What To Say To A Retiring Coworker – 30+ Phrases

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A retiring coworker can be a difficult situation for many people. How do we deal with it? What do we say to a retiring coworker?

What will I learn?

Retirement can be both an exciting and scary time for those involved. Retirement is like a vast, never-ending party that you will host all by yourself until the very end.

What To Say To A Retiring Coworker – 30+ Phrases

There are always many things to do when the final day at work comes for your former coworker.

If you are confused about what to write on their retirement card, here are some phrases which will make it easier for you to write something.

1. “You have been a great coworker, and I am going to miss you.”

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2. “You were always fun to talk to, and I’m going to remember our time together at the office.”

3. “I hope you enjoy retirement because it is going to be a fun ride!”

4. “It has been a pleasure working with you over the years. I hope to see you again in the future.”

5. “I wish you all the best in your retirement and everything that comes after it!”

6. “Your friendships will only get stronger in your retirement, so go out there and make some new friends.”

7. “You were always there for me when I needed help with something work-related or otherwise! You are one of my favorite people to talk to.”

8. “You deserve this time off because you have worked hard over the years at this company.”

9. “We got through a lot together, and we made it to where we are now! Retirement is something worth celebrating!”

10. “Here’s to another chapter opening up for you. I hope it is filled with happiness and new adventures.”

What To Say To A Retiring Coworker – More Phrases:

11. “It’s going to be a little boring around here without you… but we will get through it!”

12. “You did a great job while you were working here, so congrats on being able to retire!”

13. “The company is going to miss your presence here at the office. Congratulations on making it to retirement!”

14. “We are going to miss you because you were such an important part of our team.”

15. “I hope that everything goes well in your next stage of life, which begins now.”

16. “I hope you had a wonderful time while working at this company, and I cannot wait to see the new things that come your way.”


17. “Retirement is quite an adventure! Let us know when you want to go on our next one together!”

18. “We are going to miss you, but knowing your work ethic. We feel confident that everything will continue getting done in the office fine without you!”

19. “It’s been great knowing you all these years. It has been an honor working with someone as talented as yourself.”

20. “There aren’t many people who can say they celebrated their retirement day here at this office. You should feel of yourself for making it thus far!”

What To Say To A Retiring Coworker – Fulfilling Phrases:

21. “Retirement is an amazing time for introspection and self-growth!

You have done so much work here at this company, so you should feel proud of all the accomplishments you have made.”

22. “There are going to be a lot of great memories ahead for you in your retirement.

I hope that there are also many more memories to come with me as well!”

23. “I am sure that everything will go according to plan now that you are retired. Congratulations on making it through your last day here at this office!”

24. “We are going to miss having someone as valuable as yourself working here! Congratulations on making it to retirement.”

25. “Having worked with you all these years, I know that we can both agree on one thing: retirement is going to be awesome!

Let’s hope we remember everything we have to do for this new chapter of our lives.”

26. “We are all going to miss having you around the office – but rest assured, your work ethic will always stay with us!”

What To Say To A Retiring Coworker

27. “It feels weird knowing that without someone as dedicated as yourself in the office, the company might not feel like the same place!”

28. “You will never leave this workplace behind. There are many memories made here over years and years of hard work.”

29. “I am thrilled for you because retirement is something worth celebrating!”

30. “It is so nice knowing that you are not even going to think about us here at the office anymore. It means we are doing our jobs well! Congrats on retiring!”

What To Say To A Retiring Coworker – 10 Tips To Remember

When conversing (card, email, or in-person) with a coworker who is retiring, use these tips:

1. Make It Sweet:

When you want to compliment:

– Make sure it is genuine and not backhanded.

– Let it be sweet and endearing. You can also add a lovely touch.

– Use compliments that are heartfelt and special to the person you speak with.

2. Make It As Per Their Personality:

Everyone has a personality type. When writing a retirement card or email, think of your coworker’s personality type.

Tailor the message per your findings. If they are an introvert, avoid being too cheery. If they are an extrovert, avoid being too shallow.

3. Make It A Long-Lasting Gesture:

One last gesture might be necessary for your coworker before they leave. In his thank-you note, say that you hope the company will send them off with a lovely gift.

It will be from all of his coworkers. Thank them for everything they have done.

4. What To Say To A Retiring Coworker – Speak From The Heart:

Speaking with sincerity is how much your coworker means to you. It will be the most crucial phrase. Be sure to let them know how much they have impacted your life.

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Tell them how much you have appreciated all they have done for the company, etc.

5. If You Are Too Anxious To Say Goodbye, Consider A Phone Call:

If face-to-face or email messages are too tricky for you to send, consider a phone call! Your coworker will appreciate the sentiment.

A call can be beneficial in many ways. Sometimes people get too emotional in-person. A call can avoid the mess. However, in-person meeting will be more personalized.

6. What To Say To A Retiring Coworker – Remember To Express Gratitude:

No matter what kind of message you decide to send (card, email, or phone), be sure it includes some form of gratitude.

These messages should always be about the person who is retiring and not about you. Ensure they know how much they have meant to you and everyone else in the office.

