How To Hook Up With A Coworker in 10 Ways

Written By Aleena

Did you find a coworker attractive, and you want them to be with you? Have you wondered how to hook up with a coworker quickly?

If this is your number one fantasy, it can be tough to focus on the work.

It is difficult to strike up a conversation with that cute person that happens to sit beside you or go through the same department as you do.

10 Ways On How To Hook Up With A Coworker

You might want to get this fantasy out of your system and make it a reality. You don’t know how to start, and where do you go from here?

Should we hook up with a coworker; what are the ins and outs of doing so?

1. Lay The Ground Rules:

You don’t want to cross any boundaries with your company. You need to set some ground rules on what is appropriate and what isn’t.

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An excellent way to start this meeting would be by saying that you feel the person might want to date or hook up.

If they are not interested, it will save you both from embarrassment if the other person feels the same.

It won’t come across as creepy when you tell them how attractive they are, but. Tell them there is chemistry between the two of you that could lead up to something more.

2. Be Open To Some Flirting And Banter:

They will want to know that you are open to flirting with them. It would help if you showed that you are eager for something more than professional work.

If it comes down to saying some cheesy pickup lines can be a good one.

Do so only when they have given off signals that they might want the same thing. You can flirt with them by asking them out for coffee or lunch.

3. Remember, Body Language Matters To Hook Up With A Coworker:

Body language clues might give you an indication of whether they like you back or not. If they face where you sit, it shows that they are interested in what you have to say.

They want to include themselves in the conversation more often than not. If their leg is facing your way too, then there is a good chance they see you as more than a co-worker.

It doesn’t mean, though, if their leg crosses over away from you, that means no attraction. You will have to judge by how much time they spend talking.

Here’s how you can find out if something could be going on between the two of you at all.

4. Keep Things Professional At Work:

You don’t want your coworker to get fired because of sleeping with them. Keep things casual and professional while at work.

Else, there is a big chance of losing your job if caught screwing around on company time. It is where things could get tricky.

It’s tension if the other wants something more than a professional relationship. You don’t know whether this is some office affair or something that could become more than that.

You might get attached to them when they leave the workplace because of an internal transfer.

5. Plan A Way To Make It Look Like An Accident:

It sucks when it turns out you are not compatible with each other. Suppose you want someone to be your partner for life.

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It would help if you planned things well without making it evident that this was your end goal from before.

That means not making it known how infatuated or attracted one party is over the other.

If both showed they have an interest in each other, it could cause tension in the environment at work. It will make it uncomfortable for everyone involved.

6. Continue On The Friendship To Hook Up With A Coworker:

It would help if you focused more on building a friendship. Later move to something else like the two of you hooking up and dating exclusively.

You don’t want to scare your co-worker away by rushing things; it could end badly if you do. If you feel that they don’t seem interested in starting a friendship with you, take note.

Move along instead of nagging them about getting together. They will come around when they are comfortable enough to share their feelings with you.

Wait for them to tell you how they see this relationship developing over time.

7. Always Be Ready For Rejection To Hook Up With A Coworker:

Life is full of disappointments now and then because not everyone sees things the way you do. If it doesn’t work out with your target, don’t be afraid to move on and try your luck elsewhere.

You never know. That person could end up seeing how awesome and attractive you are.

Thus, they will want to be around you as well. Live life for what is happening today, not what happened yesterday.

8. Don’t Let Work Affect Your Non-Work Life:

It would help if you focused more on your romantic endeavors outside of work than inside the workplace.

If you have different thoughts about dating each other within the workplace, it won’t work out.

Therefore, please do yourself a favor and try not to become involved with them. It might damage your reputation as well. It might hurt you poorly too.

9. Leave Work Out Of Your Personal Life To Hook Up With A Coworker:

You don’t want to be walking around with them in the supermarket holding hands and so forth. That could get you into trouble.

People might think that they are your significant other. It is not good when it comes down to maintaining a professional work environment.

10. Be Honest If They Are Private About How They Feel:

Don’t push someone’s boundaries by telling them outright how much you like them. It is unless they do the same thing too.

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Let things happen naturally without making an issue out of it. Don’t force anything on someone who isn’t willing to give in yet.

People will see how both you and your co-worker feel about each other. Let nature take its course and handle things from there.

How Not To Hook Up With A Coworker

Here are the things to avoid at all costs. Do not forget these situations, or it won’t end well for you both:

1. Never Hit On Someone Who Is Already In A Relationship:

You don’t want to cross any boundaries or step out of line. Do not even think about romantically looking at them if they are married.

You will get yourself into trouble with your spouse. If you see someone working that is already taken by someone else, you need to move on. Look for someone else that is available.

2. Don’t Make Any Moves To Get Together While Working:

It doesn’t matter how attracted or interested you are in your coworker. If they aren’t saying anything about it means it isn’t going to happen.

It could make things awkward or hard for both of you when everyone sees what is going on between you and why it’s not working out with them.

If the two of you keep silent and work as nothing happened, everything should be okay. Harmony will prevail within that company that has employed both of you.

3. Avoid Getting Drunk With Your Coworker:

You need to keep yourself in check and not drink too much at work together. If you see your coworker do something stupid like getting drunk, don’t join them.


It will give others the wrong impression about how things are going and what you think of your coworker.

You don’t want people thinking that all you do together is drink and hook up.

4. Don’t Make Out With Coworkers:

If you want to hook up with someone, do it outside and never at the workplace. You don’t want people looking down upon your relationship.

Don’t let them think that things are going too far between both of you. You should only be kissing if it’s a peck on the cheek as friends and nothing more than that.

Otherwise, everyone will think that you two are wrong, joking around and having fun with each other.

5. Avoid Being Too Bold And Forward:

Do not make sudden moves out of anywhere. They can turn many people off from wanting anything to do with either one of you anymore.

Keep things low-key and easy-going because this is how things work best. Make a big deal about nothing.

Do not go overboard with anything that may come off as a stalker or creepy to your coworker.

6. Don’t Try To Force Them To Be In A Relationship With You:

If you want someone to be with you, let them feel safe about being willing to enter something serious with you.

How To Hook Up With A Coworker

Never push someone into telling others when they don’t want anyone knowing.

It could get back at them later down the road if they did something stupid by enjoying too much too fast without thinking it through first.

People can find out if you are forcing them into doing something they aren’t comfortable with yet.


After going through all these steps, you should have an excellent idea about how to hook up with a coworker.

Your love life at work can be tricky to manage if you’re not sure what boundaries to go by and when. Please stick to the things written here until you can make changes to it for something that works better.

If you don’t treat your coworker right then, they may leave their job sooner than later. Do yourself a favor and follow this advice without any problem.


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