How To Tell Your Boss You Want To Work Part Time – 10 Things To Do

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Handling work and life are difficult. Sometimes working part-time only is the solution to it. Here’s how to tell your boss you want to work part-time.

Working part-time is great if you have enough time for your family and friends. Moreover, if you want to focus on your hobbies, it is good.

How To Tell Your Boss You Want To Work Part-Time – 10 Things To Do

When telling your boss, you want to work part-time, consider many factors. Here are all the factors and ways the meeting with your boss:

1. Identify Why You Want To Work Part Time:

If there’s one thing that bosses hate, it’s inconsistency. They want you to show commitment, ambition, and focus on the job.

how to tell your boss you want to work part time

If you can’t give them that, why should they allow you to work fewer hours? Firstly, if external factors in your life need you to work part-time, be honest about them.

The worst thing you can do is pretend that everything is fine when it isn’t. It will come back to haunt you later on down the line.

Secondly, analyze your current situation before speaking with anyone from your company. Thirdly, prepare an alternative plan if your boss doesn’t agree.

2. How To Tell Your Boss You Want To Work Part Time – Be Tactful:

Even though being open about your situation is the best way to go, there are ways that you can go about handling this.

It would help if you were tactful when telling your boss about this. For instance:

1. Make sure they know how much work you have put in for the company

2. Cite specific examples of how hard you’ve worked.

Make them feel bad if they say no by pointing out all the effort you made for them already.

3. Negotiate Well To Do Part-Time Work: 

If your boss doesn’t agree with your request at first, don’t give up. Go back to them with more information that gives them another reason they should allow it.

You could negotiate with things like:

– Offering to stay late or come in early sometimes instead of during regular hours etc.

– Coming up with a plan that would allow you to work full time for some time and then go part-time.

– Showing them that you are handling all your responsibilities.


– Showing them it wouldn’t be a problem to work part-time. Explain how this would benefit the coverall.

4. How To Tell Your Boss You Want To Work Part Time – Be Honest And Confident:

If you don’t have a good reason to work part-time, do not make one up. It will come out eventually, and things will get even worse than before.

Also, if you don’t like your current job or boss, this isn’t the way to change that either. Be confident when speaking to your boss about wanting to work fewer hours.

If you seem wishy-washy about it, they will be more likely to say no. Make sure you know your facts and believe in yourself and your plan.

5. It Might Not Be The Best Option:

Working part-time is not always the best option for every person and job. Ask yourself these questions:

– Is there another option?

– Can I make this work with my existing schedule?

– Is there a more flexible option (e.g., telecommuting)?

If you can’t come up with an alternative that is better than working part-time, go ahead and tell your boss.

If you still think it’s the best choice for you, however, then, by all means, move on to the next step.

6. How To Tell Your Boss You Want To Work Part Time – Set Up A Meeting:

It’s important to meet with your boss face to face when requesting something. In this way, they believe what you say and know that it’s not some passing thought.

It indicates how serious of a request it is to you. Please don’t talk with someone else from the company before discussing it with your boss.

less stress

Doing so makes them wonder what they’ve done wrong. It could result in some negative consequences for you down the line.

7. Have A Plan As An Alternative:

The company benefits from working fewer hours because it saves them money. Likewise, you enjoy it too.

If you plan to make this work and show that it benefits everyone, your boss will be likely to agree. If not, they might suggest other options like:

– Telecommuting

– Finding someone else who could do some of your jobs for you (which isn’t good at all).

8. How To Tell Your Boss You Want To Work Part Time – Be Grateful:

Remember that you are lucky to have a job in such a bad economy no matter what happens. It might not work out, or they don’t let you go part-time right away.

However, by being grateful and confident, you will find a better opportunity in the worst case. Your boss knows what they are doing.

It might seem unfair or as though you earned this right, but trust me, it’s not worth coming off as a jerk over.

If you show them how beneficial it could be for everyone involved, chances are they will agree with you.

9. Be Persistent Requesting For It:

Don’t let the matter drop if they say no in the beginning. Come up with a plan and work it out, but don’t give up after one shot.

time management

If you want it bad enough, you can make it happen.

– If they tell you no, ask them if they would consider a different option instead.

– Try to be flexible and see it from the company’s point of view. This way, they might be more inclined to help you out here and there.

– If they say no, then you need to accept that for right now. You might have a better chance in the future when things change at work or with your boss.

No matter what happens, make sure you thank them and don’t bring it up again until later.

Many bosses get annoyed by employees who keep asking for things.

Working Part-Time Defined

Working part-time means working fewer hours in a week or a day than full-time. In most cases, people choose to work part-time when they have other personal things.

When individuals work part-time, they work fewer than 35 hours per week at their primary job. These individuals often have other jobs.

Disadvantages Of Working Part-Time:

Part-time positions may have high turnover rates because:

– Employees do not feel challenged by the work

– They feel that the lack of salary is too much for their workload

They do not like their boss or company

– The company itself may not be doing well and is laying off employees

Working part-time is only beneficial when the employee has other things going on in his life.

disadvantage to tell your boss you want to work part time

It can be difficult to manage a full-time job and family, especially taking care of young children.

If you want to work part-time because:

– Your current job does not pay enough money

– It doesn’t challenge you

Then it may be wise to look for another opportunity rather than take on a part-time job.

A part-time position will most likely have more applicants than a full-time one. It will be due to the availability of hours and benefits involved.

Working fewer hours means that there will also be fewer opportunities for advancement.

There is a lot of competition in this economy, and employers like to hire the best people for the job. They don’t want to hire someone who will need to work fewer hours.

Advantages Of Working Part-Time:

However, there are some benefits to working part-time. For example:

– You can take care of anything that you do not have time for during your regular day at work, such as family or errands

– Your employer might be more flexible when it comes to changing your schedule. It will be easier for you when dealing with other commitments in your life

– Part-time positions often pay less, which means saving up money for important things.


Working part-time has become very common, especially for students or young adults. It is because many companies prefer hiring full-time employees.

Working part-time is also a great opportunity to network and gain experience. It is easier to transition into other career opportunities.

If your career requires specific training, then part-time jobs may not be worth it.


There are many reasons why you might want to work part-time. It could be due to family responsibilities, school, or you might not want to work full time anymore.

Whatever it is, if you can show that it would benefit the company, they will most likely go along with your wishes.

Be grateful for having a job in this economy and confident that everything will turn out okay. Show your boss how beneficial it would be for everyone involved.

Moreover, remember there are always other options if the worst case happens.

The decision to work part-time is usually dependent on your personal life. However, working part-time will most likely not lead to career advancement opportunities.

There are many benefits to working part-time. However, there are also some disadvantages that you will want to consider.

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