How To Impress Your Boss? – 13 Guidelines To Follow

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Impressing your boss is essential to career success. But the question is: how to impress your boss?

What will I learn?

This article will provide tips on making your boss happy without flattery.

Is it through working hard? Or by brownnosing? Everyone has a different opinion, but how you impress your boss will vary from person to person.

How To Impress Your Boss – 13 Guidelines To Follow

Work performance impresses some, while good company at the office impresses others.

There are some general guidelines that you can follow to impress your boss.

1. Show Up On Time:

Nothing makes a worse impression than someone always late for work or meetings.

The best way to get on your boss’s good side is to show up on time every day. So do whatever it takes to make sure this happens! 

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Set alarms the night before, so you have no excuse for oversleeping. Call your boss if you’re already running late to let them know.

2. How To Impress Your Boss- Make Fewer Mistakes:

Nobody’s perfect, and everyone makes mistakes on the job. But, try hard to make fewer errors than your coworkers.

And while it may be tempting to blame someone else when things go wrong, avoid making excuses. Always take responsibility for whatever mistakes happen while you are working.

3. Make Your Boss Look Good:

Believe me; I am not encouraging brownnosing here. But if you make your boss look good somehow, they will commend you for it–and that doesn’t have to be a bad thing! 

You can do this by being the first one with the correct answer or giving them a hand with some difficult task.

4. Provide Feedback on Work:

It is one of the best ways to impress your boss, i.e., give feedback. They might not always be aware of how well you are performing in their absence! 

Let your boss know how much time and effort you spent working on a project. Also, tell them what hurdles you faced and how you overcame them. They will appreciate it more than you think!

5. How To Impress Your Boss- Ask for Advice:

Asking for advice shows that you respect your bosses’ opinions and experience. They’ll return the favor by giving you all the support and opportunities that you need. 

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It also gives them a chance to see what kind of person you are and handle certain situations.

6. Ask for a Promotion:

Not everyone is comfortable with this, but if you want to shine from others, then ask for it! 

It might be a surprise at how serious your boss will take you after that (but don’t overdo it).

7. Be A Team Player:

Your boss wants someone willing to put the team first. Offer to help out with projects, even if they are not in your area of expertise. Volunteer for extra assignments and take on tasks that no one else wants to do. Being a selfless team player will make a good impression on your boss.

8. How To Impress Your Boss- Be Flexible:

The work world is ever-changing. The ability to adapt to new situations is essential for career growth. 

Be willing to switch gears when necessary, and don’t whine about changes out of your control. Bosses love employees who can roll with the punches!

9. How To Impress Your Boss- Stay Positive:

No one wants to work with a Negative Nancy (or Ned). Thus, try to keep your attitude positive even when things are looking tough. 

Positivity is contagious, and it will reflect your work’s quality. 

10. Take The Initiative:

Don’t wait around for someone else to tell you what to do–take the Initiative and come up with new ideas on your own. 

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Your boss will appreciate this and may even start coming to you for advice!

11. How To Impress Your Boss- Finish What You Start:

This one is pretty self-explanatory. If you say you’re going to do something, then do it! 

Don’t leave projects unfinished or hand in rushed and sloppy work. Putting in the extra effort will show your boss that you care about your job and do the best possible outcome.

12. Last But Not Least- Be Yourself!:

It is the most important tip of all. Trying to be someone you’re not will only lead to frustration and unhappiness on your part. 

Don’t be afraid of your boss because they are the ones who will support you and help you achieve all your goals. So, make sure to show them who you are!​ 

13. How To Impress Your Boss- Smile:

Okay, this one is optional, but it definitely can’t hurt! A smile shows that you’re friendly and upbeat. Every boss wants the two qualities in an employee.

Not only smile from your mouth but your eyes too. But do not overdo it. It might give the wrong impression that you are flirting with your boss.

So there you have it, 13 simple tips on how to impress your boss. By following these guidelines, you’ll make a great impression.

What Is The Significance Of Impressing Your Boss?

Your boss has the power to hire, fire, promote and demote you. So it only makes sense that you want them to like you!

If they don’t, it will be tough for your career to advance in any way. It might even hurt your chances of getting a raise or bonus. 

So work on making yourself indispensable–if not for your own sake, do this for the good of your career!

How Not To Impress Your Boss- 11 Things To Avoid

Here are some of the actions to avoid. Such actions will not impress your boss but let them hate you.

1. Not Giving Credit When It Is Due

If someone else does the hard work in your project, then take responsibility for your part.


It doesn’t mean that you’ll lose credit- being honest about what you did will go a long way with your boss. 

2. Being Negative & Complaining Instead Of Finding Solutions: 

Negativity is contagious, so try to avoid whining and complaining. You don’t want to find yourself becoming one of those people!

If something bothers you but won’t change, accept it without complaining. Your boss will love your positive attitude much more than moans and groans!

3. How Not To Impress Your Boss- Not Following Through:

If you say you’re going to do something, then do it! Don’t leave projects unfinished or hand in rushed and sloppy work. Putting in the extra effort will show your boss that you care about your job and want to do the best result. 

4. How Not To Impress Your Boss- Gossiping:

Gossiping is another behavior that will not endear you to your boss. Gossiping about others will make you look bad. It can even get you in trouble if the person you talk about finds out. 

5. Coming In Late & Leaving Early:

If you show up late or leave too early, then your boss will question your dedication to your job. It’s essential to show that you’re taking your career seriously. Show that you are willing to put in the time and effort necessary to succeed.

6. Being Disruptive:

If you’re constantly causing a disturbance, then your boss is going to get fed up fast. Try to be professional and stay out of other people’s way- it will make everyone’s life much easier. 

7. Not Taking Initiative:

If you’re always waiting for someone else to give you instructions, then you’re not going to last long at your job.

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A good employee takes Initiative and comes up with their ideas on improving things. 

8. Poor Work Performance:

This one is pretty obvious. If your performance, quality, or work ethic is lacking, you can’t impress your boss.

Focus on doing your job as best as possible and over-delivering whenever possible.

9. Not Being Able To Handle Conflict: 

Everyone gets into arguments from time to time at work- that’s part of life!

Others will avoid you if you cannot handle it using tact and diplomacy. They don’t want to go through the drama with us again. 

10. How Not To Impress Your Boss- Acting Entitled:

It is a surefire way to make your boss hate you. No one likes an employee who thinks they’re better than everyone else. 

Act humble and grateful for the opportunities you get. And take responsibility for everything you do.

11. Being Sloppy:

If you don’t dress professionally or keep your workplace clean, your boss will not like you at all. It shows that you don’t care about your appearance or job. 

Thus, try not to be sloppy and act all the time professionally.


The key to impressing your boss is remaining consistent and holding yourself high. Your boss will regard you as highly dependable and trustworthy.

Bosses are always looking for a steady pair of hands to help steer the ship. They’ll know that if they give you a deadline, you’ll meet it. Ninety-nine percent of the time, this is the key to how to impress your boss.

When a promotion or raise is on the table, they will consider you first. And among all your coworkers, you will shine like a star.

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