Should I Wear Glasses To An Interview? 11 Tip

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Should I wear glasses to an interview? Appearance is important in an interview. Apart from dressing well, you should also ensure that your accessories are clean.

You want to make sure that you make the best possible impression in the interview.

Should I Wear Glasses To An Interview? 11 Things To Remember

Glasses can be a great way to show that you are professional and put together. But there are a few things to keep in mind. Glasses or no glasses for interview.?

1. Choose The Right Style:

You want to ensure that your glasses are stylish but not too trendy. Choose a classic style that will complement your outfit. What should you wear glasses or contacts for an interview.

For instance, if you are wearing a suit, avoid glasses with thickdark frames. Instead, go for a thinner frame in a neutral color.

Stylish but not too trendy - should i wear glasses to an interview

Or, if you are interviewing for a more creative position, you can choose a unique style of glasses.

For instance, you could choose a pair with a fun pattern or color. Just make sure that they are not too distracting.

2. Consider Your Face Shape:

Your glasses should also flatter your face shape. For instance, you have a round face. So you want to choose glasses that will make it look more oval.

Or if you have a long face, you want to pick glasses that will make it look shorter.

Your face shape can also help you decide on the best style of glasses for your face.

Ask your optometrist for help if you are unsure about which glasses will look best on you.

3. Do You Need Prescription Glasses?:

Of course, you should only wear glasses to an interview if needed.

If your vision is perfect, there is no need to wear glasses.

Doing so may make you look like you are trying too hard to seem smart or professional.

However, wearing glasses to an interview is generally a good idea if you do need glasses.

This shows that you are responsible and take your appearance seriously. It also shows that you are comfortable with who you are.

4. Think About Your Personal Style:

Your glasses are also a fashion statement. They should reflect your personal style and help you to look your best. What must you wear glasses or contacts for an interview.

For example, you usually dress in a more casual style. But wearing glasses with a thickblack frame may not be the best choice.

On the other hand, if you typically dress in a more formal style, choosing glasses with a thin metal frame may help you to look more polished.

When in doubt, it is usually best to err on formality.

5. Consider The Interview Type:

The type of interview you are attending can also influence your decision to wear glasses.

For example, if you are interviewing for a job in a creative field. Such as graphic design or fashion. Here you may be able to get away with wearing a unique pair of glasses. 

On the other hand, if you are interviewing for a job in a more traditional field. Wearing a more conservative pair of glasses may be the better option.

When in doubt, it is usually best to dress on the more formal side.

6. Make Sure They Fit:

Your glasses should also fit well. This means that they should be the right size for your face. And they should be comfortable to wear.

Suppose your glasses are too big or too small. They will constantly be slipping down your nose. They may be uncomfortable to wear for long periods.

Glasses should also fit well - should i wear glasses to an interview

When trying on glasses, ask the salesperson for help finding a pair that fits well.

A well-fitting pair of glasses will stay in place and be comfortable to wear.

7. Choose The Right Color:

If you want your glasses to blend in with your outfit, choose a pair close to your skin tone. 

If you want your glasses to stand out, choose a pair that is the opposite color of your skin tone.

For example, choose a pair of glasses with dark frames if you have a light skin tone.

Or, if you have a dark skin tone, choose a pair of glasses with light frames.

8. Wear Glasses Or Lenses?

You may get it by wearing contact lenses if you have a mild vision problem

But if you have a more serious vision problem, you will probably need to wear glasses. 

It all depends on how much your vision is impaired. And how comfortable you are with wearing glasses.

Some people feel that glasses make them look smarter. Others feel that they make them look nerdy.

You may want to try contacts if you fall into the latter category. But if you don’t mind looking like a nerd, go ahead and wear your glasses.

9. Don’t Wear Glasses With A Hazy Lens:

If your glasses have a haze over the lens, it will make it difficult for the interviewer to see your eyes.

Looking into the interviewer’s eyes is important in an interview. It helps build trust. And it makes the conversation feel more personal.

If the interviewer can’t see your eyes, it will be harder to connect with you. And that’s not a good thing. You want the interviewer to like you.

Interviewers check all tiny details to see if you’re a good fit for the job. So don’t give them any reason to rule you out.

10. Wear Glasses Only If You Can See In Them:

This is a nobrainer. If you can’t see in your glasses, don’t wear them. The interview is not the time to be adjusting your glasses or squint.

Adjusting your glasses or squint.

Wearing contacts is always the best option if you have them. But if you don’t, just ensure your glasses don’t get in the way of your performance.

Also, avoid tinted glasses. They make it hard for people to see your eyes. And that makes it harder to connect with you.

11. Don’t Wear Sunglasses:

Sunglasses say, “I don’t want you to see me.” And that’s not the message you want to send in an interview.

Avoid any style of glasses that covers your eyes. That includes anything from sunglasses to ski goggles.

Or even those trendy, hipster glasses with thick black frames. They might look cool. But they’re not appropriate for an interview.

How To Appear For An Interview?

Other than glasses, there are some other important points that you should keep in mind to be aligned with the interview ethics.

1. Do Your Research: 

Before appearing for an interview, make sure you research the company.

Learn about their products and the job role you have applied for. This will help you answer questions confidently.

And also, don’t forget to research the interviewer. You can check their profile on LinkedIn and read about their work experiences.

Apart from this, also visit the company website, and read their “About Us” page. This will give you a good idea about the company’s culture.

When you research the company, you can show your interest in working with them. And this will make a good impression on the interviewer.

2. First Impression: 

Your first impression is very important. So when you meet your interviewer, make sure you have a smile. 

Body language

Give a firm handshake, and make eye contact while talking. These small things will make a good impression on the interviewer.

Also, avoid fidgeting, and maintain positive body language throughout the interview.

Also, try to avoid controversial topics and keep the conversation light.

Be keen to listen to what the interviewer says, and answer his questions honestly.

3. Appropriate Attire: 

It is very important to dress appropriately for an interview. Depending on the company culture, you can either dress formally or informally.

If you are unsure about the dress code, it is always better to play it safe. Go for a formal look..

For instance, if you are applying for a job in a bank, it is better to wear a suit. 

Or, if you are applying for a job in a startup, you can go for a more casual look. 

Whether you are dressing formally or informally, make sure your clothes are clean and well-ironed. 

Your shoes should be polished, and your nails should be clean.

4. Hygiene: 

Your hygiene is also very important during an interview. Make sure you have taken a shower and applied deodorant.

Your breath should be fresh, so avoid eating anything strong-smelling before the interview.

It is better to go for a natural look when it comes to makeup. Avoid wearing anything too flashy or dramatic.

Your first impression is very important, so make sure you look presentable.

5. Ask Questions At The End: 

At the end of the interview, asking questions is always a good idea. This shows that you are interested in the position and the company.

Some good questions to ask are about the following:

– Company culture

– Team you would be working with, and

– Next steps in the process.

Asking questions also allows you to get more information about the job. And you can see if it is a good fit for you.

Also, be sure to thank the interviewer for their time.


Should I wear glasses to an interview? It depends on the situation. If you normally wear glasses, then you should wear them.

But you shouldn’t start now if you don’t usually wear glasses. First impressions are very important, so make sure you look presentable.

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