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Mental Health Issues Rise In Employees – Stats You Didn’t Know

Mental health issues arise in employees. It means employers need to recognize the signs and provide support. Mental health concerns can manifest in many ways. They include fatigue, anxiety, depression, and difficulty concentrating or completing tasks. Mental Health Issues Rise In Employees The US economy suffers not just from pandemic-related economic losses. But it also

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Start-Up Boom In Pandemic – Detailed Stats

Start-up boom during the pandemic has been a phenomenon to behold. So many people lost their jobs and switched up their livelihoods. It was only natural for them to explore other entrepreneurial pathways. Start-Up Boom In Pandemic – Companies Registered? As a result of the pandemic, there has been a huge surge in the number

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All Stats Related To Cut In Greenhouse Gas Emission Due To WFH

Cut in greenhouse gas emission due to WFH has been nothing short of remarkable. This is significant considering how much of our daily lives are spent commuting to and from our jobs. Greenhouse gases are gases in the atmosphere that trap heat and cause global warming. The largest source of such gases is burning fossil

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USA No. Of Job Openings In 2023 – Quick Stats

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, USA job openings reached 11 million by the end of 2022. And more than 517,000 jobs were added in the USA no. of job openings in 2023 first month. It was compared to a monthly gain of 401,000 jobs per month in 2022. The number of job openings will

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When Coworkers Break the Rules & Get Away With It

Coworkers break the rules and get away with it; this is one of the most frustrating work experiences imaginable. It’s an issue that many employees deal with. But knowing how to handle it in a way that won’t cause even more conflict or hurt morale can be hard. Why Coworkers Break the Rules & Get

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Reposted Job After Interview – 11 Scenarios

Has that company reposted the job after the interview? Some companies may repost jobs after interviews to look for additional candidates or due to changes in the company. A reposted job after an interview does not necessarily mean that the company is unhappy with the original candidate. 11 Reasons Why The Company Reposted Job After

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