is another way to get your boss to notice you. 

Be proactive with work. Try to complete it in time and resolve issues before they become bigger. 

In conclusion, make a good impression on your boss with your performance and manners. It will help you in the longer run.

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