5 Tips To Interview Like A Boss – Outstand the Crowd

Written By Assma Riaz

Interviews are stressful for both the interviewer and the candidate.

The candidate struggles to find a job, and the interviewer finds it hard to recruit the right person.

It’s equally difficult!

5 Tips For How To Interview Like A Boss (Being The Interviewer)

Your responsibility as a hiring manager is to find and retain the best talent. It can be challenging to keep the right talent for many companies.

But you can win the game by mastering the art of job interviews.

Read these articles from the perspective of both interviewer and interviewee. And see how to interview like a boss!

1. Be Prepared To Ask The Right Questions

Being an interviewer, you can depend on two main kinds of questions. These are strength-based questions and competency-based interview questions.

The first ones show what a candidate wants to do, while the latter reveals what he can do.

You can choose to ask which of these questions depending upon the nature of the job you’re hiring for.

– Strength-Based Questions

Ask your candidate how his coworkers would describe him. What are his hobbies in his spare time? What comes naturally to him?

The answers will give you a complete insight into their personality type. Also, you’ll get to know the points that motivate them.

How To Interview Like A Boss
Be Prepared To Ask The Right Questions

– Competency-Based Questions

First, make a list of the required abilities to perform the said role. You’ll automatically get the competency-based questions.

For instance, you’re hiring a person having leadership skills. You should ask him about a project that succeeded under his leadership.

2. How To Interview Like A Boss – Get Your Preparation Done

Yes, you read it right. You need to prepare for the interview even if you are the interviewer. Get your homework done about your prospective employer, and then begin the interview.

– Study Your Candidate

You need to read the candidate’s resume thoroughly. It will help you to come up with relevant questions.

If you mistake overlooking their resume, you’ll have an unproductive interview.

The candidate might see you as someone unprepared and non-serious. It gives a bad image of the company.

So it increases the risk of making a prospective employee-run away.

Prepare Yourself To Hire The Best Candidate
How To Interview Like A Boss – Get Your Preparation Done

– Assess Their Online Presence

You should try to go beyond their resume. Social media platforms accurately present a person and tell all his stories.

If you search for the candidate’s name on social media, you can get plenty of information.

You can search whatever you want from the personal website to your LinkedIn account.

Doing homework about the candidate will help you decide whether to hire them or not.

3. Make Sure To Avoid These Mistakes And Interview Like A Boss

Being an interviewer doesn’t make you a perfectionist. You can also make mistakes, and you have to be careful about this as an ordinary individual.

See what mistakes to avoid during an interview.

– Don’t Ignore The Personality Fit

No doubt that experience and skills come first, but personality matters too.

You should see the ability of the candidate to fit into the organization’s culture and values. He should be adaptable to the company’s work patterns.

Every organization has its own culture, and it’s delicate. If a mismatch gets made, things will cause terrible consequences.

So match the culture of the company with the ideal candidate’s personality traits.

Verbal and non-verbal cues during the interview provide an insight into his personality.

Avoid Relying On The Initial Expressions Of The Candidate
Make Sure To Avoid These Mistakes And Interview Like A Boss

– Avoid Relying On The First Impressions

It’s a common mistake to trust the first impressions while evaluating the job applicants.

Interviews are always stressed-inducing, even for the most capable candidates. If they are clearly worried, don’t let it affect your judgment.

Contrarily, some candidates seem confident while they don’t have the required skills.

First impressions also get affected by unconscious bias. This bias can be due to the age, gender, race of the candidate.

– Be As Transparent As You Can

What interviewers do is not be transparent while explaining the job. They don’t clearly tell the candidate what his responsibilities would be.

Also, they don’t mention the company practices in the right way. However, it’s necessary to be as transparent as possible during the interview.

Showing the realities related to the job can help to lessen the turnover rate.

Candidates who were well-informed during the interview get satisfied with their jobs.

So truthfulness can help to keep the talent and positively portrays the company.

4. How To Interview Like A Boss – Look Beyond The Tangibles

Sometimes there’s more than what appears on the surface. The candidate can have more to offer than you see in the resume.

– Throw Light On The Soft Skills

A candidate doesn’t just possess the technical skills needed for the job. He can have more than you think.

Soft skills like motivation, time management, and efficiency got hidden somewhere.

You need to assess whether the candidate possesses these soft skills or not.

No doubt, hard skills like analytical thinking and expertise have their own value. But soft skills are also crucial to perform any job.

Professionals believe that soft skills are equally or sometimes more important than hard skills.

How To Interview Like A Boss
How To Interview Like A Boss – Look Beyond The Tangibles

– Ask Situational Questions

You can ask situational questions to see the past experiences of the candidate.

Ask the candidate, “how you handled a situation under pressure?” Or ask him about a mistake he made and how he corrected it.

These questions let you know about the performance of the candidate in such situations.

Craft these questions according to the role so you can see either he’s a good fit or not.

It isn’t easy to assess soft skills. But the body language of the candidate will help you a lot about it.

5. Let The Conversation Run Both Ways To Interview Like A Boss

Qualified job seekers are decreasing, and competition for candidates is challenging.

So remember that interviews are a two-way street. It runs both ways; you should understand this.

