What To Do If A Coworker Tests Positive For Covid – 17 Precautions

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Covid-19 has taken over almost all the organizations. We can take precautions. Here’s what to do if a coworker tests positive for Covid…

Covi-19 has spread worldwide and is more deadly than ever. Organizations and businesses need to take precautions against this new pandemic.

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17 Things To Do If A Coworker Tests Positive For Covid

If, unfortunately, your coworker tests positive, here are 17 precautions you need to take:

1. Sanitize Yourself:

Shower with soap and clean yourself. Wash your clothes before you wear them again. Moreover, do not go out from home without covering yourself.

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Even at the workplace, sanitize your hands often. Keep a sanitizer kit with you at all times.

2. Sanitize Your Coworker’s Desk:

Your office desk is essential to sanitize since it’s where you eat and rest.

It carries many viruses that can be dangerous for your health if they transfer to another person. Remember, this virus only shared with touch.

3. Get Rid of Open Food:

A lot of food is open in the office. Once an available food gets in contact with any part of your coworker’s desk or clothes, you have to throw it away.

And since it is almost impossible to avoid touching your coworker, be careful. The moment your coworker leaves his desk for a while, clean it with soap thoroughly.

4. Burn Your Clothes If A Coworker Tests Positive For Covid:

Try to avoid extra contact with your coworker’s clothes or desk. Sometimes there might be chances of you getting in touch with them, for instance, them to the doctor.

So keep all infected clothes away from home and burn them immediately after wear. It’s even better if you wash these clothes before wearing them again.

5. Avoid Making Contact With Coworker If A Coworker Tests Positive For Covid:

If possible, work alone at home. But if not, try to avoid touching others for any reason during work hours.

You can do so by using a laptop instead of a desktop system. Also, don’t shake hands with anyone.

6. Avoid Activities That Increases Your Heart Rate:

Cover-19 has a deadly impact on the working population. Avoid activities that increase your heart rates, like exercises or heavy workouts.

Coworker Tests Positive For Covid

If you cannot avoid these activities, make sure to wear a mask. Also, cover yourself to prevent the virus from contacting you.

7. Wear Gloves:

Wear gloves while typing to avoid contact with your coworker’s saliva or blood. Remember, even touching things he touched might be dangerous for you if not sanitized.

Also, please don’t touch any of his items such as phone books, etc.

8. Keep A Divider Between You And Your Coworker If A Coworker Tests Positive For Covid:

If possible, use a glass or plastic sheet as a divider between you and your coworker.

They also reduce noise and prevent your coworkers from looking at you and talking to you. So if possible, place dividers around yourself and your coworker.

9. Keep Yourself Occupied:

If possible, keep yourself occupied by doing projects instead of wasting time. Remember, Covid-19 has no cure or vaccine yet!

So it’s better to avoid contact with infected people as much as possible. Make sure that you don’t catch this deadly disease.

10. Be Wary Of Loose Paper Bags, Cups, And Bottles:

As discussed before, Covid-19 is more deadly than ever. While coughing, someone might drop some of his salivae in any loose paper bag or bottle.

So stay aware! Also, if you find anyone sneezing while carrying one of these items, keep your distance.

Don’t fetch any of it without wearing gloves or using the plastic sheet as a cover.

11. Cover Your Mouth With Handkerchiefs If A Coworker Tests Positive For Covid:

Cover your mouth with a handkerchief when coughing. Wash these handkerchiefs immediately after use to prevent spreading the virus to others.

If not possible, burn them right away, along with dirty clothes, etc.


Handkerchiefs are not the only thing you can use to cover your mouth. If you don’t have handkerchiefs, any clean cloth will do.

12. Stay Well Away From Anybody Who’s Coughing:

While in the office, stay well away from anybody who is coughing. Please don’t wait for them to hand you any papers or anything they might be holding.

Avoid shaking hands altogether since Covid-19 has no vaccine yet! Also, don’t get near him while taking medicine or going to the doctor to treat the disease.

If possible, cover your nose and mouth before reaching near them. Don’t let their cough transfer through the air.

13. Healthy Food To Increase Your Immunity If A Coworker Tests Positive For Covid:

Eat well, sleep well and drink lots of water. It helps your body strengthen its natural immune system. It fights against the disease. Also, eat nutrient-rich food such as:

– Avocados

– Carrots

– Tomatoes

14. Stay Away From All Kinds Of Stress:

Covid-19 is a deadly disease, and stress only makes it worse! So stay away from all kinds of stress as much as possible by:

– Not gossiping with others

– Not talking to anyone about anything unnecessary

– Keeping yourself busy with your job. The more stress you have, the greater risk of catching this deadly disease!

15. Avoid Drinking Water From The Same Cup If A Coworker Tests Positive For Covid:

Don’t use your coworker’s mug. Keep a separate face only for yourself, and do not share it with anybody else.

Also, avoid drinking water from a glass someone else has used. Use a disposable paper cup instead. Immediately dispose of it after use so nobody else can use it later.

16. Get Vaccinated Right Away:

Covi-19 is a deadly disease. If somebody close to you gets infected, consider getting vaccinated ASAP.


Vaccination decreases the risk of catching this disease by 70%. So you must get yourself vaccinated ASAP!

17. Avoid Sharing Food If A Coworker Tests Positive For Covid:

Avoid sharing food and drink with anyone as far as possible. It might seem harsh, but this is a life-threatening disease, and we have to be very cautious!

