How To Treat Your Boss And How Not To – 30 Ways

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Treating your boss the right way is crucial for every employee. Here’s a complete guide on how to treat your boss.

Treating a boss means that you need to be more formal and professional when talking to your superior. Well, it is so much more too.

How To Treat Your Boss – 22 Good Ways

Your boss is responsible for your salary, benefits, growth opportunities, and career. So you better treat the person right from now. Here are 22 ways to treat your boss:

1. Treat Your Boss With Respect:

Respect comes before anything when it comes to showing authority. Trust me if you think your boss is wrong; he knows more than you do.

Always show respect since this will help your career grow in the long run.

2. Speak With A Soft Tone:

Your tone can make or break a conversation with your boss. Avoid aggressive techniques and keep yourself calm and composed.

how to treat your boss

Also, keep your emotions in control when speaking with your boss. It could reflect how you talk to them and lead to an unfavorable outcome for you.

3. How To Treat Your Boss – Be Patient:

Imagine that person as somebody who has worked longer than you have. They know what’s best for their business and, therefore, your career.

Never underestimate the value of experience. If you are a senior in this field, courtesy goes a long way when speaking with your boss.

4. Follow Directions:

Well, it’s not rocket science. Following directions does help you understand your role better. You will know how to play an essential part in the bigger picture.

When people follow the rules well, they show their willingness to work for the company. They put in the effort, hence why the direction is to follow without any questions.

5. Avoid Negative Language:

Trust me, the last thing you need is to complain to your boss. Once negative language seeps in, it becomes difficult to get out of it.

 Relationship With Your Boss

Your attitude towards work becomes even worse since you always complain.

6. Organization At Work:

Being organized at work will reflect well on everyone around you.

It will make your boss’s life easy as well. Organize yourself from day one to avoid any hassles later on.

7. How To Treat Your Boss – Arrive On Time:

Arriving on time shows your punctuality. It is one of the most important factors to consider if you want to respect your boss’s time.

Not showing up on time reflects poorly on your overall behavior. Try arriving at least 10 minutes early every day.

8. Dress Appropriately:

Dressing appropriately for work shows your willingness to blend with others around you. Always dress according to the situation.

Don’t wear anything too flashy or dull since this can make or break first impressions.

Also, always have a spare outfit ready. If something happens with what you are wearing, you can always change.

9. Respect Company Culture:

Yes, this is a significant thing that your boss will consider when hiring. They want to ensure that whomever they hire will fit in with the company and all those around them.

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Respecting company culture should be the biggest priority. The results could speak volumes for your career prospects at your new place of work.

10. How To Treat Your Boss – Treat Him Professionally:

Your boss is your mentor, teacher, and your role model. Trust me; you will take away many things from your new place of work through this connection.

Always treat them professionally since this reflects how respectful you are towards them.

12. Don’t Make Fun Of Your Boss:

Don’t try making fun of your boss or poking at them. People won’t take it positively.

They resolve to have professional relationships with their bosses. Hence, making fun of your boss can make you look childish in front of everyone else around you.

13. Be Approachable:

Be approachable to your boss. You never know how being approachable can help create strong working relationships.

It will benefit everyone involved, including yourself, later on down the road.

14. How To Treat Your Boss – Appreciate Your Boss:

You don’t know when your boss will change things and make you feel appreciated.


Appreciation goes a long way with bosses. It can always help create stronger professional relationships.

16. Treat Your Boss The Way You Want Them To Treat You:

You will have multiple bosses during your career, so it is best to learn how to treat them.

It will be an essential part of developing yourself personally and professionally.

17. Respect Your Boss’s Time:

Respecting your boss’s time means respecting their schedule. It doesn’t matter what kind of job you do or where you work.

Showing respect for each others’ time is crucial for everyone on the team to stay productive.

18. Don’t Lose Your Cool:

Never lose your cool at work. It is another one of the most important things to remember when dealing with bosses. Maintaining control over oneself always trumps everything else.

be ethical

So if you are angry, try meditating or doing something productive. Take yourself away from where you are for a little while before coming back.

19. How To Treat Your Boss – Listen To Your Boss:

Always listen to what’s your boss says because it could be beneficial in making decisions. It will benefit everyone involved, including yourself.

Also, listening shows that you care about what they have to say, which can never hurt anyone in this case. Being able to understand your boss’s point of view is very important.

20. Don’t Forget To Say Thank You:

It never hurts to be grateful for all the things your boss did for you. Saying thank you, you show appreciation for all they have done.

You convey happiness about working together. This type of attitude will always come in useful during your career.

21. How To Treat Your Boss- Make Yourself Appear Valuable To Your Boss:

It would help if you kept in mind another essential tip when working with your new boss. Make yourself look valuable by proposing ideas and suggestions.

It will show initiative, which can benefit you later on down the road.

22. Treat Your Boss The Right Way:

Treating your boss the right way could be a matter of life or death for you.

It can make or break your career. It can cause tension between others, including the employees in the company.

How Not To Treat Your Boss – Avoid These 8

Here’s what you have to avoid when dealing with your boss:

1. Don’t Talk Behind Your Boss’s Back:

Trying to make fun of your boss will only make you look silly and immature.

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This advice is for those who want to work with many people in general. The repercussions can be overwhelming.

2. Don’t Overstep Your Boundaries:

It never hurts to ask if it has been okay for you to do something before actually doing it. It could be that your idea was not as helpful as you thought.

Your request might come off as offensive. It could lead to negative results no matter what type of job environment.

3. Never Ask For A Favor Too Often :

Asking for too many favors from your boss might cause them not to help you out when you need it.

Also, it could make them think you aren’t going to be a great employee for this reason.

4. Don’t Go Over Your Boss’s Head:

When faced with a problem that you can’t solve, bringing in another person doesn’t always work. But going over your boss’s head is never a good idea.

It makes you look bad and shows disrespect for what they have achieved.

5. Never Lie To Your Boss:

Lying to your boss is one of the worst things you could do since the truth will come out sooner or later.

Even if it isn’t today, trying to get away with something like this will only cause stress for you in the long run.

6. Don’t Make Your Boss Feel Unimportant:

It hurts when someone doesn’t take you seriously, right? It is even worse when it’s your boss. Treating them like this will only lead to problems later on down the road.

how to treat your boss

Don’t lose their trust because of something silly like that. You might be able to fix the problem if you appear to own up to what happened and apologize for your actions.

7. Don’t Try To Be Friends With Your Boss:

Trying to be friends with your boss can make things awkward.

They expect you to be professional at all times and show admiration for their work ethics.

8. Never Compare Your Boss To Anyone Else:

Comparing your boss to anyone else is never a good idea. It means you are ignorant of how important they indeed are.

Others will notice what you said and might take offense to it as well. You don’t want to have a reputation for being someone who brings up things no one else cares about, do you?


To treat your boss the right way, you should keep your cool at all times. It is the only way to get the most out of this experience.

Being patient is also very important when dealing with your boss. Here are a few tips:

– Treat your boss like they are human because the chances are that they might be.

– Be honest with them and work hard to become even better at what you do.

– Don’t be afraid of asking questions when unsure about something.

– Always listen to them and consider their advice.

– Don’t be too uptight and get to know your boss.

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