25+ Most Effective Leadership Communication Skills

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Communication matters a lot during a conversation. Being a leader you must need leadership communication skills.

Leadership requires some qualities from its possessor. Communication skills are one of them.

What will I learn?

When you are commanding a team, effective communication becomes essential. You are the guiding pillar for all the members.

You are the one who has to give directions. People will follow you. Your communication needs to be efficient.

When your directions will be clear and specified you will get the desired work. You need to share your ideas and opinions with crystal transparency.

25+ Most Effective Leadership Communication Skills

Leadership communication skills are very important for a leader.

Here we are going to discuss 26 leadership communication skills.

If you want to know more about leadership communication skills do check below:

1. Listening As Leadership Communication Skills:

Now we will be discussing some of the worth-mentioning communication skills.

Listening is at the top of this list. Be a good listener.

It is very important to know the ideas and opinions of others. When you have to make a decision, this helps a lot.

When someone is talking to you listen to them. Interpret the message conveyed.

Listening As Leadership Communication Skills
Listening As Leadership Communication Skills

Try to find out the emotion behind the message. Analyze the message and gather if you have some questions about it.

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2. Choosing An Ability As A Leader:

A leader is the one who has to assign tasks to everyone. He has to maintain the working of any system.

Sometimes there is a need for a role shift. While shifting roles it becomes important to choose the right person.

A leader needs to know the mental states of other members. Only then he will be able to pinpoint the right person.

Choosing An ability As A Leader
Choosing An ability As A Leader

When he will listen to them, he will be able to judge their words. You can tell about the mental state of anyone by listening to them.

A leader should be a good listener. It is the most important leadership communication skill.

3. Give Compliments As A Leader:

Everyone wants to be noticed and appraised. Sometimes we even work more than we are paid. It is because we are having good treatment over there.

Compliments do work like wonders. A good remark will motivate them to do more. A great leader should appraise his members.

A leader should appreciate their work and effort. “During the completion of our last project, you stayed late till night. You supervised that everything goes well. I appreciate this dedication and attention.”

Such a remark will motivate him and he will try to work better. Give this technique a try.

It will give a boost to your employees and your work as well. This is also one of the leadership communication skills.

Give Compliments As A Leader
Give Compliments As A Leader

4. Be Clear Is One Of The Leadership Communication Skill:

Directions need to be clear. Vague instructions will mess up the things in the end. Before starting a new project make a workflow.

Identify your milestones and deadlines. Make sure who is going to do what. Also, set the deadlines for the completion of every task.

Don’t leave behind loopholes. This communication needs to be very plain and clear.

Tell them about the seriousness of their duties. This will make them realize the importance of the task.

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5. Ask Questions:

Arrange random meetings with your employees. Don’t hang back even if you have to pay them.

Are these meetings worthed? Yes, if you are a good communicator and you know how to conduct effective discussions.

Ask some random questions. Start with close-ended questions. This will also allow the non-talkative employees to take part in the discussion.

This can be one of your best leadership communication skills. They will also feel themselves to be part of it.

Assure that all the persons in the meeting are now at ease. Now start will the open-ended questions. Ask them about their ideas and opinions.

Ask Questions As A Leaders
Ask Questions As A Leaders

6.Share Ideas:

Share your information and ask for their opinion. Allow everyone to take part in the discussions.

Respect any difference of opinion. Finally, when you are about to make a decision. Make sure that all the participants agree to the decision.

This will make all the members work with satisfaction. Also, during the project, there will be fewer chances of disagreement.

7. Think Of Alternatives:

Notice if there are some reserved members in your team. Such people are usually reluctant during meetings.

They usually have great ideas. But the problem is that they hesitate to share ideas in gatherings.

A leader should think of the alternatives too. May be an e-mail would serve the purpose.

You should try to communicate with them via e-mails. It will also allow them to share their ideas with you.

They will also feel comfortable in it.

8. Positivism Can Be One Of Leadership Communication Skills:

Always be positive. Don’t show what you feel. Your employees can also read your mind through your eyes.

