8 Things To Say To Your Future Boss – What To Avoid

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Your first interaction with your future boss would be different, and you might feel shy or nervous.

But this interaction is going to determine your relationship with your boss for the next years. He’ll make assumptions about you based on your first impression, and those would last forever.

What To Say To Your Future Boss – 8 Things To See

So it’s important to know what to say to your future boss, so you don’t end up sounding nervous or stupid.

You can begin with some good greetings and then ask some general questions about the organization. You can also tell them good things you’ve heard about this organization.

For a complete understanding of what to say to your future boss, we’ve compiled some points here. So let’s have a look at it.

1. Call Your Boss From His Family Name:

It’s both professional and polite to call your boss by his family name. Before you start talking to him, greet him by his family name, e.g., Mr. James.

What To Say To Your Future Boss
Call Your Boss From His Family Name

If your boss is on friendly and good terms with you, he might ask you to call him by his first name.

Remember that greetings are important as it’s the first impression, also keep a smile on your face.

2. What To Say To Your Future Boss – Go Deeper With His Questions:

If you’re in an interview with your future boss, and he starts asking questions, see beyond the wall.

Look Deep Into His Questions
What To Say To Your Future Boss – Go Deeper With His Questions

You need to go deep in his questions and dig into these to see what he really wants to know.

When you understand each point of his questions, you’ll have an insight into what kind of boss he’s going to be.

So you should go deeper into that discussion and show your interest to your boss.

3. Don’t Lie Or Guess Answers:

First, interactions with your future boss are important, and you need to be very careful about it. If you don’t know an answer to his question, you should simply tell him that you don’t know.

Simply Tell Your Boss If You Do Not Know The Answer
Dont Lie Or Guess Answers

Avoid guessing wrong answers or lying because it can ruin your impression. You need to be as honest with your future boss as you can; it can help you keep things real.

4. What To Say To Your Future Boss – Ask Him Questions:

Ask genuine questions to your future boss if you have any. In case no questions come up in your mind, and all your doubts are clear, then avoid making up questions.

Remember that questions should be real enough to make sense and not the clutter ones.

Also, asking questions will help you better engage with your future boss, he’ll know that you’re interested.

5. Tell Him You’re Honored To Join Him:

You should also tell your boss that it’s an honor for you to join him and work under him.

Show Your Honor For The Boss
Tell Him Youre Honored To Join Him

Always keep your comments real and never pretend that you like him if you doubt your future boss.

In that case, it would be better to stay quiet instead of blabbering useless talks.

As it’s a matter of your job, you need to show some gratitude to your future boss for considering you.

6. You Should Keep The Conversation Short:

As we all know that bosses are busy creatures and have little time for interviews, so keep it short.

Avoid Wasting The Time Of Your Boss
You Should Keep The Conversation Short

Don’t go into gossiping or too long questions just to waste your boss’s time. You should keep the conversation short as it gives a professional impression.

Also, it’s better to always go prepared for any interview, so prepare some points in your mind.

7. Be Prepared For A Small Friendly Talk:

If your boss gets into a friendly conversation and asks about your personal life, be prepared for it.

What To Say To Your Future Boss
Be Prepared For A Small Friendly Talk

You must know how to answer your family and friends in a professional yet lighter way.

Go prepared but remember to let the conversation be a natural one; you can also ask your boss something.

8. What To Say To Your Future Boss – Say Greetings At The End:

Don’t forget to greet your boss at the end of this conversation. You should know how to end the conversation positively and impressively.

Greet, smile and tell your boss that it was nice meeting him and you’re really looking forward to working with him.

Avoid ending up the conversation with abrupt greetings, and don’t make it look like you’re hurried to go.

What To Avoid To Say To Your Future Boss

Your future boss is the one who’s going to decide your fate in the company, so be on good terms with him. That’s why you should say optimistic things to your future boss.

Here are some tips that you need to go through before talking to your future boss.

1. Any Negative Comment:

If you’re about to work with your new boss, you must make a good impression of yourself. So avoid saying anything negative either about yourself or about the job.

Negative Comments Will Ruin Your Image
Any Negative Comment

Sometimes people say such things and get to face the bad consequences later on.

That’s why you need to be picky about your words when you’re interacting with your future boss.

2. Gossips About Other People:

One must avoid gossips against their previous coworkers or potential ones. Gossips always leave a bad impression on the listener.

Your boss will know that you love to spread rumors, and you’ll create trouble for the company in the future.

3. Bitching Of Your Previous Workplace:

As one should avoid gossiping about their coworkers, they should also avoid bitching about their previous workplace.

Bad Talk About Your Previous Job Will Damage It
Bitching Of Your Previous Workplace

You’ll feel the urge to tell your future boss that how tired you got while working there, and there was no career growth.

But you must avoid doing so as it can make a bad picture of you in your boss’s mind.

4. Being Aggressive:

Although no one gets aggressive in front of their potential boss, it’s possible that you dislike something.

Maybe your boss asks you something offensive without knowing; in that case, you’ve to be composed and calm.

Avoid being aggressive or smirking like you find his comments or questions mocking.

5. Being Too Humble:

As you should avoid being offensive with your future boss, you should also avoid being too humble.

If you say overly humble things to your boss, he’ll confuse you to be some unconfident person who lacks ability. So stay confident and keep moderation in your personality.

It’s better not to be too humble and neither too arrogant in front of him.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Impress My Future Boss?

If you’re looking forward to impressing your future employer, then develop a good attitude. You should ask questions during the interview and dress professionally. Also, do research on your role and organization.

How Do You Start A Career Conversation With Your Boss?

Always know your options of career before you get into a career conversation with your boss. Have a review of your qualifications and answer accordingly. Make a list of questions and create more ideas before you go to meet your boss.

How Do You Get Your Boss To Like You?

If you want your boss to like you, you should keep yourself engaged in teamwork. You’d also have to hold yourself accountable and be punctual; respecting time is everything.

How Do I Ask My Boss For An Opportunity?

You should think like a business owner and view your manager as your client, identify the potential opportunities. Show your boss that you’re capable of doing things and present a good business plan.


A future boss is someone who’s going to decide your fate in the company, and you’re going to work under him for years.

So being careful and considering each and every word while talking to your boss is necessary.

Avoid saying anything hateful about anyone, be it your previous coworkers or the new ones.

You can share your experience in the comment section below.

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