8 Reasons Why Is My Strict Boss Melted By Me

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Just like an ice cream melts at the sight of the sun, why is my strict boss melted by me? There could be various reasons why your boss is “melted” by you.

Perhaps you have a way of winning them over with your charm and charisma.

Maybe you’re exceptionally good at your job, and they appreciate your work ethic.

8 Reasons Why Is My Strict Boss Melted By Me

It’s also possible that they enjoy having you around. Also, they find you to be a pleasant person to be around.

So let’s dive into more of such reasons and find out why your boss behaves like that:

1. You Win Them Over Every time:

If you have a way of winning your boss over every time, you melt them.

You may have a charm or charisma that makes them want to listen to everything you say.

Winning your boss over - Why Is My Strict Boss Melted By Me

For instance, let’s say you’re trying to convince your boss to give you a raise.

You make a compelling argument, and they’ve agreed to give you what you want before you know it.

Or, maybe you’re up for a big promotion, and you tell them why you deserve it.

Again, your boss is impressed by what you have to say and gives you the job.

In both cases, your boss was won over by your charm and persuasion skills. And that’s why you melt them.

2. You Go Above and Beyond:

You may melt your boss because you always go above and beyond at work.

No matter what task you’re given, you always give it your all and produce excellent results.

Your boss sees how hard you work, and they appreciate your dedication.

They know that they can always count on you to get the job done – no matter what.

For instance, let’s say your boss asks you to stay late to finish a project.

Even though you’re tired and would instead go home, you agree to do it.

Then, you not only finish the project on time, but you also do a great job.

Your boss is impressed by your willingness to put in the extra effort, and they’re grateful for your help.

3. You Make Their Job Easier:

You may melt your boss because you make their job easier. They may have a lot on their plate. Thus, they appreciate that you’re always willing to lend helping hand.

For instance, let’s say your boss is getting ready for a big presentation.

You offer to help them with the slides, even though it’s not your job.

Or, maybe you see that they’re overwhelmed with work, and you offer to take on some of their tasks.

In both cases, your boss is grateful for your help and appreciates that you make their job easier.

4. You’re A Pleasure to Be Around:

Your boss might enjoy your company. You’re a pleasure to be around, and they always look forward to talking to you.

Even when they’re having a bad day, you always manage to put a smile on their face.

They appreciate your positive attitude and enjoy spending time with you.

Some people are just naturally charming and easy to talk to. If you’re one of those people, your boss is probably melted by you.

Even your gestures, like offering to make coffee or getting them a snack, can make their day.

5. You’re An Asset To The Company:

You probably melt your boss because they know that you’re an asset to the company.

You have a lot to offer, and they would get lost without you. For instance, let’s say you’re in charge of a big project.

Asset  to the company. - Why Is My Strict Boss Melted By Me

Your boss knows that they can count on you to get the job done, and they’re impressed by your work.

Or, maybe you have a lot of ideas, and you’re always coming up with new ways to improve the company.

Your boss sees your potential and knows that you will be a significant asset to the company.

6. He Likes You:

There’s a possibility that your boss likes you as a person. He enjoys talking to you, and he may have even mentioned it to others.

Some bosses develop a close relationship with their employees. They see them as friends rather than just someone who works for them.

If your boss is like this, then it’s no wonder he’s melted by you.

However, there is another possibility that your boss has a crush on you

This is more common than you might think. If your boss has a crush on you, he’s probably melted by you.

Some signs of this include he’s always talking to you and staring at you. Moreover, he’s always offering to help you, and he goes out of his way to do things for you.

If your boss is displaying these behaviors, then there’s a good chance he has a crush on you.

Of course, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. If your boss has a crush on you, it can be good.

It can make your working relationship more enjoyable, and it may even lead to some benefits, such as a promotion or a raise. 

However, if you’re not interested in your boss, you may want to be careful.

You don’t want to lead him on or give him the wrong idea.

7. You’re Respected by Your Peers: 

If you melt your boss, it could be because he respects you. He may have seen how your peers treat you, and he knows that they also respect you.

They may admire your work ethic and the way you handle yourself. Your boss sees how much your peers respect you, and he’s impressed by it.

In some cases, your boss may even be envious of how your peers treat you.

But this envy is not something that would lead to jealousy. He respects you and wishes he was more like you.

8. You’re a Good Leader: 

Your boss may see you as a leader. He may have noticed that you’re always taking charge and always willing to step up when needed.

Quite fond

Your boss knows that he can count on you to get the job done, and he’s impressed by your leadership skills.

Whatever the reason, it’s clear that you have a special relationship with your boss and that they seem to be quite fond of you.

You should cherish this relationship and do your best to maintain it. Who knows, maybe one day you’ll get promoted because of it!

Pros Of Your Good Bond With Boss

There are several advantages of having a good relationship with your boss. Some of these benefits include:

1. Positive Feedback:

One of the benefits is receiving positive feedback. Your boss is more likely to tell you when you’re doing a good job.

Also, he’s more likely to give you constructive criticism. This feedback is essential for your career growth.

It helps you know what you’re doing right and what you need to improve.

2. More Responsibility: 

Your boss knows that he can trust you, and he’s more likely to give you essential tasks.

This is an excellent opportunity for you to show your boss what you’re capable of.

As you prove yourself, you’ll get even more responsibility. This means that you’ll have more opportunities for career growth.

3. Opportunities for Advancement: 

Your good relationship with your boss may lead to opportunities for advancement.

Opportunities  for advancement.

If you impress your boss by your work, he’s more likely to recommend you for a promotion.

Also, if there’s an opening in his company, he’s more likely to give you the job.

Thus, having a good relationship with your boss can help you advance in your career.

4. Better Work Environment: 

When you have a good relationship with your boss, work environment is more enjoyable.

This is because there’s trust and mutual respect between you and your boss.

You’ll be able to work more efficiently, and you won’t have to worry about micromanagement.

Cons Of Your Good Bond With Boss

Some of these disadvantages include:

1. Overexposure: 

One of the disadvantages of having a good relationship with your boss is that it may overexpose you.

This means that your boss may know too much about you. He may know things that you don’t want him to know.

This overexposure can be a problem if you ever have a falling out with your boss.

2. Special Treatment: 

Another disadvantage is that you may receive special treatment.

Your boss may give you preferential treatment, or he may give you special assignments.

While this particular treatment can positive, it can also be negative.

Some people may think that you’re only receiving this treatment because you’re friends with the boss.

3. Conflict of Interest: 

Another downside of having a good relationship with your boss is a conflict of interest.

Conflict of interest.

For example:

If you’re friends with your boss, you may be less likely to speak up if you’re getting mistreatment. 

Or, if you disagree with your boss, you may find it difficult to stand up for yourself. This conflict of interest can be a problem in the workplace.

4. Jealousy: 

It may create jealousy among your coworkers. Your coworkers may be jealous of the special treatment you’re receiving.

Or they may be jealous of your close relationship with the boss.

This jealousy can lead to tension in the workplace. It can make it difficult for you to maintain your close relationship with your boss.

Thus, both advantages and disadvantages of having a good relationship with your boss. You’ll need to decide if the benefits outweigh the drawbacks.


You melt your boss because of all the good things that happen when you have a good relationship with your boss.

These include receiving positive feedback, more responsibility, and opportunities for advancement.

However, there are some disadvantages to having a good relationship with your bosses. Such as overexposure and special treatment.

You’ll need to decide if the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

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