Why My Boss Lies To Me – 12 Untold Reasons To See

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Bosses who are liars by nature will lie about anything, anywhere to anyone. They can have different purposes behind their lies.

If you ever come to know that your boss is lying to you, then it’s time to dig in; why?

Why My Boss Lies To Me – 12 Resons Revealed

Why it’s necessary to find out the reasons behind your boss’s lies? It’s important because these lies might harm you or your reputation at the wok.

You need to see the reason so you can deal with an upcoming storm!

Here are some potential reasons for “why my boss lies to me.”

1. The Boss Lies Because He’s Threatened Of You:

One of the major reasons your boss lies to you every day at work is the fear he feels from you. He thinks you to be some serious threat that will harm him.

That’s why he lies about trivial matters so that you never come to know the truths behind.

Why My Boss Lies To Me
The Boss Lies Because Hes Threatened Of You

He doesn’t want you to be aware of things because he thinks you’ll get away from his job.

For instance, there’s a good project in-house, he might lie to you and don’t include you in it. The boss surely doesn’t want you to perform well and steal the limelight.

2. Your Boss Is Trying To Annoy You:

Sometimes there’s no major reason behind such kind of behavior shown by your boss. He might be telling you lies about those things which you already know.

He Just Wants To Irritate You By Such Behavior
Your Boss Is Trying To Annoy You

The purpose is to annoy and irritate you, so you get fed up with the workplace environment. He doesn’t want to see you in this position and lies to get you out of here.

You’ll see your boss telling you white lies right into your face, but you can’t do anything about it.

3. Why My Boss Lies To Me – He’s Finding Excuses For Not Paying You:

Does your boss say that your payroll is a bit late? Is it a monthly ritual? If yes, then he must be lying to delay paying you.

The company might be in some slight financial crisis, but they don’t want to lose employees like you.

It can be a reason that your boss lies to you about your paycheck. Sometimes a boss might block your payroll for no reason as it satisfies his ego.

4. The Boss Is Overworked And Not In His Senses:

If you find out that your boss has been lying to you, it’s not possibly his fault every time.

Your Boss Might Mistakenly Told A Lie
The Boss Is Overworked And Not In His Senses

He might be too overwhelmed with the workload that he mistakenly tells you the lie.

In such a case, the boss didn’t purposely want to lie but uttered it out of the stress he’s facing.

He might realize it later and correct his mistake by apologizing to you, but that doesn’t happen every time.

5. He’s Nervous Around You:

You’re new at the workplace, and you’ve spread your charisma all around. Everyone is impressed by you, and so is your boss, but he feels nervous around you. Do you know why?

Your Personality Is Overwhelming For Him
Hes Nervous Around You

That might be because he thinks you to be too good to work under him.

He lies to you about his achievements so that he can tell you how successful and accomplished he is.

6. Why My Boss Lies To Me? – He’s Simply Just Manipulative:

Some bosses are just like that; they love to ruin the facts for no reason at all! Your boss can also be one of those who have always been manipulative by nature.

He lies to you because he wants to control you or take you under his influence.

You’ll see your boss attacking your mental and emotional sides with his lies to get what he wants.

7. The Boss Wants To Belittle You Through His Negativity:

Your boss lies to you about your performance because he’s trying to belittle you. He’ll often say that the higher management isn’t happy with your performance, but that’s not true.

Why My Boss Lies To Me
The Boss Wants To Belittle You Through His Negativity

You showed up to work on time and did great throughout the day. But the boss says that you were a bit late and there’s much to do that you haven’t done yet.

He’s just trying to tell you that he’s in a higher position and has more power than you.

8. Your Boss Likes You And Fumbles Sometimes:

You might be misinterpreting your boss to be lying while he’s just trying to speak fluently in front of you.

He might have a crush on you and gets nervous around you. In such situations, we all fumble before the person we like.

The boss wanted to tell you about an important project, but he forgot that and said something else instead.

He was just trying to be in his/her senses, so you don’t think him to be a weird person.

9. He’s Checking Your Senses:

Your boss might be lying to you about general things which you already know. Why would he do that?

