12 Signs Your Boss Lied About Bonus

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Who doesn’t love getting some bonus cash? But what if what you are excited about is all a lie? Here we will discuss signs your boss lied about the bonus.

Your boss tells you that you’re in for a treat and getting a bonus at the end of the month.

Signs Your Boss Lied About Bonus – 12 Best Ones

But then, come payday, that extra cash is nowhere. If this has happened to you, it’s possible your boss lied about the bonus.

There are times when your boss may lie about giving you a bonus. Here are signs that may indicate your boss wasn’t being truthful:

1. Your Boss Promised a Bonus But Didn’t Deliver:

Did your boss break their promise and not give you the bonus they said you would receive? If this had happened once, it might have just been a misunderstanding.

Requirements - Signs Your Boss Lied About Bonus

But if it’s a pattern of behavior, it’s possible your boss lied to you about the bonus. They had no intention of following through.

They might make excuses like the company is going through tough times. Or they may blame you, saying you didn’t meet the requirements for the bonus.

There might be some truth to their excuses. But if you know you met the requirements and your boss still isn’t following through, it’s possible they lied about the bonus.

2. Your Bonus Is Much Smaller Than They Promised:

Did you receive a bonus that was much smaller than what your boss told you to expect? If so, it’s possible your boss lied about the bonus amount.

They might try to explain it away by saying the company didn’t do as well as they hoped.

The revenue might have been less than expected. There may be many reasons why the bonus was smaller than they initially told you.

But if your boss promised a certain amount and didn’t receive it, they misinformed you.

3. You Didn’t Get A Reason for Not Receiving A Bonus:

If you didn’t receive a bonus and your boss didn’t give you a reason why it’s possible they lied about giving you one.

They might try to avoid the topic altogether. Or they might give you a vague answer.

For instance, they might say the company is going through tough times. A good boss should be able to explain why you didn’t receive a bonus.

They should also be able to give you a clear answer about when or if you will receive one in the future.

4. You Feel Like Your Boss Is Trying To Cheat You Out Of A Bonus:

Do you feel your boss is trying to cheat you out of a bonus? If so, it’s possible they lied about the bonus.

They might be withholding the bonus because they think you don’t deserve it. Or they may be trying to use it as leverage to get you to do something.

For instance, they might say you can have a bonus if you agree to work weekends.

If you feel like your boss is trying to take advantage of you, they may have lied about the bonus.

5. You Didn’t Receive a Bonus, But Others in Your Department Did:

If you didn’t receive a bonus, but others in your department did, it’s possible your boss lied about giving you one.

They might have given the bonus to their favorite employees. Or they may have given it to the most vocal employees about not receiving one.

Others  in your department - Signs Your Boss Lied About Bonus

This isn’t always the case. But other times, it may signify that your boss is playing favorites.

6. Your Boss Is Vague About The Bonus:

Upon you asking about the bonus, is your boss being vague? They might avoid giving you a straight answer.

They may say the company is still finalizing the numbers. Or they may say they don’t know how much the bonus will be.

These are all valid excuses, but if your boss is being vague, they’re possibly not being truthful.

7. Your Boss Threatened To Take Away Your Bonus:

If your boss threatened to take away your bonus, it’s possible they lied about giving you one.

They may have given you the bonus as an incentive to do a good job. But they may try to take it away if they think you’re not meeting their expectations.

This is a form of manipulation. And it’s not fair to you as an employee. It can also be a sign that your boss lied about the bonus to begin with.

8. Your Boss Says The Bonus Is Performance-Based But Doesn’t Give You Feedback:

Performance-based bonuses are standard in many workplaces. But what if your boss says the bonus is performance-based but doesn’t give you any feedback?

This can be a sign that they lied about the bonus. If they’re not giving you feedback, they can’t expect you to improve.

And if they’re not going to give you the bonus anyway, they shouldn’t have told you that it was performance-based.

And they definitely shouldn’t be using it to motivate you.