Even if something has gone wrong don’t show it. Try to resolve things on your own.

Otherwise, all the people will become busy thinking about that problem too. This will cause more harm.

Don’t involve them in it. Keep things normal and greet everyone with the same smile.

Your face can be the mirror of your mind. Keep it a secret.

Positivism Can Be One Of Leadership Communication Skills
Positivism Can Be One Of Leadership Communication Skills

9. Don’t Pretend:

Don’t try to be fake. There is no need to fabricate your talk. Say what is on your mind.

Your communication should be the true reflection of what’s in your mind.

Discuss everything with your team members. Also, don’t try to hide any details related to a project. Be open to your discussions.

10. Physical Presence Is One Of Leadership Communication Skills:

Keep your meetings personal than on phone calls and e-mails. Try to maintain your physical presence most of the time.

During a conversation maintain eye contact. Don’t look here and there while talking.

Talk confidently and look into the eyes. It will give them a good impression.

They will also feel connected. And it will also develop your credibility. This will also give them a satisfaction that you are listening.

When you will don’t look into their eyes, they will feel unimportant.

Physical Presence Is One Of Leadership Communication Skills
Physical Presence Is One Of Leadership Communication Skills

They might feel that you are not interested in their talk. Also, looking into the eyes will give them valuable information.

You can easily judge what’s going on in their mind.

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11. Be Open To Hear As A Leader:

Allow your team members to complain to you. They should feel free to come and talk to you.

Don’t construct barriers between you and them. When they will come up to you. They will share their problems with you.

These problems will give you an idea. You will get to know the working of the organization.

You can have an idea of what’s going on. Also, you will come to know if there would be any loophole left.

Ask them about the problems and solve them. It will help you build your credibility.

12. Availability Supplement Your Leadership Communication Skills:

Don’t make yourself inaccessible. All the team members should be able to talk to you.

There should be no communication gap. Try to be available all the time. In this way, you will get first-hand information and on time.

A leader should be well informed. And this is the best way to keep a close eye on everyone. Be vigilant of the working of your team.

13. Smart Communication:

Adopt smart communication. Don’t play with words. Be direct in your communication.

When you are communicating with your team be clear. Don’t make your conversation very complex.

Smart Communication As A Leader
Smart Communication As A Leader

Don’t talk irrelevant. Always come to the point.

14. Illustrate Your Instructions As Effective Leadership Communication Skills:

Don’t always give your instructions in the same boring way. Try to be innovative and creative.

Make stories and creatively convey your information. It will help them visualize all the information.

Try to give your instructions in the form of a story. It will have a long-lasting effect.

Researches show that visuals have a more powerful impact on your mind. What you see remains in your mind for a longer time.

So next time give your instructions by constructing an interesting story. It will also increase the engagement factor.

15. Do What You Say:

Build your trust. Your team members must believe in you. Don’t go against your words.

Do what you say. And don’t say what you can’t do.

If you will say one thing and you will do another. It will make a bad impact on your team members. They will lose their trust.

A leader needs to have the trust of the team.

Do What You Say As A Leader
Do What You Say As A Leader

16. Choose Your Communication Style And Adopt Leadership Communication Skills:

Your communication style also depends on your leadership style. First, define your leadership style.

Identify which type of leader you are. Then adopt a corresponding communication style.

Suppose if you are an authoritative leader. Then you should be clear in your mind. And you should give clear instructions.

Now suppose you are a democratic leader, then you should consult your team. Then you should give instructions.

What communication style should be adopted? It depends on what is your leadership style.

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17. Respect Opinions Of Others Is One Of the Leadership Communication Skills:

Show that you respect the opinion of your employees. Never show them ignoring attitude.

They should feel like they are very important to you. Make them at ease.

Never humiliate them or make fun of them. Always take their opinion in a welcoming way.

Respect Opinions Of Others Is One Of the Leadership Communication Skills
Respect Opinions Of Others Is One Of the Leadership Communication Skills

Show them as you are happy to have their opinion. This will make them feel good.