He might be trying to check if you’re active at work and know about important things.

He Lies To See If You Know Things
Hes Checking Your Senses

The purpose is just to check the presence of your mind. Sometimes we’re lost in our thoughts and don’t know what’s happening around at the office.

So the boss might do it to bring you back to reality and get back to work.

10. The Boss Is Taking Advantage Of You:

A lying boss is the best at taking advantage of other people. Your boss can be lying to you so he can falsely take help from you.

He Lies To Take Advantage Of Your Good Nature
The Boss Is Taking Advantage Of You

For instance, the boss says he has an emergency at home, and you need to look after his work. But later, you found out that he was on a brunch with his friends.

He lied so he can take advantage of your good nature. The boss knew that such an excuse would melt your heart, and you’d do his work as well.

11. He Can Be In Some Serious Trouble:

If you find out that your boss lied to you before, always try to find the reason behind it. Sometimes we lie to others to hide the problem in which we get trapped.

Your boss might be lying to you because he doesn’t want anyone to indulge in his matters.

Why My Boss Lies To Me
He Can Be In Some Serious Trouble

Also, he doesn’t want to ask for help and thinks he can deal with it on his own.

So the boss lies to you to not be seen in some serious trouble. If you find out the problem, offer him help!

12. Your Boss Hates You For No Reason:

It can be possible that your boss lies to you because he doesn’t consider you worthy enough of truths.

He misrepresents the realities, so you keep on wondering why he would do that. You’re just caught up in confusion all day, and that is enough to satisfy his ego.

The boss might be using sarcasm to tease you, and you consider his sarcastic remarks to be true.

2 Ways To Deal With A Boss Who Lies To You

Dealing with a lying boss can be difficult because he’ll lie again to hide his previous lies. However, if his lies aren’t directly affecting you, you should stay quiet being a loyal employee.

In case if his lies are seriously threatening for you or someone else in the office, here’s what to do.

1. Try To Know His Intention Behind Those Lies:

If your boss has been perfectly fine with you through all these years, but suddenly he starts lying. You should investigate this strange behavior of your boss instead of getting offended.

Dig In To Know The Reasons Behind Lies
Try To Know His Intention Behind Those Lies

It’s time to find out your boss’s actual intentions behind these lies. Finding out beforehand that what your boss is up to will give you enough time to prepare for it.

If he’s trying to trap you into something bad, you can take measures to save your job.

2. Handle The Effects Of His Lies:

Your boss’s lies might leave an impact on everyone working in the workplace. In difficult situations, some people might lose their jobs because of his lies.

Carefully Deal With This Situation
Handle The Effects Of His Lies

In that case, you need to stay calm to handle such a serious situation in a better way.

You can either report this behavior to HR or confront your boss with some solid proof.

It will surely help you and your coworkers to get rid of such a lying boss.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Do You Do When Your Boss Lies To You?

First of all, try to see behind the walls and know what actually happened. If you can’t do anything to control it, then ignore it. However, if it’s bothering you too much, report it to HR. You need to address this issue professionally.

How Do You Tell When Your Boss Is Lying To You?

The signs that your boss is lying to you are quite obvious. He’ll be invading your privacy and communicating to you in negative language. A lying boss will always rush through the answer, and he’ll give those unnecessary details which you didn’t ask for.

How Do You Know If Your Boss Is Manipulative?

A manipulative boss will undermine your confidence and throw you under the bus every time. Such bosses are masters at micromanaging other people, they use gaslighting and intimidation as tools.

Can I Sue My Boss For Lying To Me?

Yes, it’s totally fine for you to sue your boss for false promises. The misleading statements that involve misrepresentation or fraudulent activities can cause you harm. You can prove the false promises of your boss even without a written contract.


No matter for what reason your boss is lying to you, always act with calm nerves. Avoid getting his lies to your head and disturbing the focus of your work.

If you find out a bad reason behind your bosses’ lies, you should report it to HR. However, if he mistakenly lied about something, you can ignore it.

Remember to be sane in every situation and take any step with caution!

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