Why Do I Hate My Boss- 10 Reasons Why

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Do you hate your boss too? Never mind, almost every worker does. But do you ever wonder why do I hate my boss? We will give you the answer to it below:

A boss can make or break a worker. Some are only a disappointment; others are an inspiration. At the same time, others get real with everything.

Why Do I Hate My Boss? – 10 Reasons Why

Hating your boss is not always easy, but it sure feels great to get it all out of your system. We will share some reasons why you hate your boss, and we are sure you will relate to them all. Hate at workplace can have many reasons.

Below are not reasons; they are rants of millions of workers. To find the one that is like your situation:

1. Boss Are Very Hard To Deal With:

The above statement is always authentic, no matter if you are junior most of the senior-most. Bosses are always scary.

They are tough to deal with because they are your BOSS. You are their subordinate, and you never know when and how you might upset them.

Whether you want to impress them or share your ideas with them, you have to be vigilant.

why do i hate my boss because he is hard to deal with

You are always careful to do nothing that can turn things against you when dealing with your boss.

Obsessing over every detail, always trying to be perfect, can be tiring. And that’s why you have the right to hate your boss.

2. Bosses Are Always In A Hurry:

“Hurry up! Finish in time, but also do a good job,” is what their motto in life is. And so you being late for one meeting at work can cause you mega trouble.

You have to be as fast as a hare, and not just fast but perfect too. Now that all is such pressure for a simple employee.

Practical life is tough, and you have to be on your toes constantly, and bosses add much to the statement.

3. The Boss Is Always Right- Annoying Reason Why Do I Hate My Boss:

Just like how a wife is always right, your boss is always right too. They make the rules, and you have to be by their side.

But there is a significant difference between a wife and a boss. Your boss decides how much money you earn at the end of the month.

If you tend to argue with him, chances are he might get pretty mad. So if he tells you it is midnight at 1 pm, you have to believe it is midnight and not the afternoon.

4. The Boss Is Too Mysterious:

They won’t disclose everything that goes on in the office. And when they do, it is always something that makes them look good or gives them rights.

They never want to share anything with you unless it’s necessary for work-life balance.

If you see your boss shopping, it feels so awkward. Because most employees think their boss is a robot, and seeing him enjoying everyday life is like a dream.

mysterious boss

But never mind, it is true. Bosses never show what they are going through because they care for sales numbers only.

5. Your Boss Can Fire You Any Moment- Solid Reason Why Do I Hate My Boss:

“You’re fired,” it is as simple as that. Three words, and you have your career at risk. Such is the power of a boss. No wonder we all hate them.

Some bosses might give you second chances, but some don’t. So think 100 times before committing a mistake at work because it can cost you your job.

6. Bosses Never Forget Your Mistakes:

“Remember when you made that pretty non-serious mistake three years ago?” your boss can say this to you.

Simply put, they know what you did three years before at the exact day and exact second.

Never underestimate the ability of your boss to remember your tiniest mistakes. And they find reasons to shove them on your face.

7. Your Boss Doesn’t Need To Follow The Rules- Unfair Reason Why Do I Hate My Boss:

You have to be on time; HR will mark it as a red sign if you are late. You can’t take leave, because you have only 15 holidays per year.

You can not fall sick because you either fall ill or lose the job. In conclusion, you have to follow every rule to survive in the company. But what about your boss?

bosses make rules

He doesn’t have to. He makes the rules and breaks them. Your boss can come as late as he wants and can go as early as he wants.

Working late hours is what you have to do, but not your boss. Your boss doesn’t have to follow any rule because he is simply the BOSS.

8. There Is No Pay Raise Without Asking Your Boss:

Not every boss is kind enough to give you a pay raise himself. You have to ask him several times to let him consider it.

In simple words, there is no way to get a raise without asking your boss for one. It is not applicable for every company, but most of the time, it is.

9. You Have To Respect Him At All Times:

If you have read our previous articles, you will find one statement in almost all of them. The statement is that you have to be professional with your boss all the time.

Even when he is rude or is unfair to you, you have to be polite to your boss. Your job will be in danger if you disrespect your boss. Isn’t that a good reason for hating your boss?

10. Bosses Never Say Sorry- Rude Reason Why Do I Hate My Boss:

When you make a mistake at work, your boss will always blame you for it. But if he is wrong, you can not say anything about it.

Because bosses don’t care, they never give any second chances or say sorry to their employees. They think they are above everyone else.

Types Of Personalities Of Bosses Employees Hate

Below are some personalities of bosses that everyone hate:

1. Boss With No Empathy:

Such bosses don’t care about the feelings of their employees. They are apathetic and can not help it.

2. The Money Grubber:

Bosses who care only about the company’s money are the money-grubber. They can not understand if a worker has a hard time or a family problem.

money grubber boss

3. Boss Who Can Not Make Decision:

Such bosses are afraid of making decisions because they have to be responsible for them. Or just because they overthink before doing anything at work.

Do not forget to complain about them. It will make you feel better about all your boss’s problems.

4. Your New Boss Is A Bully- Biggest Reason Why Do I Hate My Boss:

Such bosses never let you live at peace. They always find reasons to make you feel bad and bully you. You have a right to complain about this behaviour.

5. Boss With Huge Ego:

Egotists never understand that they are not perfect. They believe they can do nothing wrong, and everyone needs to follow their orders.

6. Boss Who Criticizes Too Much- Unfair Reason Why Do I Hate My Boss:

When your boss is criticizing you all time, it makes you feel so bad. In simple words, he will never stop telling his negative opinions about you and your work.

As we said before, if you ever find such kind of boss- fire him or at least complain about how he treats you and your job.

7. Narcissistic Boss:

Such bosses not only have a huge ego, but they also believe that everything is about them. If you have such a boss, do not keep your job and just quit.

narcissist boss

8. Bosses Who Do Favoritism:

Your boss likes some of your co-workers more than you. He is unfair to you and favours others because they are his friends.

If this ever happens with you, complain about him asap. Such kind of bosses will never be good for the company. And it is illegal too!

9. Boss Who Tries To Manipulate You:

Such kinds of bosses try to manipulate their employees all the time. They want you to feel bad about yourself. That’s why they say things like, “you can’t do anything right.”

There are still many reasons why do I hate my boss. But if you have to hate them so much, then there has to be something good about them too. A quote comes to mind “No Pain, No Gain.”

But after all, what can be better than your own family? You love them, care for them, and they will always be with you.

So think twice before choosing who should run your life; your family or your boss?


There are hundreds of reasons for hating your boss. But do not worry, because it is not just you; it is every employee out there.

Some of the reasons can be:

– Your boss can fire you at any time.

– You have to be always perfect in front of him.

– You have to respect him at all times.

– Dealing with bosses is very difficult.

Do you feel the same way as those reasons point out to, the causes of why do I hate my boss every single day?

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