How To Start A Conversation With A Coworker – 40+ Tips N Tricks

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Conversing with a coworker is a required part of the workday. Here’s how to start a conversation with a coworker.

It can be easy to fall into a pattern of small talk and banter.

Once in a while, it’s good to expand your other-conversational skillset. Go beyond the usual “talk about the weather” standbys.

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How To Start A Conversation With A Coworker In 10 Ways

Here are some tips for starting conversations with coworkers. They will let you know them better and keep your relationships with coworkers fresh.

1. Find Common Ground:

People love to talk about themselves. Take advantage of this. Ask questions that will get them talking about their favorite things:

– Movies

– Books

– Hobbies, etc.

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Once you’ve got the other person going on a verbal tear about their favorite subject, you won’t have to say much at all.

2. Keep It Honest To Start A Conversation With A Coworker:

Work can be a great place to meet people with similar values and interests beyond your job. However, you don’t want to make the conversation too personal right away.

If you find out that you’ve got different values or beliefs, it could lead to disagreements down the line. So keep it casual until you know someone better.

3. Get Creative To Start A Conversation With A Coworker:

It is challenging to start conversations and find something new to talk about every time.

It is especially if you work in an office where people are particularly close-lipped. Try asking open-ended questions that are more abstract rather than specific, e.g.:

“If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?” or “What’s one goal that you’ve always had but never seem to achieve?”

4. Summarize To Start A Conversation With A Coworker:

Asking questions and listening to answers is a good way to keep the conversation going. Make sure that there’s follow-up and feedback.

Summarize what you hear makes for a stronger connection. If someone tells you about their childhood dreams, ask them how they got into their current line of work.

5 Have A Backup Plan :

When starting conversations with coworkers, you won’t always find something new to say. Have some backup topics on standby in case. Talk about:

– Your favorite movies and TV shows

– A latest political scandal

– Celebrity gossip.

You can even ask them about their point of view on these subjects. They might have something new to add that you haven’t heard before.

Start A Conversation With A Coworker

You don’t need to keep conversations with coworkers repeatedly if one doesn’t go well. However, try different approaches with people.

It will help you find what works best for each individual. Thus, you can get out of your comfort zone and learn new ways to connect with others.

Getting yourself out there is an excellent way to improve your social skills. You can expand your network at work.

6. Share Your Experiences To Start A Conversation With A Coworker:

As you get the hang of it, share your knowledge with others by writing about your experiences.

Talking to other people who want to expand their social skills will give them ideas. It also helps build friendships that can be beneficial.

7. Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For Help:

If you don’t know what to say, consider asking the other person about themselves. Do what feels natural. Not everyone is comfortable talking about themselves.

Many people are more than happy to chat once they get going. Putting yourself out there is always a risk, but you’ll never know if it pays off unless you give it a try.

8. Don’t Give Up To Start A Conversation With A Coworker:

Sometimes, it takes time for someone’s guard to come down. They take time to open up about their past experiences and goals in life that may be different from yours.

Don’t jump ship too soon if things aren’t getting started right away. Stick with it and let them warm up before trying a new approach.

9. Listen To Your Gut:

If something doesn’t feel right, it isn’t. You can learn a lot about someone from their body language and tone of voice.

Trust your instincts when you get a weird vibe from someone. It’ll help you avoid misunderstandings down the line.

How To Start A Conversation With A Coworker

Make sure that everyone feels comfortable starting conversations with you in return.

10. Be Confident:

The best way to get someone to start a conversation with you is by projecting confidence. Give the impression that you like yourself.

If they feel like talking, great, and if not, there are plenty of other people who will be happy to chat with you.

10 Topics Of Conversation:

Here are a few topics of conversation for you and your coworker:

1. Talk About Hobbies To Start A Conversation With A Coworker:

If you want to start a conversation with your coworker that interests both of you, talk about hobbies.

It can be anything from playing video games and watching movies to hiking and traveling.

If the topic is fun and engaging, it will allow easy conversation and help you get to know each other better.

