How To Work With A Boss You Hate – 10 Tips To Follow

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While most people can’t stand their bosses, most still do their best to work with them. Here’s how to work with a boss you hate.

What will I learn?

When you hate your boss, it’s never a very productive work environment. There’s always some tension in the air, especially on days when you see them more than usual.

How To Work With A Boss You Hate – 10 Tips To Follow

To work with such a boss, try to find common ground. Here are 30 tips for working with a boss you hate:

1. Figure Out Why You Hate Your Boss:

First, you need to figure out exactly why you hate your boss. Is it because they’re disrespectful to everyone and believe they’re above all?

a boss you hate

You might be able to work with that. Or you hate them because they never listen to anyone else’s ideas.

Only use the ones that worked for themselves in the past? If so, then working with them will be more difficult.

If your boss is bad, there’s likely very little you can do about it. It’s impossible to work with someone who doesn’t respect their employees.

2. Is The Problem Them, Or Everyone Else?:

Some bosses are hard to warm up to. However, because they don’t like you doesn’t mean it’s your fault. If you’re a hard worker and get good reviews from everyone else, then the problem might not even be with your boss.

They could have a vendetta against you for some reason. For instance, your boss found out that you got a promotion they wanted.

Perhaps they don’t like younger people succeeding more than them. Or, someone told them you stole something from the office.

It’s also possible that your boss is stupid and doesn’t realize how much effort you put into work each day!

3. How To Work With A Boss You Hate – Find A Way To Get Along:

Some bosses won’t warm up to anyone. Their high standards make working with such people difficult. No one can ever meet their expectations.

You might hate them, but if you want to keep your job, then find a way to get along with the person.

4. Make An Effort To Talk:

Your boss has likely made an effort to talk to you at some point in time. They may have said something about your work or asked about what’s new in your life.

Unfortunately, you ignored them because you wanted them to disappear. When they make their next attempt at communication, try to answer them.

Even be nice while doing so! Talk about how good dinner was last night or how much of a great weekend they had. Who knows? If you’re kind enough, they’ll decide not to hate you anymore!

If your boss isn’t the type to start a conversation, become that person yourself. Please stop by their desk and say hello in a friendly tone.

bad boss

Ask them how they’re doing and listen when they answer you. If nothing else, it will make them realize you still exist and aren’t trying to be mean.

5. How To Work With A Boss You Hate – Don’t Get Defensive:

When your boss insults your work, please don’t get defensive. Don’t start insulting theirs right back!

It’s tempting to go tit-for-tat when someone attacks us like that. However, it only makes matters worse for everyone involved.

Instead of getting mad or arguing about who works more, try figuring out where the mistake is and fixing it.

6. Try To Be A Better Person:

If you hate everyone, it’s difficult for you to work with a boss you hate. You have such lousy behavior yourself!

If this is the case, try being more sociable and resolve your issues with your boss. Who knows, they’ll warm up to you if you show them how much effort you put in at work.

7. Stay Out Of The Way:

Our bosses’ habits that have nothing to do with their performance are the most hateful. If they’re loud, talk too much, or seem annoying, keep out of their way as much as possible.

Work in the other room or take a walk in the park when they’re around. Also, if your boss is a slob, try to ignore it.

If they ask you what’s bothering you, tell them nothing is wrong and that everything’s fine.

8. Don’t Drag It Out, Let It Go!:

It’s not healthy to hold a grudge against someone who makes our lives difficult! Stop hanging onto negativity and let it go if this is how you feel.

Make peace with the fact that sometimes people are toxic no matter how hard we work or how nice we are.

If you want to be happy, don’t worry about these people anymore. They’re strangers on the internet that don’t like you.


Doesn’t it matter what they think of you because how could it? They don’t even know you! Some people won’t like anyone, and if your boss is one of them, then let them go.

Doing so will make your life easier! If you’re trying to get along with someone when they want nothing to do with you, then that isn’t something to fix!

It’s much better for everyone involved in these kinds of toxic relationships to end.

9. How To Work With A Boss You Hate – Take Notes:

If nothing else works, try to take notes about the behavior that bothers you the most.

Then show your boss what is wrong with their behavior to fix it. Be as polite as possible when doing this.

10. How To Work With A Boss You Hate – When All Else Fails, Get A New Job:

If there’s no denying that you’re not getting along with your boss, then it’s time to move on. This isn’t always an option for everyone, but if you can, then do it.

Sometimes the best thing for both parties is to end the relationship. Moreover, if you can’t seem to work with your boss, why would they hire you again when your contract is up?

There’s no need to stay in a job where neither of you likes each other. It’s ridiculous when people try and forge relationships that aren’t working!

If it continues like this, their mental health and the quality of the work will suffer. Why do that to yourself? Start applying for new positions today!