Maybe they will try to think of more useful ideas. It is also possible that they come up with a better idea now.

Motivation is the best tool for anyone to succeed. Make your communication motivating. Don’t underestimate them.

18. Don’t Hide:

Many problems arise when you hide things. Don’t hide your goals and objectives. Also, don’t hide your dealings.

Make everything clear and transparent. It will make everyone comfortable.

People are by nature curious. They always want to know what’s happening around them.

When you will keep secrets, they will try to know them. They will spend their working time on knowing what’s going on.

So, keep things transparent so that they are no more curious to know.

19. Allow Questions:

Give a project brief to your team. Allow them to ask questions about it. This will help in clarifying anything.

It might be possible that a member may ask a confusing point. That question will help everyone to have clarity.

Before you start, everything must be clear. You should have the clarity in your mind.

Also, you should know to transfer that clarity to your team members as well. This is where communication matters.

There are a lot of people who know many things. But they are not able to transfer their information to anyone.

It matters a lot that how you transfer your information to anyone.

You should use clear and easy words during communication. It will everyone to have clear details about any project.

20. Clarity In Communication:

When you have given the project details ask them. Ask your team members that what they understood.

“Define the concept what I have given.” Ask this question to your team. This will help you to know if they got the idea.

It is very important to assure this. You should know that what information you have given was clear. Confirmation is very important when closing the discussion.

Clarity In Communication
Clarity In Communication

Before you go always ask this question. Make sure that they all are on the same page.

21.Empathy As One Of The Leadership Communication Skills:

Develop personal connections with them. Try to share their feelings with them. Don’t be the boss all the time.

Try to act as a friend too. A bossy attitude makes barriers to communication.

It is also important to know their emotional conditions. Empathy is a very effective communication skill.

It is very important to make the other person comfortable. And when you show empathy you are done. You can easily anyone comfortable by showing empathy.

It is also in the list of leadership communication skills. It is a tested communication technique.

22.Body Language:

Communication is not only through the tongue but also from the body.

Words always do not speak. Sometimes your body also speaks. You may have heard about a common term body language.

What is body language? It is another communication tool. It also plays a major role in communication.

23. Gestures In Communication As A Leadership Skill:

Your body says a lot about you. It shows what you are feeling.

Don’t stand loose while talking. It will not give a positive impact. The other person will get the idea that you are not interested in it.

I will explain to you how your body talks with a simple example. Think of a person who is moving his arms constantly shows that a person is excited about something.

Similarly, if someone is moving his legs it shows he is thinking of something. These are some common observations.

Researches have tested their validity. These observations show that body language is also very important in communication.

24.Inspire Others:

Try to inspire the other person. You should think of a salesperson.

These people are really skilled at what they do. They know how to trap their customers. They know how to persuade others. Their communication is very appealing.

A good leader should also have this technique. He should know how to convince others.

A leader always makes use of effective words during communication. All the team members should agree to what you say.

Inspire Others As A Leader
Inspire Others As A Leader

Communication plays its role here and decides how effective is your conversation. This can be one of your leadership communication skills.

25. Be Humble As A Leader:

Don’t try to show you know everything. You might have the habit of saying that I know better.

This is a wrong attitude, especially for a leader. A leader should always take opinions with an open mind.

Don’t say that you know everything.

26. Think Like Team:

Don’t show your ego. When it comes to teamwork keep your ego aside.

Ego is something that can create problems for you. So, it’s important that you don’t show your ego.

Think of yourself as a member of the team. Take part in the discussions like a team.

Don’t try to be someone superior. This will affect your team solidarity.

Make a team with strong connections. Communicate like a team member. This will allow everyone to open up.


The bottom line is when you communicate make sure that you are clear. It is very important to be first clear in your own mind.

Spend some time in knowing others. Know their thinking levels. Make your communication clear and easy.

Follow all the techniques we have discussed so far. You will notice a difference.

You will feel the better working of your team. Communication is what determines the success of your conversation.

Effective leadership communication will help you maintain the team solidarity.

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