2. Talk About Your Coworkers:

The best way to connect with someone is by talking about people they’re familiar with. Say things like “I bet John would love this” or “Sally hates this type of weather.”

It shows you have an interest in them. Also, it also shows they know the people around them. It gives them a sense of inclusion and comfort.

3. Talk About The Past To Start A Conversation With A Coworker:

Everyone loves reminiscing and sharing stories about who they were in the past and how they grew up. It allows them to relive fond memories of their childhood.

It shows that you’re interested in getting to know who they are, not what they present on the surface.

4. Talk About Current Events To Start A Conversation With A Coworker:

The latest news is a great topic to bring up with coworkers. It is usually something that interests everyone, no matter where someone lives.


You might have much in common with them regarding your views on current events. Despite not sharing similar lifestyles or opinions on other things!

5 Talk About Future Plans To Start A Conversation With A Coworker:

Many people are interested in what others around them are planning to do with their future. You can talk about your goals or what your coworker’s goals are.

It makes for an enlightening conversation. Thus, it opens the door for more business-like discussion and casual chit-chat.

6. Talk About Your Coworkers’ Opinions:

It’s easy to fall into groupthink and not see other people’s opinions. We only hang out with specific groups of people regularly.

However, it can be interesting to hear where someone stands on something. It doesn’t matter if it goes against what our views may be.

Not everyone changes their opinion because someone doesn’t agree with them. It’s a great way to see how open they are and if there’s anything that you can bond over.

7. Talk About The Latest Technology:

There’s always something new in the technological world with:

– Apps

– Gadgets and

– Software is coming out every day.

You can talk about what technology is prevalent at work or which one everyone would like to have. It also allows for a good discussion on phones and computers.

Most people spend a lot of time texting, browsing the internet, etc., during breaks from work!

8. Talk About A Recent Experience:

Everyone loves talking about days gone by when someone has had a crazy experience. People like to talk about exciting memories, whether it’s something in the past.

They share how they would respond if such an experience ever occurred again.

9. Talk About Favorite Sports:

Sports are an excellent way to connect with someone. Many people enjoy talking about them. It’s easy to find something that you both like, which creates a commonality between you.

highlight of day

If your coworker is not interested in sports at all, try finding out what they do in their spare time.

Some people have other interests that may be more suited for conversation!

10. Talk About Work-Related Topics:

Don’t think your coworkers want to hear about everything besides their job. They like talking about work too.

It’s always good to find out how much you have in common when it comes to your career choices.

You can get an idea of how invested they are in their job and what frustrations they go through daily.

Why Is Starting A Conversation With A Coworker Important?

You want to be able to meet new people and make friends. Moreover, starting a conversation with your coworkers makes your workday more enjoyable.

1. It Builds Rapport:

Starting a conversation with your coworkers is the first step to becoming friends.

When they learn more about you, it can create an opportunity for you to get to know them better. Thus, it builds a good rapport between you two.

2. It Increases Your Productivity:

When you enjoy talking to your coworkers, it makes coming into work less of a chore every day.

You’ll feel more motivated and will want to accomplish tasks. It contributes positively to your productivity at work!

3. It Increases Your Creativity:

Getting along with people, in general, is always beneficial. When you’re friendly with your coworkers, it can lead to great ideas being brought.

You may even solve a problem plaguing your business and get a promotion out of it!

4. It Cuts Down On The Stress:

Getting along with your coworkers relieves a lot of stress. It can also increase your knowledge of each other. Thus, it makes working together so much smoother.

You’ll have a higher quality of life and feel more secure about where you stand within the company.

5. It Can Allow For A More Open Working Environment:

Being kind to others doesn’t stop at fellow employees. It can affect how people talk to you as well. Coworkers that are friends tend to be more open around their peers.

It means they might spill some secrets or tell you something that could help your career!

6. You Can Collaborate With Others:

If you want to accomplish something but don’t have the skills to do it, you can ask your coworkers for help. They’ll be more than happy to lend a hand.

They want to see both of you succeed so that the company will prosper as well!

7. It Can Make You More Appealing For Promotions:

Who doesn’t want to get ahead of the game and get their foot in the door for promotions?