By following the given points, you can win the top talent from the market.

– Begin With Developing A Connection

You don’t have to run the interview followed by the script. Instead, a better way is to develop a connection with a candidate on a personal level.

Candidates choose a job where they formed an emotional connection during the interview.

If you have a structured interview, even then, you can take time to build a personal connection.

People who develop a link during the interview are more likely to serve better.

– Be Prepared To Answer Their Questions

Allow your candidates to ask questions about anything. Prepare yourself to provide a comprehensive response.

A candidate who asks questions is a strong one. Keep your answers accurate, as it will let them understand the role and organization.

Understand That Conversation Is A Two Way Process
Let The Conversation Run Both Ways To Interview Like A Boss

– Be Expressive And Allow Communication

Companies lack communication during the interview process. It leaves the candidates to suffer in frustration.

Candidates want to get feedback about their interviews. If you do so, they’ll be more likely to consider the company for future opportunities.

Try to be communicative and ask your candidate at regular intervals about their job hunt.

If you leave the candidate in a void, it’ll create a negative impression of the company.

– Mention The Perks Related To Work

Make the deal attractive by showing a picture of the company’s culture. Tell the candidate about unlimited vacation time and fun outings to tempt him for the job.

Offering work from home can also change the game altogether. People prefer jobs with flexibilities.

No matter how small the benefits are, they have the power to make the job appealing.

5 Tips For How To Interview Like A Boss (Being The Interviewee)

Interviews are always stressful, but it’s a skill you can learn. Here are the tips for giving an interview like a boss.

1. Write Down The Story Of Both Parties Involved

Before you start to write your resume, you should write a biography of your professional life. Perform a thorough analysis of your career history.

What made you reach there where you are today? What skills your journey gifted you?

Write Down The Perspective Of Both Sides
Write Down The Story Of Both Parties Involved

Write about the goals you achieved and the goals that are still on the list.

On the other side, you should research the organizations where you are applying for the job.

Please read about the company’s culture, history of their products and services. Show them that you have the knowledge and are interested.

2. Consider Yourself The Solution Of Company’s Problems

Apply the findings from your professional biography to the role you are applying for. Show your capability to solve the problems of the company.

Show Them That You Are The Right Fit
Consider Yourself The Solution Of Company’s Problems

Ensure to make the interviewer think that you’re the best fit for this job.

It’s important because you’d want to relate your abilities to the roles of the job.

3. Prepare To Answer The Expected Questions

Mostly we assume that the interviewer will ask these three questions. Can you do the job?

What you’ll do to fit in the company culture? How you’ll get motivated to do the job?

But the trends got changed now. There are so many questions you can expect from your interviewer.

Prepare The Answers For Questions Your Interviewer Can Possibly Ask
Prepare To Answer The Expected Questions

– What can you do that other candidates don’t have the potential to do?

– Why should we hire you?

– Why you applied to work for us?

Describe your strengths and weaknesses?

– Tell us something about what your company does?

– Why are you leaving your current job?

– What’s a risk you have taken during your career?

What salary do you want?

4. Prepare To Ask Your Questions

You should also prepare to ask some questions from the interviewer.

Get Some Questions Ready To Ask Your Interviewer
Prepare To Ask Your Questions

It shows that you are serious about the interview. See the following questions to have know-how:

– What kind of skills and abilities your employees have?

– What are the long-term goals of your company?

– What’s the structure of the internal hierarchy of your company? Is it bottom-up or top-down management?

– What are the long-term projections for the industry in your thought?

– Why the previous person in this position left?

– Are there any opportunities for advancement?

– What do you like about this company?

5. Do Follow-Up

Your struggle doesn’t end here. Until you get the job on the spot, you have to keep your eyes and ears open.

You should follow up immediately with a thankyou note. An old-school thankyou note written on a paper seems interesting because no one does this now.

How To Interview Like A Boss
Do Follow-Up

It’s an excellent way to make the interviewer remember you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Impress My Boss In An Interview?

Reaching the interview on time can be the first thing you can do. Share your research data from previous jobs to appeal to the boss. Pre-read the job and its responsibilities and give new and honest answers.

What To Say In An Interview To Make You Stand Out?

Research thoroughly about the company. Wear bold colors and arrive at the interview on time. Present your skills and strengths in full swing. Present a 360-degree plan and ask your interviewer some unique questions.

How Do You Answer The Tell Me About Yourself Question?

Talk about your current role, its scope, and a few of your accomplishments related to it. Tell the interviewer how you got the job and everything about previous experience.

What Are The Top 5 Questions To Ask An Interviewer?

Ask your interviewer what he expects from this team? Are these expectations going to change with time? Ask him how a typical day at their company is? Where did he see the company in the coming five years? What are the next steps in the interview process?


It isn’t necessary to accept a job that doesn’t seem the right fit. As an interviewee, you are free to say no if you think that the position doesn’t match the job description.

However, remember to stay polite with whatever decision you take. Ask for feedback to see the room for improvement for the next time.

Being an interviewer, you aren’t forced to follow distinct standards. But you can follow specific protocols to win the right candidate.

Keep in mind that your decision is going to impact the whole company.

Let us know about your interview experiences in the comment section below.

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