Coworker Threatened To Beat Me Up – 8 Steps To Protect Yourself

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My coworker threatened to beat me up. He said he’d hurt me if I didn’t listen. It’s upsetting. Anyone else ever deal with this?

Scary stuff can happen at work sometimes. If someone threatens you, it can be confusing, and you might not know what will happen if you don’t do what they say.

Key Takeaways:

  • Don’t Ignore Threats: Take any threats of violence seriously, no matter how they’re said.
  • Tell Someone: Talk to your boss, HR, or a trusted friend immediately. It will help you feel better and create a record.
  • Keep Track: Save any emails, texts, or voicemails showing the threat. This might be important later.
  • Think Legal Help: If the threat gets worse or you feel scared, consider calling the police and talking to a lawyer about your rights.
  • Get a Restraining Order: Get a court order to keep the coworker away from you if needed.
  • Take Care of You: Feeling stressed or anxious? Take time off work and talk to a therapist.
  • New Job Possible: If the threat keeps happening or you don’t feel safe, consider finding a new job.
  • Why The Threat? Maybe your coworker is jealous, angry, or having personal problems.
  • Act Now, Stay Safe: Don’t wait! Threats can get worse. Take action to stay safe.
  • You’re Not Alone: There are people who can help! Ask for help from friends, family, or professionals.

8 Things To Do If Coworker Threatened To Beat Me Up

When a coworker threatens you, taking action and getting help as soon as possible is essential. Here are some steps that you can take:

1. Tell Someone What Happened:

Coworker Threatened To Beat Me Up

Don’t wait! Tell someone about what happened – your boss, friend, or someone from HR.

Talking helps you feel better and creates a record of what went down. They can also give you tips for dealing with this mean situation.

2. Keep A Record:

Write it down! Keep track of things that happen, like:

  • Emails you get
  • Text messages you receive (SMS)
  • Voicemails left for you

If someone sends you a scary message, take a screenshot of it. This can help if you must talk to the police or a judge.

Keeping track of everything helps you follow how things are going and can be strong evidence in your favor.

3. File A Police Report:

If things get out of hand or scary, go to the police and make a report.

This report is like a written record of what happened. It helps protect you and can be used in court if needed.

Also, if things don’t get better, your coworker could get fired for it.

Making a police report is important to keep track of everything that’s happening.

4. Get A Lawyer:

If things are bad and you want to sue your coworker, a lawyer is your best bet.

A lawyer can explain your rights and help you take legal action.

They can also file a complaint to stop your coworker from bothering you again. With a lawyer, you’ll be prepared to fight your case.

5. Get A Restraining Order:

If the situation is terrible and you feel like you are in danger, it is essential to get a restraining order.

A restraining order will help keep your coworker away from you and protect you from future threats.

Coworker Threatened To Beat Me Up (2)


If you feel unsafe, taking action and getting help is essential. The steps above can help you feel safe and get your needed help.

A restraining order is like a shield. It keeps your coworker away from you. If they break the shield, the police will arrest them.

6. Take Time Off If Coworker Threatened To Beat Me Up:

If you feel scared or stressed at work, take some time away. This break will help you relax and figure out what to do next.

Remember, you’re not alone if a coworker is mean. Some people can help.

Talk to friends, family, or even a lawyer for support. You have rights, so don’t be afraid to take action.

7. Seek Therapy If Coworker Threatened To Beat Me Up:

Feeling stressed because of a difficult coworker? Talking to a therapist can help. They can:

  • Help you understand your feelings.
  • Explain what’s happening (coworker threats are stressful!).
  • Give you tips to manage the situation and stay calm.

Therapists are there to help you get through tough times. Don’t be afraid to reach out.

8. Get A New Job:

You shouldn’t stay at a job where you feel scared. If a coworker threatens you, tell HR right away.

If nothing changes and you still feel unsafe, it’s time to find a new job.

new job


A new job will keep you safe and help you move on. These steps will help you feel better and get the help you deserve.