Coworkers that are friends can vouch for each other when there’s an opening within the company. It increases your likelihood of getting an upgrade!

8. It Lowers The Odds Of You Getting Burned Out:

The last thing you want is to get burned out from work, so it’s always good to socialize with your coworkers. It lowers tension among everyone at work.

Consequently, it reduces frustration since you don’t have people breathing down your neck.

9. It Encourages Workplace Etiquette:

Being friendly with one another means that you want everyone to get along. You’ll start encouraging workplace etiquette.

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It helps create a more organized and pleasant work environment for everyone involved!

10. It Makes For A More Fun Workplace:

When coworkers get along, it makes the environment so much lighter. It can result in your fellow employees coming up with fun and creative ideas to liven the mood.

It’s a win-win for both parties because everyone has fun while still getting work done!

10 Tips For Talking With A Coworker?

It’s important to avoid awkward silences when talking with someone. Avoid whenever there is silence in between sentences of dialogue.

It will cause them to clam up since they won’t know what you think about their words.

1. Be Polite To Start A Conversation With A Coworker:

Being polite to your coworkers will always help you get along with them better. Always say please and thank you when asking for things or phrasing sentences.

Polite conversations are the easiest way to make friends. They make people feel respected and dignified.

2. Avoid Personal Questions:

It might be tempting to ask them personal questions when you start talking with someone. It is because it’s easy to get comfortable when you’re both coworkers.

However, your coworker may not like these types of topics. If they get upset, it can make working together difficult.

3. Always Smile To Start A Conversation With A Coworker:

When talking with coworkers, always smile! It’s better to come across as someone who wants to get along instead of looking like you want to fight them.


Smiling will help you feel more comfortable around your colleagues. It means that conversations will start flowing.

4. Keep Your Conversations Short And To The Point:

Don’t go into lengthy explanations about things that aren’t relevant to the discussion. In this way, you can keep the conversation going.

If your coworker doesn’t seem interested in what you’re saying, they will try to change the topic. Keep your talks short and simple!

5. Try To Keep An Open Mind:

If your coworker starts talking about something you disagree with, try to keep an open mind. They’re being respectful; you have to too.

It’s okay to disagree occasionally, but it isn’t a good idea to argue every day. Chances are you might not understand where they’re coming from.

However, they could have a point or their reasons for thinking the way they do.

6. Avoid Being Rude Or Sarcastic:

Many people make this mistake when trying to start a conversation with someone. It is especially if the individual is intimidating somehow or is rude.

The last thing you want is another coworker telling them that you’ve been mean to them. Thus, avoid being rude or sarcastic when starting a conversation.

7. Respect Everyone’s Opinions:

No matter how stupid or outrageous someone’s opinion might seem to you, it isn’t your place to make fun of them for it.

Letting people speak their minds is the best way to feel respected. It is essential to build a friendly relationship with that person.

8. Remember To Keep Your Cool To Start A Conversation With A Coworker:

When you’re nervous, it’s easy to forget things or be uncertain about what you want to say. Try not to let your emotions take over by remembering all the tips mentioned above.

Try thinking before you speak. It will help reduce any awkward stuttering pauses.

Moreover, it will make the conversation feel much more natural. If both people are kind, then there’s nothing stopping them from becoming friends!

9. Ask Them To Do Things With You:

If you want to get to know your coworker better, ask them if they’d like to do anything with you outside of work.


Take the time out of your day to hang out and engage in some fun activities.

It is an excellent way for others to see that you’re interested in getting along and becoming friends with them!

10. Answer Questions Openly And Honestly:

Gives vague answers will only make people think there’s something wrong with you. They will think you don’t want them finding out certain things about yourself.

When questions are asked, it’s essential to answer open. This way, they can feel comfortable around you as well.

By following these simple steps, you can learn how to start a conversation with a coworker the right way!


Starting conversations with coworkers is an essential part of building relationships. It can help everyone at work enjoy themselves and feel more connected.

With a few minor tweaks and some time spent getting out of your comfort zone, you’ll converse with them. It can turn acquaintances into long-term friends.


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