9 Signs Your Boss Has Doubts – A Brief Guide To Tackle

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A workplace relationship that has no doubts is as important as trust in the general relationship.

We all expect our bosses to trust us with the work and responsibilities. No one would ever want to work under a boss who has too many doubts, of course!

9 Signs Your Boss Has Doubts

But what if you get a job where your boss has doubts? How are you going to handle it?

But first, you need to make sure that your boss has doubts regarding you and your performance. How to know it? Will it be visible from their behavior?

Before you get caught in some doubts yourself, read this article till the end to see the signs your boss has doubts. Also, what can you do about it?

1. The Boss Double-Checks The Work:

If your boss doesn’t completely trust you with the work, he’ll check it before approving it. But if your boss has absolute doubts, then he might double-check your work before passing it.

Signs Your Boss Has Doubts
The Boss Double-Checks The Work

It’s a sheer sign that your boss has doubts about you and your performance.

He thinks you to be some careless worker who won’t have put his best efforts into the work.

2. Pairs You With A Senior In Key Projects:

It’s good to get excited for your first new and big project, but then your boss pairs you up with a senior. That coworker is more like surveillance who’s always telling you what to do.

It’s a sign of mistrust because your boss thinks that you’ll mess up and need someone experienced with you.

So the boss may not have to face shame and guilt in front of clients because of your blunders.

3. Signs Your Boss Has Doubts – Asks For A Briefing Again And Again:

You’re working on an assignment, and your boss calls you several times in his office. He feels the need to know what and how you’re working.

Maybe he’s making sure that you are not facing any trouble. But if he’s doing that to an annoying extent, then he must have some doubts.

The boss asks for a briefing repeatedly because he can’t completely rely on you for his work.

He has to make sure that things are going fine to maintain his peace of mind.

4. Writes Down Little Instructions For You:

You feel like you’re a school kid who is told everything in written instructions. But your boss does that to have proof if you mess up, or he’s making sure you don’t forget the task.

Your Boss Writes Everything For You
Writes Down Little Instructions For You

In either case, your boss doubts you and writes down even the trivial tasks for you.

Getting instructions in writing is fine as long as you’re not asked to read them again and again.

5. Confirms Something For At Least Two Or Three Times:

Your doubtful boss can’t believe what you say for the first time; he has to ask it two times at least to make sure.

For instance, there’s a meeting, and you inform your boss about it, but he confirms it twice to make sure.

A Doubtful Boss Confirms Everything Twice
Confirms Something For At Least Two Or Three Times

Working under such a kind of boss can be irritating at times, but you have to keep with it.

So when you see this sign of doubt, take some steps to reassure your boss that you’re credible enough to get trusted.

6. Appoint Someone Else To Supervise You:

Every time your boss has to go out of the office to run some errands, he secretly appoints someone to supervise you.

It’s a sign that he has doubts for you and asks someone trusted enough to keep an eye on you while he’s away.

So next time you see your boss is out and someone’s breathing on your neck, take it as a sign of doubt.

7. Always Afraid That You’ll Embarrass Him:

The doubtful boss has to make sure that you do nothing wrong that embarrasses him in front of his clients.

Before a meeting, he asks you to rehearse the presentation before him so he can point out the mistakes.

The reason is simple, and that is he can’t trust you completely. He’s afraid that you’ll let him down by your immature actions.

8. Signs Your Boss Has Doubts – Thinks Your Ideas Won’t Work:

When you suggest your ideas to your boss, he appreciates you for doing so. But later on, you see that your boss never implements any idea.

Maybe he doesn’t consider your ideas worth applying or thinks that you’re new and need some time.

Even if he implements your idea, he has to make sure at every step that it’s worth working on or not.

9. He Gives You Fewer Responsibilities:

Out of the fear of messing up things, your boss gives you very few responsibilities to deal with. You even think that that’s quite less than what your position deserves.

You Get So Little To Do
He Gives You Fewer Responsibilities

But your boss says you’re new and it’s better for you to work less. Yet, the reality is that your boss has trust issues with you, and he thinks you can’t handle responsibilities.

It’s a sign that your boss has doubts because he still doesn’t consider you capable enough.

What To Do When Your Boss Doesn’t Trust You – 6 Tips

If you don’t have a trustful relationship with your boss, you will lack a solid basis when stressful situations occur.

You should work to build trust in this relation by following the given tips.

1. Take The Charge – Signs Your Boss Has Doubts:

Get those things in your control which you were hired for; following the boss’s mission is one of them.

Do Whatever Possible In Your Capacity
Take The Charge – Signs Your Boss Has Doubts

Your boss hired you to support him in taking the organization upwards. If you drag your boss down by disgracing the mission, you can’t win his trust.

You must understand your boss’s goals and accept them as your own.

2. Understand His Or Her Goals:

As a loyal employee, you must keep yourself aligned with your boss’s goals and desired outcomes.

If you aren’t clear with it, you must get in touch with your boss to discuss it. It’s because whatever you’ll do is either directly or indirectly related to your boss’s mission.

3. Anticipate Your Boss’s Needs:

Now, as you know what your boss needs, it’s easier to anticipate his or her needs. It’ll help your boss keep things in place; you’ll also be able to win his trust.

Signs Your Boss Has Doubts
Anticipate Your Bosss Needs

He can rely more on you, and it doesn’t look like you’re screwing up things.

It’ll be more pleasant if you ask your boss what he needs before he tells you this on his own.

4. Do The Best You Can – Signs Your Boss Has Doubts:

One of the best things you can do to clear your boss’s doubts is done your job well. You can perform effectively if you prioritize your tasks and excellently do them.

When you perform well, your manager will find a way to confide in you. Moreover, he’ll brag about you in meetings, thus increasing your reputation.

5. Tell Him How To Use Your Talents:

A manager can be more confident once he gets to know how to use the talent of his employees in the best way.

Signs Your Boss Has Doubts
Tell Him How To Use Your Talents

In order to make it happen, you’ll have to tell your boss what your talents are. Also, how he can use these to get closer to his goals.

Tell him what your strengths are and how these can complement the manager’s strengths.

6. Respect Their Time:

It’s right that you’re working in the same team as your boss to achieve the same goals. But that doesn’t mean that you should take up on your boss’s time.

Honor the time of your manager by being committed to meetings and phone calls.

Also, find out the most effective time to collaborate with your boss.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Know If Your Boss Doesn’t Trust You?

The first and most obvious sign that your boss doesn’t believe in you is that you get lower quality work to do. Also, you get managed more than others, and you’re paired with some seniors on important projects.

How To Know If Your Boss Wants You To Quit?

Your boss might want you to leave if he never assigns you new and challenging projects. He buries down your work so no one can see your achievements. He points out your mistakes in front of everyone and criticizes you instead of correcting your faults.

How Do You Tell If Your Manager Likes You?

A manager that likes you will make you work on challenging projects and trusts you with key clients. He offers recognition for your work, and you feel respected working under him.

How Do You Know Your Boss Cares About You?

A caring boss encourages your personal development as much as he does for your professional growth. They support every decision of yours and consider you a valuable member of the team.


If your boss has doubts, you’ll have to put some effort into clearing his doubts about you. You should reflect back to see if there’s any incident causing your boss not to trust you.

If there’s something like that, communicate with your boss to clear your image.

And if your boss thinks that you can’t add any value to his mission, you need to improve your performance.

Share your experience or thoughts in the comment section below.

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