7. Give Emotional Support:

If your coworker is leaving for a more somber reason, offer them emotional support. It will the best thing you do for them.

Encourage them if they need it! Be there for them during this meaningful change in their life.

8. Thank Them For His Contribution And Good Work:

A thank you letter is always a good idea – especially for retirees. Be sure to communicate some of your best memories working with them.


Moreover, thank them for their contribution. You can also include words of encouragement that they will do great in the future!

9. What To Say To A Retiring Coworker – Offer To Help With The Transition:

If possible, offer to help them transition into retirement. You can do so by answering any questions he has about finances, hobbies, etc. 

If there is anything more you can do to make his life more accessible outside of work, let them know it’s an option.

10. Personalize It As Much As Possible:

Personalized messages are always better than pre-written ones. Write out what you want to say.

Make sure you leave in all of your thoughts, wishes, and feelings regarding the person’s last day.

What Not To Say To A Retiring Coworker

When conversing with a coworker who is retiring, avoid these phrases:

1. Don’t Say “It’s About Time!”

While everyone might think this, you don’t want to say it aloud. It makes the person who retired feel unappreciated.

They might sound bitter about their bed choice early. You can also come off as sounding condescending.

2. Don’t Give Your Opinions On Retirement:

Your coworker has already thought about how they feel about retirement. Unless something significant changed his mind, don’t give your two cents.

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They will appreciate your respect for his decision and personal life. Avoid saying anything that might hurt their sentiment.

3. What To Say To A Retiring Coworker – Don’t Give Too Much Information:

When writing a note for your coworker, avoid using words like “I” and “me.”

They will be uncomfortable and feel as though you are speaking about yourself. Make it more about them than about you!

4. Don’t Leave Out Other Coworkers

When addressing others in the office, please don’t leave them out. Even if you are close to this person, they will feel left out or excluded if they are not included in your messages.

Therefore, plan something along with other coworkers. They will all feel happy and proud of this gesture.

5. Don’t Forget To Thank Them:

The retiring coworker deserves to know that everyone appreciates him. Let them know everyone respects what they have done for the company.

Let them know that without him, everything wouldn’t be the same. Keep it professional but heartfelt!

6. What To Say To A Retiring Coworker – Avoid Making It All About You:

Don’t make this about you. Remember that your coworker is changing his life somehow. It’s more about them than anything else.

Focus on retirement, not how he makes your life better or worse. Focus on his achievements and not on your complaints.

7. Don’t Be Too Over The Top Or Sappy Unless You Know Them Like That Kind Of Thing:

You don’t want to come off as being too over-the-top with your messages. It can be creepy or plain weird, depending on the person!

Make sure your tone matches theirs, so you are on the same page. Also, avoid talking about tears or emotions. They might feel uncomfortable with that kind of language.

8. Don’t Bribe Or Offer Incentives:

You might think that a financial incentive would ensure their loyalty. However, it’s best not to do that.

kick back and enjoy

It can come off as desperate and like an attempt to buy your coworker, which they will want nothing to do with!

Keep in mind what is essential to the person before offering anything.

9. Don’t Make A Big Deal Out Of Their Last Day:

A way of celebrating someone’s retirement is by thanking them for their hard work. Moreover, tell them how much you appreciate them.

Try not to make it out like they are leaving forever because chances are they know this already. They don’t need reminding – let them go without any fanfare!

Why Is It Important To Celebrate Coworker’s Retirement?

When a coworker is retiring, celebrate that they are moving on from a large part of their life.

They put a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into their career, so why not congratulate them for all of their hard work?

It’s also an opportunity to thank them for being such a great coworker and friend. Here are three more advantages:

1. Supports The Company:

It’s always positive when employees stick around and work for the company. It is more likely to happen if they feel that their coworkers support them.

A friendly environment keeps people happy about being at work! There will be less people unhappy at work.

2. Positive Work Culture:

When you support your coworker who is retiring, it tells everyone it is essential. It shows new employees what you expect of them.

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Moreover, it tells them how to conduct themselves while employed. A positive culture will be excellent for the image of the company.

3. Strong Employee Retention Rate:

Some businesses support their employees by celebrating them. It sends a clear message of appreciation.

Moreover, it shows workers that their challenging work matters and they have a place.

It is why it’s so important to celebrate coworkers’ retirements. The business’ reputation will be positively affected by your actions!

4. Company’s Ethics:

How you act when a coworker retires is essential because it sends how your company treats people. It also shows how your business feels towards retirees in general.

You don’t want them to feel irrelevant or unappreciated! Your actions reflect on the company, for better or worse.

5. Workers Remain Loyal:

When you treat your employees like they matter, they will work harder. Also, they won’t leave for another company if they feel valued by the one that employs them.

It is essential to treat your coworker with respect when he retires because it shows you love him as a human being.


It’s never easy to say goodbye to a coworker, but it can be even more complex when working with them.

Make sure that your coworker knows how much they mean to the company. Let them know what an asset they’ve been and how much better things became because of them!

As always, while writing, make sure to keep it professional. Also, try keeping true to your relationship with this person!

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