If you have to take a sip from the glass of an infected person, then wash it right away with water. Don’t do so in the first place.

What Does A Coworker Have To Do If Tested Positive For Covid?

When someone is Covid-19 positive, there are several things they have to do. Especially after the variety of variants it has.

Share these tips with your coworker who tests positive for Covid.

1. Quarantine Themselves:

They have to quarantine themselves at home and avoid going anywhere else.

It is important because this disease spreads very from one person to another! If possible, get a private nurse who can take care of them.

2. Keep Themselves Isolated At Home:

At home, they have to stay away from anybody who’s not infected with Covi-19. Again if possible, get a private nurse so that the patient doesn’t contact others.

Also, keep all kinds of food and drinks away from their reach. They will try to eat anything they find around them without knowing what it is or whether it’s healthy or not.

Remember, hygiene is essential here. Make sure you don’t let them contact others’ saliva or sweat.

3. Anybody Not Infected Must Wash Her Hand Before And After Going Near Them:

Keep the people around them, especially family members and friends, away. This way, they don’t infect by this deadly disease.

So make sure everyone washes their hands before and after going near them! Also, if someone gets the infection, immediately send them for a disinfection process.

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It should be using chemical substances which kill the virus. Do it at least twice a day for everyone visiting them. At night before sleeping, it is advised that they wear masks.

4. Isolation Period Shouldn’t Be Less Than 15 Days:

The isolation period for your coworker who’s got infected should be at least 15 days. It is mandatory according to the law!

They have to stay in quarantine until their body completely resists Covid-19. If within this time, they show any signs of weakness and start falling sick, they might not recover and die.

If you want them to live further, then it’s advised that they get a blood transfusion as soon as possible.

It should be from someone who has already recovered from this deadly disease.

5. If You Can’t Quarantine Them At Home, Send Them To A Private Hospital:

If you can’t afford to quarantine your coworker at home, then take them to a private hospital. But make sure that the hospital’s internal system is up to date.

They must have all the facilities as mentioned in this article! If possible, get a referral from someone who has been treated for a Covi-19 infection.

This way, they’ll know what kind of facility your friend needs during their recovery period.

6. Take Necessary Medications If A Coworker Tests Positive For Covid:

Take all necessary medications and vaccinations at the earliest. It is also essential because it’s useless if you start taking them after a week.

Then your body won’t have yet recovered from this deadly disease. It might become worse for you! So to avoid further complications, taking these medicines on time is essential!

7. Visiting A Doctor If A Coworker Tests Positive For Covid:

They have to visit their doctor to check whether they’re recovering or not. Moreover, they must check whether they’re still contagious or not.

If, within 15 days of isolation, your friend starts getting better and recovers completely, they can come out of quarantine.

medical attention

But make sure that before leaving quarantine, they call themselves vaccinated.

8. Refrain From Alcohol And Smoking:

When your friend recovers from Covid-19, they won’t be able to eat anything without knowing what’s in it! So while still recovering, it’s advised that they don’t drink or smoke.

It increases the chances of their body becoming weak again. If by chance, they do so, then there are high chances of them falling sick due to weakness.

Doctors say that smoking and drinking cause damage to the patient’s immune system. It thus delays the time taken for complete recovery.

Symptoms Of Covid-19

There are certain signs that tell it is Covid-19 that you contracted. Symptoms of this deadly disease include:

1. A Headache:

People infected with Covid-19, first of all, complain about a severe headache. It occurs due to pressure building up inside the brain.

It is one of the most common symptoms mentioned by several doctors and scientists.

2. Fever:

An extremely high fever! Your friend might also feel cold, hot, or chilly at specific points in time. But they need to keep their body warm.

What To Do If A Coworker Tests Positive For Covid

Cold and fever cause immense pain and weakness, thus delaying full recovery time. You can advise them to take medicines containing relief from headaches and aches.

3. Swollen Glands:

It is another significant sign of Covid-19 infection. Your friend might start feeling pain in their neck, armpits, or groin area!

It will resemble swollen blackheads, which are very painful and cause skin rashes.

4. Weakness And Fatigue:

People infected with this deadly disease feel weak and tired all the time. They can’t even walk for a few steps or stay awake without falling asleep due to fatigue!

It is because this virus destroys brain cells, thus triggering:

– Confusion

– Headaches and

– Extreme weakness throughout the day.

So one must know that they have to take extra care of themselves during this stage.

5. Loss Of Appetite:

Most of the time, people infected with Covid-19 complain about losing appetite. They cannot eat anything without knowing what’s in it!

One should ensure that whatever one eats has been checked for this deadly disease.

6. Cough Or Cold:

A sudden fit of coughing might appear. The patient might also complain about having a cold after recovering from Covid-19.


It is because this virus destroys cells that help us fight infections. It thus leaves the patient exposed to various cold-related illnesses.

7. Loss Of Sense Of Smell And Taste:

Another symptom of Covid-19 infection includes loss of sense of smell and taste. The patient might lose their sense of smell and even stop craving the food they used to love eating!

It is because Covid-19 destroys cells in the nasal cavity. Thus it prevents a person from smelling anything.


To deal with a coworker who tests positive for covid, make sure to follow these precautions:

– Make sure to watch over the coworker while they’re still in quarantine.

– Make sure that before leaving quarantine, they get themselves vaccinated against Covid-19.

– Sanitize the areas visited by infected people and much more.


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