I Hate My Job – 10 Things To Consider Before You Leave

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It is obvious that you’ve already decided that “I hate my job” that’s because you’re here!

What will I learn?

There can be various reasons why you think so. For example, it can be your clingy coworkers or nitpicking boss that makes you think like this.

I Hate My Job – 10 Things To Consider

You might be repeating “I hate my job” in your head because you’ve outgrown the role and want something else.

It can be challenging to figure out how to deal with the situation where you hate your job, but there are some things to consider.

Either think about the following points to yourself quietly or write these down in a journal. Then determine your next move.

1. Assess Your Situation In The Job

Before you stamp in your mind “, I hate my job,” wait a bit and analyze where you stand. We all make this mistake to feel miserable and overlook the facts that cause unhappiness.

It was your dream job when you started years ago, but that enthusiasm has gone away.

See Where You Stand And Then Decide
Assess Your Situation In The Job

What caused this decrease in motivation levels? Finally, it’s time to assess your situation in this job.

Do you hate your job, or is it because of your boss? Have you always hated your job? What part of the job makes it unbearable for you?

This step isn’t going to do too much for you. But it’s still important because it makes the base for the next steps and clears your doubts.

2. Rethink Your Relation With The Team And The Boss

If the gossiping coworkers or nitpicking boss is doing your job hard, the solution is difficult.

Can you move your desk to a different place in the office or request to work in a different team?

These things can really work to make your job a bit better without having to leave it.

Think About Your Relationship With The Boss And Coworkers
Rethink Your Relation With The Team And The Boss

If you like your work but hate your boss, you can choose to work in a different department. You have to request HR to suggest to you internal roles quietly.

Interpersonal dynamics are hard to navigate at workplace, when things are gone wrong.

If you can’t get along well with your team, it is okay to think about making a change.

But remember to leave your old team on good terms because you never know what issues the new team will bring.

3. I Hate My Job – Go For The Tough Conversation

Once you identify what’s causing all the chaos, it’s time to communicate with the respective people.

If you feel your workload is too overwhelming and you aren’t fairly compensated for your work.

These things are surely adding up to your frustration at work, but who’s behind it.

Of course, you need to talk to your supervisor to figure out what possible solutions are there.

I Hate My Job
I Hate My Job – Go For The Tough Conversation

Yes, it’s your boss’s job to encourage and support you, but it isn’t his job to read your mind. So communication is necessary.

If something’s bothering you, it’s your responsibility to speak up. Employers sometimes do anything to retain their best talent.

So who knows, you and your boss can come up with great solutions to your problems.

4. Do You Find your Work Fulfilling?

You might like your work and the number of hours you have to work. But you always dreamt of a career in some other field.

So you don’t have a problem with the work, but you can’t keep up to the pressure. What to do next?

Do You Really Hate The Job Or You Want To Work Somewhere Else
Do You Find your Work Fulfilling

Start to explore the jobs in your dream field through specialists in that field. You can begin with your existing network. Connect to people whose titles and roles seem intriguing to you.

Ask them about the information they are willing to share. They must be knowing open roles and the companies that are recruiting.

5. I Hate My Job – Change Your Point Of View

You must have heard this advice to “stay positive” in your career time and again. But you still hate your position and go to sleep with this cursed thought, “I hate my job.”

Here a quick change in your viewpoint can make a considerable difference for you.

Convert Your Perspective In To A Positive One
I Hate My Job – Change Your Point Of View

When you hate what you do, it feels like you’re passing the hours at work. So you keep on biding the time until you finally get to escape from hell.

But this negative thinking isn’t going to make your life any better. But it will make your life even worse.

So look at your workdays as an opportunity to refresh skills rather than another slot of a bad time.

After all, there’s nothing more challenging than passing your day at a job you hate.

6. See If Your Expectations Are Too High

Sometimes our expectations make us suffer more than we actually have to. Of course, there can be exceptions who love their jobs, but most of us do it to bring home a paycheck.

Feeling fulfilled is important to get motivated in our everyday work. But every job can’t offer everything.

Make sure to have reasonable expectations, when you are at the start of your career.

Rethink Your Expectations From This Job
See If Your Expectations Are Too High

Even if you are a senior in your career, see how your work and life intersect. Some people live to work, and others work to live while most of them are somewhere in between.

Loving your work is an ideal situation, and not every one of us can relate to this in every job of our career.

7. Vent About It

We aren’t advising you to rant about how much you hate your job on Facebook.

But it also doesn’t mean you should never talk about what’s bothering you. However, a little bit of ranting is good for your peace of mind, but you should be careful about how you do it.

So talk to one of your trusted friends and let all your complaints flow into the air.

Venting won’t fix anything, but you’ll feel better after unloading the burden.

8. Ask For What You Want

Maybe it’s not your job you hate, but all you want is a promotion or incentives or a different work location.

I Hate My Job
Ask For What You Want

Remember that these things aren’t impossible to be given to you. You might have to talk to your boss a few times.

But those hard salary negotiations can lead to a considerable increase in your pay.

Even if you’ve decided to move to another job, there’s nothing bad in asking for what you want.

There are good alternatives available; you need information to choose one of these.

After all, no one wants to get forced to quit a job when they can get multiple choices.

9. Analyze Your Financial Condition

You can quit without another job lined up, but you need to have savings or family support to rely on.

But many of us will have to wait because of financial obstacles.

You might have to move to another location for the new job, do your finances allow that?

If you have enough financial support and savings, then you can quit your job. But if you don’t have any backup, then wait a bit before you walk out of your job.

10. Figure Out The Right Time

Analyzing the right time for the job change is important. You’d never want to leave your bonus on the table.

I Hate My Job
Figure Out The Right Time

Also, you won’t want to change the job right before the holidays. Do you think you hate your job just because you’ve returned from a great vacation?

Some situations demand patience from you, even if you’re on the verge of a breakdown.

There aren’t any hard and fast rules, but these guidelines are better to consider when you decide.

But before you start your job search, discover the reasons why you’re unhappy at your current job.

Frequently Asked Questions

What To Do When You Hate Your Job And Cant Quit?

If you hate your job and can't quit, then pinpoint the things you don't like. Set boundaries that protect your interests. You can do a negativity detox and think of your job as a testing period. But, remember, this isn't the last option.

Should You Quit Your Job If You Hate It?

If you hate your job, you might have to quit it for this reason. But remember to leave on good terms with your employer. If you go for an interview at a new place, the new manager might contact your employer to ask why you left.

How Long Should You stay At A Job You Hate?

The ideal time to stay at a job is a minimum of two years. But if you think you've made a mistake by accepting a wrong offer. Then you aren't obliged to complete this tenure of two years; leave if you feel the need to leave.

What Should I Do If I Hate My Job?

First of all, keep your thoughts to yourself. Then know that it isn't only you that hates your job, there are many other people too. Don't quit right away; start your job search first and then leave on good terms.


Thinking “I hate my job” to yourself is another thing, but you need to deal carefully with it in reality.

It isn’t advisable to quit your job right away, even if you hate it to the core. Instead, you have to push through and continue until you get a job lined up.

Sometimes we don’t enjoy what we do, but some jobs help us lift our spirits and boost confidence.

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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