12 Odd Reasons For Why Is My Boss Stupid – What To Do

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We all must have thought, “how my stupid boss got promoted to this position” once in our career. How a big fat company can hire such a dumb ass, but it is what it is.

Why Is My Boss Stupid? – 12 Not So Cool Reasons

So at least you know this fact that your boss is a dumb ass. But his authority makes him so powerful that he can decide your destiny in the company.

That’s why you need to be careful while dealing with a stupid boss. But the basic question that’s bothering you, “why is my boss stupid?” is still left unanswered.

This is what you’re here for, to get the answer! So let’s just take a glimpse at the reasons behind the stupid ass of your boss.

1. A Boss Can Be Stupid; Leader Can’t Be:

Your boss will always be as stupid as he is now because he doesn’t know how to lead. The qualities of a leader are not present there.

Why Is My Boss Stupid
A Boss Can Be Stupid; Leader Cant Be

He acts like an idiot because he doesn’t have a personal vision. Unlike true leaders, your boss doesn’t know how to inspire and motivate those working along with him.

He just has to get the everyday work done, and he’s eagerly waiting for the day to get over. You might also feel your boss’s stupidity because he never shows flexibility.

2. He’s Incompetent But Lucky Enough To Get Here:

The reason behind your boss’s stupidity is his incompetence. He wasn’t competent enough to get this position, but he was lucky to get it.

The Incompetency Makes His Dumb Enough
Hes Incompetent But Lucky Enough To Get Here

Now he doesn’t know how to handle this position and go with the matters. He’s unaware of the company’s mission, and his only goal is to get paid at the end of the month.

That’s why he seems to be so stupid, and you think why the company hired such a fool in the first place.

3. Why Is My Boss Stupid – He Possesses “Knows It All” Attitude:

Your boss might look idiot because he behaves like he knows everything. While in reality, he knows nothing.

So a person who pretends to be perfect never tries to learn and improve himself.

This keeps the boss a stupid jerk because he isn’t ready to accept his flaws. It’s a major reason why your boss is stupid.

4. Always In A Hurry To Win The Race:

When you think, why is my boss stupid, you forget that he’s a fool whose goal is to show himself as a winner.

The boss is always focusing on things that don’t matter. Instead of working with his employees as a team, he pays attention to his own tasks.

Your Boss Just Wants To Get It All
Always In A Hurry To Win The Race

He does so because he wants appreciation from higher management. That’s the reason that portrays your boss as a stupid person.

5. He Doesn’t Know The Right Use Of Power:

When I said that your boss is incompetent, this is what I meant. An incompetent person doesn’t know how to get work done by others.

A stupid boss will always use power for his personal purposes. He doesn’t care about the company’s growth or employees’ wellness.

He’s more of an autocrat who imposes his decisions on others just because he has power over them.

While doing all this, a boss can either look idiot or a powerful moron.

6. The Boss Thinks Employees To Be Slaves:

A boss becomes stupid at the very moment when he starts treating employees as machines. He doesn’t know the importance of work-life balance.

Why Is My Boss Stupid
The Boss Thinks Employees To Be Slaves

These bosses think that employees have no personal lives and they don’t have any homes to take care of.

A stupid boss will call you during any time of the day and ask you to do a task that wasn’t important enough.

Such acts make him look stupid and non-sense, but he doesn’t care because he’s the boss.

7. Don’t Know The Art Of Appreciation Or Motivation:

A boss who doesn’t know how to appreciate or motivate his team will automatically look stupid.

A workplace that lacks motivation and praise can never flourish and perform at its best.

When employees get depressed, they expect their bosses to cheer them up for the future.

But a boss who doesn’t even know the art of motivation ends up pushing his team into a black hole. The result is in the form of lower morale in the workplace and increased turnover.

8. Why Is My Boss Stupid – He Can’t Manage Employees:

A good boss is well-aware of the art of managing those working under him, or even parallel to his position.

He Is Unaware Of Managing The Workforce
Why Is My Boss Stupid – He Cant Manage Employees

But an idiot lacks this knowledge, and he uses power to get everything in place. If he would have been wise enough, he must be trying to get things done by setting an example.

A leader knows how he’s going to take his team along with him. But sadly, your stupid boss isn’t a leader.

9. The Stupid Boss Communicates In One Direction:

Your boss is stupid because he doesn’t know that communication is a two-way process. All he knows is to tell his side of the story; he doesn’t want to listen to what you have to say.

He imposes his orders and wants everyone to obey these as soon as possible. The ones who don’t comply with his orders will either get punished or get fired.

