How To Tell Your Boss You’re Going To Rehab – 10 Steps

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Firstly, it is brave of you to decide on going to rehab. We will make it easier to learn how to tell your boss you’re going for rehab.

What will I learn?

Rehab is an opportunity for you to have a break from work, relax with your loved ones and recover.

How To Tell Your Boss You’re Going To Rehab – 10 Steps

It would help if you told your boss you’re going to rehab. Otherwise, you may need to face the consequences such as stress or even lose your job.

Here’s a step by step guide to making it easier for you:

1 Approach Your Boss

The first step for learning how to tell your boss you’re going to rehab is approaching your boss.

How To Tell Your Boss You're Going To Rehab

Go up to them and say that you want their advice on something troubling you. It will allow you to explain yourself without looking like you are making excuses.

2 How To Tell Your Boss You’re Going To Rehab – Tell The Truth

Remember, they can see right through it if it sounds like an excuse. Make sure you only tell the truth when explaining why you need rehab treatment.

It may help with honest communication between yourself and your boss in the future.

3 Show Remorse

Your boss must feel sorry for what has happened; otherwise, there’s no reason to let you off work now.

Show them your remorse by explaining how serious you are about rehab and how it will be making your life better.

4 Get Support

It may feel easier knowing that you have support from colleagues during your rehab. Going through this experience with others will help keep your mind clear.

It is vital in getting over addiction. Learning how to tell your boss you’re going to rehab might be one of the most challenging things ever.


If managed well, it could set you up for success in the future too.

5 How To Tell Your Boss You’re Going To Rehab – Ask For Time Off Work

Now is the time to tell them that you want some time off work to receive rehab treatment, remember. If your boss thinks you are bullshitting, then they’ll say no straight away.

So please make sure you have thought through why it is essential to have time off work. You may need to research the reasons for this if they question your motives.

Make sure you don’t push yourself too hard trying to get more information on this subject. Do not try to make it sound like an excuse by saying ‘I will go crazy at home’.

Bosses are more likely to think you will go crazy in the workplace.

6 If They Agree, Thank Them:

If your boss is kind enough to give you time off work, then make sure that you show them your thanks and appreciation.

Work extra hard for a few weeks before and after rehab. This way, they know how much respect and gratitude you have for their decision to let you go.

Remember it’s important not to slack when you come back from rehab. They’ll question why they gave you time off in the first place.

7 If They Refuse, Make A Plan

If your boss refuses to give you time off work, then don’t panic. It will help if you plan on how you can show them that rehab is good for you and will help both of you in the future.

Perhaps there are some tasks that they would like done while you’re away?

If this is the case, then make sure they know that these things won’t get done unless they let you have free time off.


As with everything in life, learning how to tell your boss you’re going to rehab takes practice. It’s important not to give up, though, because it will be accessible soon enough.

8 How To Tell Your Boss You’re Going To Rehab – After Rehab

If you get through rehab successfully, make sure to return with an excellent report. It would be wise to mention self-help groups like:

– Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)

– Narcotics Anonymous (NA).

It will help your boss feel better about their decision-making to take care of you while you are away. Also, keep in touch with them while you’re at rehab.

They should know that everything is fine and nothing terrible has happened. It will restore trust between the both of you.

9 Again, Thank Them

Once the rehab treatment is over successfully, then make sure that you thank them again. If they know how much you appreciate your boss, then this could lead to a great relationship in the future.

Also, make a plan to show your boss that rehab has made a positive impact on your life. It might encourage them to support you more next time.

10 If You Fail, Discuss It With Your Boss

If you fail rehab and do not show any improvement, it will be wise to discuss this with your boss.

hit bottom

Explain why you feel rehab hasn’t helped as much as you wanted. You never know- they might offer advice on what to do next.

What Does Rehab Mean?

Rehab means addiction treatment, be it drugs or alcohol. Addicts don’t realize that they have a problem until something serious happens.

It may include getting into trouble at home, school, or work because of substance abuse. The patient has intense withdrawal symptoms when he cannot get his drug of choice.

– Addiction can affect both physical and mental health. It considerably depends on how deeply rooted the problem is.

– Affects the individual’s relationships with family, friends, and peers

– Lead to legal entanglements. It can get the patient into trouble with statutory authorities.

– Can cause emotional impairment in children leading to behavioral problems.

Why Is Going To A Rehab Necessary?

Going to rehab might seem unnecessary. But this couldn’t be more wrong. In today’s age of stress and overworking, everyone needs a breather from time to time.

struggling to tell your boss you're going to rehab

The best way individuals can do this is by taking some time off their busy schedules to rehab.

Addiction is a disease that affects not only the addict but also their loved ones and colleagues.

– Going to rehab helps the individual understand that they have an addiction problem.

– It will help them get back on track with their lives after treatment.

They can return as productive members of society. They will be able to contribute to the nation’s development.

– It also helps them see beyond their addiction. They get to know themselves better to learn what is missing in their lives.

– To get away from the environment that triggered the addiction in the first place. For example, it could be a social group of friends, family, or workplace.

– To change lifestyle habits such as poor diet and lack of exercise. They could be affecting an individual’s health adversely.

– To give up addictions like smoking. It has carcinogenic effects on both body and mind over an extended period.

– It could increase their mental ability. For example:

In alcoholic patients, the treatment helps to reduce brain damage.

– To gain self-esteem and be able to face life’s challenges head-on once again after rehab is over.

How Will Rehab Benefit My Boss?

There are several benefits that rehab can provide for bosses and employees:

– Addiction takes a toll on productivity at work. It makes individuals unable to concentrate on their tasks.

It could result in low-profit margins through a sheer lack of effort or interest.

recovery beats alternatives

Also, there might be frequent employee absences due to drug or alcohol binges.

– The stress of addiction can result in poor decision making, which might lead to loss of business. For example:

The addicted individual might take on low-quality customers. They could not service because of their condition.

It would adversely impact both health and customer satisfaction. Consequently, it will lead to losses for the firm.

– Employees who are addicts might get into physical altercations with other employees. It will result in further injury to themselves and damage to office property.

– They may get injured due to mishandling heavy machinery.

Heavy machinery requires strength and sense of balance. while intoxicated on drugs or alcohol there is no such thing. It will cause much medical bills for the business.

– They may get involved in accidents or land up in jail for law violations due to their addiction.

– With all probability, the addicted individual might lose interest in work. They will lack creativity because of their preoccupation with drugs.

addiction- tell boss you're going to rehab

The employee’s physical appearance could change during an addiction. It would mean that they are not able to meet even basic requirements for hygiene at work.

The reasons mentioned above show how rehab can benefit both bosses and employees. It helps them to:

– Regain their productivity levels at work

– Save them from losing valuable customers and business opportunities.

Rehab is a way of returning to life on track.


In conclusion, learning how to tell your boss you’re going to rehab may seem hard at first. However, once mastered it will help with many aspects of your life.

They include work and relationships too. It’s important not to give up, though, because soon enough, it will become second nature. Before long, they will be begging you to go. Good luck.

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