How Can My Boss Help Me Achieve My Goals In 11 Successful Ways

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Did your friend’s boss help her get a promotion- her goal? What support do you need from your manager to accomplish your goals? Thus, you are thinking: how can my boss help me achieve my goals?


Let us tell you. Unless your boss is on board, it’s pretty hard to set goals—and then work toward them.

How Can My Boss Help Me Achieve My Goals in 11 Successful Ways

A good boss can help you identify what success means for you. The boss can also provide the following:

– Resources

– Training

– Flexibility to make it all happen, etc.

Below are some ways in which your boss can help you achieve your goals:

1. Clarify What Success Means To You:

Your boss can help you identify what success means for you. Is it a promotion, a salary increase, or doing your best work?

How Can My Boss Help Me Achieve My Goals

Knowing what’s essential will help keep you focused as you work toward your goals. And in this way, your boss can help you stay on track.

2. How Can My Boss Help Me Achieve My Goals- Set Expectations For Success:

Your company may have specific benchmarks for success at different levels. For instance, a promotion is X.Y.Z. in terms of revenue generated.

Firstly, your boss can help ensure you hit those milestones. Secondly, they can communicate expectations for each phase of your path to success.

Your boss can also coach you through obstacles and setbacks if they occur.

3. Help You Identify Opportunities:

If you are looking for “how can my manager help me achieve my goals”. Your boss can also help you identify opportunities related to your goals.

For example, if you want to get a promotion, they may put you in touch with relevant people.

Your boss may give you insights on upcoming changes or challenges in the company. In this way, you will see what could impact your goal and be proactive.

4. Encourage And Support Your Efforts:

When times get tough, and you try to give up, your boss can be there to encourage and support your efforts.

This type of support can be essential in helping you stay focused on achieving your goals.

5. Identify Resources And Training Needed:

Often, achieving goals requires new skills or knowledge. If that’s the case, be sure your boss knows what you need to accomplish your plan and make it happen.

skills and knowledge

It might seem like an extra step. But it’s better than realizing later that you were missing some critical skill all along!

6. How Can My Boss Help Me Achieve My Goals- Offer Flexibility:

To achieve their goals, many people need some degree of flexibility.

For example, working from home once a week helps you stay focused. Or it would help if you left early on Fridays to take extracurricular classes.

Your boss can offer you this flexibility. On the other hand, they can be understanding when unexpected things come up.

7. How Can My Boss Help Me Achieve My Goals- Celebrate Your Wins:

My goal in life is to be successful, Celebrate your achievements like none other! When your boss takes the time to acknowledge your hard work and success, it makes you feel good.

In other words, your boss’s appreciation encourages you to keep going.

8. Help You Deal With Setbacks:

Nobody’s perfect, and everyone experiences setbacks along the way. It’s essential to have a boss who understands this and is willing to help you get back on track.

Setbacks are an inevitable part of any goal-setting process. Therefore, your boss must know how to support you through them.

9. How Can My Boss Help Me Achieve My Goals- Take The Long-Term View:

When you’re working toward a goal, it’s easy to take stress and discouragement. That, however, is due to obstacles that pop up or things that don’t go as planned.


So, your boss needs to have a long-term view and know not to expect immediate success.

Your boss can help by reminding you that setbacks are just part of the process.

10. Know When To Cut You Some Slack:

Even good bosses won’t always agree with every single decision you make. And sometimes, even intelligent people do dumb things!

So, your boss should know when to cut you some slack and let you learn from your mistakes.

Otherwise, they’ll rob you of the opportunity to grow and develop as a professional.

11. Look Out For Your Well-Being:

Lastly, remember that taking care of yourself is as important as achieving your goals! A good boss will encourage you to take breaks and recharge when needed.

They may even set boundaries for themselves to not work too hard and burn out either!

How To Ensure My Boss Help Me Achieve My Goals?– 7 Tips

Well, well, well! We praised good bosses in the above part. We showed you how they could help you achieve your goals.

But the question here is: what if your boss doesn’t even know about your goals? How can you make your boss be on your side?

We will discuss how to make sure your boss is on your side?

Here are a few tips:

1. Talk To Your Boss About Your Goals:

The first step is talking to your boss about your goals. Be clear and concise, and let them know what you’re hoping to do.

dont brag

It will help them understand where you’re headed and how they can help you get there.

2. Set Milestones And Expectations:

Plan to set milestones and expectations for each phase of your goal-setting process.

It will help your boss stay up-to-date on your progress and make sure you’re staying on track.

3. Make Use Of Resources:

Your boss can also be a valuable resource for goal setting. They likely have a lot of experience and knowledge to help you out.

Could you make use of their expertise? Could you encourage them to help you out? You got to be a little manipulative here, but for good.

Let them feel that helping you out will benefit them too.

4. How Can My Boss Help Me Achieve My Goals- Offer Updates:

Be sure to keep your boss in the loop by offering updates on your progress.

You can update your boss through emails, face-to-face meetings, or even presentations.

Your employer will appreciate the extra effort. They’ll be more likely to support you when they see how much work you’re putting in.

5. Make Sure You Show Results:

Even if your boss is on-board with your goal-setting process, there may come a time when they want to see results. It can become especially true if things aren’t going as planned.

So you must make sure to show them results throughout the process. And if it takes a while, let them know what they should expect from you down the road!

6. Communicate Your Challenges:

You don’t have to share every single challenge. But, letting your boss know about any significant challenges enables them to help you.

challenges in how can my boss help me get my goals

It will also help them to see that you’re doing everything possible to achieve it.

7. How Can My Boss Help Me Achieve My Goals- Thank Your Boss:

Lastly, don’t forget to thank your boss for their support. You know the old saying: “you have to give before you can receive”!

So, be sure to show your appreciation along the way if they help you out.

It will ensure that they continue to be on board with supporting and helping you achieve your goals.

How To Set Goals – A Brief Overview

We feel the need to help you set goals. Only after setting realistic goals can you reach your boss for help.

Here is a brief overview of goal setting:

1. Know Why You Want To Achieve Something:

You must know why you want to achieve something. Firstly, please write it down and understand the purpose of what you’re doing.

Secondly, once you have an idea of your goals, please sit down and write out all the benefits of achieving them.

It will remind you why you want to reach this goal in the first place.

2. Your Goals Should Be S.M.A.R.T.:

Your goals should be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound.

smart goals

This acronym will help you stay on track and make sure you’re reaching your goals.

3. Make A Plan And Stick To It:

Once you have your goal set, it’s essential to make a plan and stick to it. In other words, it means setting smaller goals along the way and tracking your progress.

A plan should be strategic and real-time. And you have to have faith that you can follow it to success.

4. Set A Deadline/ Milestones:

One of the best ways to achieve a goal is to set a deadline. It will push you to work harder and achieve your goal in a shorter time frame.

It’s also helpful to set milestones and conditions for yourself while setting goals.

Frame milestones as “if-then” statements like, “If I make 100 dollars, then I will buy such and such.”

In the end, celebrate your achievements because you stuck to your goals and succeeded.


Your boss can help you achieve your goals by lending their expertise. Among other things, they can help you get resources for getting your plan.

But it’s important to remember to communicate any challenges you’re facing. Similarly, thank them along the way!

Also, remember to stay SMART in your goal setting, make a plan, and stick to it.

And finally, be sure to celebrate your achievements along the way. Good luck!

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