8 Type Of Bosses You Hate And They Key Strategy To Deal With Them:

Here we will break down all the types of bosses employees hate and the key strategy to deal with each one of them:

1. The Know-It-All:

One of the worst types of bosses is who knows everything! If you have to answer someone who thinks they know everything, this will be a nightmare for both of you.

bad job

These bosses are the most frustrating. They refuse to listen when you tell them you understand what’s going on.

They’re too wrapped up in their ego and never seem open to outside information. Even if you’re wrong, they will not take your side, and that’s an awful feeling.

How To Work With Such A Boss You Hate:

It would help if you worked on how you communicate with them. Make sure to start sentences with ” actually,” so it sounds like you know what you’re talking about.

Then watch as their ego becomes smaller and smaller until one day it disappears!

2. A Boss You Hate – The Screaming Boss:

This is by far the worst type of boss to have. They yell at you every chance they get, and it makes you dread going to work every day.

They can’t see anything from your perspective. The only thing they care about is themselves.

How To Work With This Kind Of Boss You Hate:

These bosses can be challenging to deal with, but there are some ways you can try and make it easier on yourself.

If you think that yelling at someone will bring them down a peg or two, then you’re wrong! Being screamed at is anxiety-inducing, so avoid letting it get to you by getting angry back.

When they tell you off, don’t listen. Then one of three things will happen:

– They’ll realize they’ve been going too far and stop

You’ll get fired

– They’ll attempt to out scream you, and then they’ll look like the maniacal idiot that they are

3. The Micro-Managing Boss:

This type of boss will be breathing down your neck, and it can get exhausting. They’ll always assume that you’re doing everything wrong.

how to work with a boss you hate

The worst part is that they refuse to give you credit when you do something right, so at least there’s that!

How To Work With Such A Boss You Hate:

There are countless ways s to deal with this type of boss, but here are a few ideas to get started.

– Don’t listen to them. Continue doing whatever it is your boss’s protesting against.

– Pretend like every email they send isn’t even addressed to you (this works for both emails and texts)

– Keep track of all their mistakes; make sure not to copy any of them when making your own

4. The Insecure Boss:

Insecure bosses are the most dangerous type of bosses. They’re always looking for a reason to prove that they’re in charge.

They’ll do anything to ensure that the blame is on the other person. If you were a mere pawn in their game, then congrats! You became a disposable piece of human garbage.

How To Work With This Type Of Boss You Hate:

The best way to work with an insecure boss is not to bother them at all. Make sure that whatever you’re doing has nothing to do with them whatsoever.

It’s also important to understand that it’s somehow your fault if something goes wrong. Don’t get too comfortable.

5. The “I’m Fine” Boss:

This type of boss is the least frustrating by far. They never get angry, and they don’t yell at you for not putting enough heart into your work.

It’s impossible to get them upset, and that’s why it’s so annoying!

How To Work With Such A Boss You Hate:

The best way to deal with this type of person is by talking about how great their day went while you were gone.

how to work with a boss you hate

They’ll hate every single second of it, but your happiness should be worth more than theirs.

6. The Passive-Aggressive Boss:

This type of person is pretty straightforward. They always make you feel like they want to kill you, but they never do anything about it.

How To Work With This Kind Of Boss You Hate:

You can’t hide from a passive-aggressive boss, so the only way to deal with them is by trying to be as lovely as possible.

If that doesn’t sound fun or you’re not into being their friend, then ignore everything they say. Pretend that they don’t exist. They’ll hate it because no one ever dares stand up to them!

7. The I’m-So-Serious Boss:

This is the type of person who takes everything way too seriously. They never stop to laugh at a joke, and they’re always looking for the next thing that’ll make them angry.

How To Work With This Type Of Boss You Hate:

Believe it or not, this is the best type of boss to work with. You can mess up their whole mood by doing something completely ridiculous!

There are so many great ways you can do this. Tell them they look like someone else. If all else fails, make fun of their clothes or their voice until they get sick of you and quit!

8. The Temperamental Boss:

This type of boss gets offended, and their emotions will often make them act like a child.

bosses make rules

If you don’t like how they do things, you should start looking for another job ASAP.

How To Work With This Type Of Boss You Hate:

If every day feels like an emotionally-driven roller-coaster, then it’s hard to work. All you need to do is figure out what makes them happy or sad (if that isn’t too confusing).

Give them their space when necessary. If that means tiptoeing around the office whenever they’re there so as not to upset them, then so be!


To work with a boss you hate, remember that the only way to get through it is to try your best and know when you’ve had enough.

There’s no need to stay in a job where you’re miserable. If your boss seems to despise everything about you, leave! Life’s too short for jobs like this, so make the right decision today.

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