9. Your Boss Changes the Bonus Amount or Date:

Your boss may frequently lie about the bonus by changing the amount or date.

For instance, they might say you will get a bonus out on a specific date. But then they change it and don’t tell you.

Or they may say the bonus will be a certain amount. But then they reduce it without telling you.

This can be frustrating for an employee. And it can be a sign that your boss is not being truthful.

10. Your Boss Is Unavailable When You Try To Ask About the Bonus:

Did you try to ask your boss about the bonus but they were unavailable? This can be a sign that they’re avoiding you.

They may be avoiding you because they don’t want to tell you the truth. Or they may be avoiding you because they don’t want to give you the bonus.

Either way, it’s not a good sign. They are your boss and should be available to answer your questions.

11. You Catch Your Boss in a Lie:

Sometimes bosses themselves tell a lie, and you find out about it. For instance, they say they didn’t get the budget approved for the bonus.

Tell the lie

But then you find out that they did. Or they might say the company can’t afford to give bonuses this year.

But then you find out that they gave bonuses to other employees. If you catch your boss in a lie, it’s possible they lied about the bonus you.

12. Your Boss Gives You a Different Reason Every Time You Ask:

We are not saying that your boss should give you the same answer every time you ask about bonuses.

But if they keep giving you different answers, it might be a sign they’re lying.

For instance, they might say the budget hasn’t been approved yet. But the next time you ask, they say the company can’t afford it.

Then they might say they’re still finalizing the numbers the next time. If your boss can’t give you a straight answer, it’s possible they’re lying.

If your boss is exhibiting any of these behaviors, it may be a sign they lied to you about the bonus.

What To Do If You Think Your Boss Lied About The Bonus

Being lied to is never a good feeling. You have rights as an employee. And if they mistreated you, you can take action.

Here are some things you can do if you think your boss lied about the bonus:

1. Talk To Your Boss:

The first step is to talk to your boss. Ask them about the bonus. Be specific and ask questions like, “When will I receive the bonus?”

“What do I need to do to earn the bonus?” And “How much is the bonus?”

If your boss can’t or won’t answer your questions, it’s possible they’re hiding something.

You can notice their body language too. If they’re avoiding eye contact or getting defensive, it’s possible they’re lying.

Avoiding eye contact

Or their voice might change. They may start to sweat or fidget. These are all signs that they’re not being truthful.

If you didn’t get the bonus, you could directly ask them. “I didn’t receive the bonus. What happened?”

Or “I thought the bonus would be paid out on (date). But I didn’t receive it. Can you tell me what happened?”

2. Look At Your Employment Contract:

If you have an employment contract, look at it. It might say something about bonuses.

For instance, you might be entitled to a bonus if you meet specific criteria.

Or it might say that the company will pay bonuses on a specific date.

If your boss is not following the contract, they may be in breach of it. You can use this as leverage to get what you’re owed.

You can complain to your boss or H.R., Or you may even want to consult a lawyer.

The complaint should contain some points like:

– You should have gotten the bonus as promised.

– Your boss is not following the contract.

– You’re entitled to the bonus.

– etc

3. Talk To H.R.:

If you don’t have a contract or are unsure what it says, you can talk to H.R.

They will be able to tell you if you’re supposed to receive a bonus and when it should come.

If you’re not supposed to receive a bonus, they will be able to tell you that too.

But H.R. will also be able to tell you if your boss is lying about the bonus.

For instance, they might say that the budget got approved. And they will deliver the bonuses on a specific date.

If your boss is saying something different, H.R. can tell you that your boss is lying.

Final Word:

Signs your boss lied about a bonus are when there’s too much change in their story.

They give you a different reason every time, or they don’t provide a direct answer to your question.

It’s also a sign if they’re sweating, fidgeting, or avoiding eye contact when they talk to you.

If you think your boss lied to you about the bonus, you can talk to them or H.R. You may also want to look at your employment contract.

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