Why Did My Coworker Threaten Me?

There can be many reasons why a coworker might threaten you. Below are such reasons.

If you understand such reasons, you might be able to deal with the situation:

1. Jealousy:

Your coworker might threaten you because you are doing well at your job. They might feel like they compete with you.

They think you make them look bad, so they try to scare you. They want you to feel small and unimportant, so they threaten you.

These threats can be words or even mean actions.

2. Anger:

Coworkers mean to you, maybe because they are mad about something else. They are trying to scare you.

People who yell threats a lot are usually all talk and no bite. They won’t do anything if you’re right there.

3. Power Hungry:

Some people might threaten others to feel powerful. They feel like they need to have control over you. They want you to be scared of them.



This will give them a sense of power and control. They might also use threats as a way to manipulate you.

Moreover, they might use threats to get what they want from you.

4. Mental Illness:

Is the coworker acting scary? It could be due to an illness that makes people act mean.

They might not even know it! Maybe they’re seeing or believing things that aren’t real. If so, it might be a good idea to get them help from a professional.

5. Attention:

Coworkers might mean to you because they want people to notice them more at work. They might feel ignored or not listened to.

To get attention, they act scary instead. This might be their way of asking for help. If you think this is why, try talking to them and see what’s happening.

6. Personal Issues – Thus, Coworker Threatened To Beat Me Up:

Your coworker might be going through something tough at home, like a breakup or a loss, making them stressed and short-tempered.

Instead of taking it personally, try talking to them and gently suggest they find ways to deal with the stress, maybe by mentioning feeling down themselves.

7. Feeling Unsafe:

If your coworker is new to the job, they might feel unsafe around you or be intimidated by you.

They might feel like they are not good enough for the job. In some cases, the person might have low self-esteem.

They feel unsafe because they do not know how to deal with you. They might think that you are going to harm them in some way.

8. Revenge:

Your coworker might be mad at you for something and trying to scare you back. It’s not a healthy way to deal with anger.



If they’re acting mean, try talking to them calmly. Revenge never helps; it just makes everyone feel worse.

9. Bullying – Thus Coworker Threatened To Beat Me Up:

Someone at work might be mean to you in a way that’s different from threats. Meanness that happens a lot is called bullying.

This could be name-calling, making fun of you, or leaving you out of things.

It’s not okay for someone to be mean to you at work. If this is happening, tell your boss.

Why Is It Important To Take Immediate Action When Coworker Threatened Me?

When someone threatens you, it is essential to take immediate action.

You should not ignore the threat or try to deal with it alone. Here’s why:

1. Threatens Can Be Dangerous:

Threats can be hazardous, and they can often lead to violence. In some cases, the person might follow through with the threat.

This is why it is crucial to take immediate action. You do not want to put yourself in danger.

2 They Could Be Psychotic:

If your coworker is threatening you, there is a good chance they are psychotic. This means that they are not in control of their thoughts or actions.

This could be very dangerous for you. They might not be aware of what they are doing. In some cases, they might even become violent.

3. They Might Not Be Safe To Be Around:

If your coworker is threatening you, they might not be safe around. This is especially true if they are psychotic.

not safe


You do not want to be around someone who is not in control of their thoughts or actions. It could be hazardous for you.

4. You Might Lose Control:

You might lose control if you ignore or try to deal with the threat alone. This is especially true if the person is psychotic.

You do not want to be in a situation where you cannot control your safety. If you lose control, you could get hurt.

5. They Might Get Worse:

If you do not take immediate action, your coworker might get worse. The situation could escalate, leading to violence.

This is why taking immediate action when someone threatens you is vital. You do not want the situation to get worse.


If a coworker has threatened you, taking action and getting help is crucial. The steps above can help you feel safe and get your needed help.

Remember that you are not alone; some people can help you through this tough time.

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