Your Boss Is Stupid Because He Is Unaware Of Communication
The Stupid Boss Communicates In One Direction

A boss who can’t even communicate with his team can be nothing but stupid.

10. He’s Too Quick To Blame Others:

Your boss himself knows that he’s stupid, but he doesn’t want to accept this fact. When something goes wrong or a project fails, he’s ready to blame others.

Because he’s stupid enough not to admit his mistake and take the next measures. But the boss keeps on blaming others for not performing up to the mark.

He must do something to save the company’s repute if he was wise enough, but that’s just a dream.

11. The Boss Always Focuses On Herself:

Is your boss always sitting in her office trying new colors of nail paints? She’s stupid for sure!

She doesn’t think about her responsibilities as a part of the organization, but her sole focus is herself.

The boss always looks to her own interests rather than working as a loyal member of the company.

12. Why Is My Boss Stupid – Always Ready To Criticize:

Instead of focusing on productive activities, your stupid boss is always in for criticism. The sad part is, his criticism is not constructive at all, but it’s more like an insult for employees.

The Dumb Ass Of Your Boss Spreads Negative Vibes
Why Is My Boss Stupid – Always Ready To Criticize

What can you think of a boss who always looks at the darker side? Stupid!

He should have been paying attention to important things like productivity, employee morale. But his stupid head is busy bashing everyone for not performing well.

How To Deal With A Stupid Boss? – 5 Ways

When coming towards the solution of working under a stupid boss, it’s right to say that there are more choices than you think.

The situation is not always as bad as we consider it to be. Here are some tips for you to deal with a stupid boss.

1. Make Sure It’s Not You:

Maybe it’s not your boss who’s stupid, or it’s you who’s thinking him to be stupid because you’re frustrated. It happens with all of us; we get too frustrated that everything seems stupid to us.

But when this anger goes down, things start to make sense. You should first confirm that you’re not annoyed at work and it’s really the boss who’s being stupid.

2. Let Them Make Some Mistakes:

Being an employee, you never know what’s going on behind those locked doors during meetings.

Why Is My Boss Stupid
Let Them Make Some Mistakes

The decisions made by bosses that you think are stupid must have some reasons behind them.

If a boss makes mistakes, you should give him some space because he is a human too. Yet, when those mistakes affect you and your productivity, then it’s okay to get annoyed.

3. Think Before You Speak:

Before you confront your boss, take a look at your stance; what you are about to say?

Maybe the boss and higher management appreciate your feedback and consider it for the next time.

Or maybe they think that you’re trouble for them and fire you for doing so. So take a moment to think about what you’re going to do.

4. Press Your Reset Button – Start All Over Again:

If you’re too stressed out and can’t handle the burnout, then do what makes you happy. Instead of getting mad at the company for tying you with an idiot, go to your favorite café and enjoy a cup of coffee.

Unwind Your Stress
Press Your Reset Button – Start All Over Again

You need to restart your mind to play fresh and better think about your problem’s solution.

5. Brush Up Your CV And Play Dumb:

Now you’re stuck with a stupid boss who’s making you bang your head against the wall. But it’s time to stand up and brush up on your CV to make some sense in life.

Go to different recruiters and companies that can give you a better place.

Meanwhile, play dumb in front of your stupid boss and keep calling him a great person.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Signs Of A Bad Boss?

A bad boss will always be prominent because of his poor communication skills. He lacks transparency and works with an inconsistent approach. Such bosses micromanage employees and take the credit for good works. But they never forget to pass the blame to others.

What If Your Boss Calls You Stupid?

When your boss calls you stupid, confront him and tell him to treat you professionally. Also, take care of the workplace ethics while doing so. Sometimes, a witty boss will take this conversation in another direction and deny his acts.

What Do You Do When Your Boss Thinks You’re Incompetent?

You should talk to your boss to clear the misconceptions, but prepare yourself before talking. Take an honest critical review of yourself. Request your boss to guide you about the points where you lack performance. Seek training and education afterward.

What If Your Boss Is Unfair And Disrespectful?

If your boss shows favoritism and always treats you with disrespect, find out the reason for this behavior. Remember to stay positive while doing so, work around it and seek help from HR if there’s no improvement.


Dealing with a stupid boss is the most difficult part of your career, and not anyone can help you.

To keep yourself sane, the possible things are either bear this boss or find a new one – that can be the same.

Maybe you’ll work under this dumb ass for years, so you should develop other resources so as not to lose your mind.

We hope that this article helps you in making a better decision regarding your career. If you have any other sign or solution to tell, we’d love to hear it from you.

Drop your thoughts in the comment section below.

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