How To Ask Your Internship Boss For A Job – 12 Tips

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How was your internship period? If you like the company and its culture, it is time to learn how to ask your internship boss for a job.

To get a job offer from your internship, you need to prepare your case well. In this article, you will learn how to ask for a job at the end of training.

How To Ask Your Internship Boss For A Job – 12 Tips

We know it can be tough to ask whether there is a possibility for a full-time position or not.

So let’s see what the things you should consider when asking your internship boss for a job:

1. Find Out Their Plan:

Find out if they will hire more people and whether they’ll take on interns again next to ask your internship boss for a job

If yes, it means everything they’ve got designed for recruitment is still underway. It’s best not to bother them with such questions.

2. How To Ask Your Internship Boss For A Job – Be Patient:

It’s best to wait until the company has finished its recruitment process for this year. Wait before asking about your prospects with them.

Try not to bother them with questions during that time. Instead, show some interest by keeping yourself updated on what they’re doing by:

– Following their social media accounts

– Reading through any industry news or events that are taking place that might interest them.

It will not only show you interest in the company’s activities, but it’ll also keep your name on top of their minds.

When they need someone who fits a specific profile they want, they will prefer you.

3. Don’t Make It All About You:

It’s tough to make an internship last longer. Try not to ask about your prospects with the company after only a month or two.

They might think that you’re not into it and using them as stepping stones – which is never good.

If your internship contract has ended, wait for at least 3-4 months before asking for the job. Wait before asking whether there are any possibilities for you in their company.

4. How To Ask Your Internship Boss For A Job – Find Out How Your Boss Can Help You:

Find out how your boss can help you land the job. Ask them what your responsibilities are within the team throughout the internship.

career path

Then let them know what kind of do you need so that you can make a jump from an intern to a full-time employee. Maybe you can take on more responsibility?

5. Ask About Their Conditions:

Ask about their conditions – deadlines, procedures, and experience they want. It will be good to find out how you can get yourself into the company’s following recruitment process.

This way, you’ll know better whether your chances are slim or not. You will have enough time to prepare yourself accordingly if your boss says no.

Go ahead and mention:

– What kind of experiences you’ve gained so far in school or with previous internships

– Any projects you’ve been working on will highlight your skills and talents.

It is always best if at least one of the projects you’ve worked on is the company’s project too.

6. Don’t Make It All About Money:

Of course, money will be one of the most critical aspects. However, if they don’t offer you a job after an internship – you can always ask about their salary range and benefits.

This way, you’ll get an idea of whether or not it’d fit into your plans or not. However, ask this question when everything else seems quite positive.

If your boss says there’s a chance for a full-time position with them, ask only then. If so, instead of asking about salary, try asking about bonuses and incentives.

7. How To Ask Your Internship Boss For A Job – Be Very Clear About What You Want:

It’s best to come up with a specific date by when you want your boss to give you an answer one way or another:

– Whether it is before your following interview

– After the summer break, etc.

edge in market

If such a date comes and goes without mentioning their recruitment process, ask again.

By asking around 3-4 times throughout the year, you’ll ensure no ambiguity about what you want.

Remember to keep it positive, though – especially if your boss says no. of asking why, try saying something like:

‘Ok, that’s a pity. I understand it might not be possible now, but in the future?’ and go back to talking about their experiences as an internship.

8. Reiterate Your Appreciation:

Let your boss know how grateful you are for the time they’ve spent with you. Thank them for giving you such great insights into your future profession.

Also, leave a hint about how you’d be more than happy to have them as a reference in the future.

9. How To Ask Your Internship Boss For A Job – Get Creative:

If all else does fail and you’re running out of options – try getting creative:

– Find a way to improve something in the company

– Show them how good you are at what you do

– Ask again if you can put that into practice as a full-time employee. Or is something exciting going on within the company which looks promising?

Approach it from an angle where both of these things will come together to increase your chances.

10. How To Ask Your Internship Boss For A Job – Ask Again:

If all else fails and your internship contract ends, ask for any possibilities one final time. If your boss says no, they might have forgotten about their recruitment process or didn’t know at the time.


In the end, there is no harm in asking one more time, especially if they are hiring people for other positions.

Even if it’s not your dream job, there might be chances to prove your expertise and stay with the company.

11. What If They Say No?

Unfortunately, there is a chance that the answer will be no every time you ask about staying at the company.

In this case – do not dwell on it and move on. Your boss might have had a good reason for turning down your offer. Maybe even if there was a position for you, it wasn’t the right time.

12. Get Ready For A Bigger Company:

If that doesn’t seem to be an option, try looking into other companies. Maybe the one you were interning at is just too small for you?

Maybe there are more opportunities at bigger ones? Get ready to apply to more prominent companies and get new feedback on yourself as an applicant.

And remember, staying with one company is not always your best choice. Keep exploring all possibilities.

10 Perks Of Getting Job After Internship In The Same Company

If you land a job after your internship, the perks are endless. Here are ten of them:

1. Your boss will be happy to see you again and give essential tips for your first impression at work.

2. You’ll feel more connected with the company as well as the person who hired you.

3. And let’s not forget how easy it is for them to train you in specific tasks.

4. You’ll get to know your co-workers better and build a stronger bond.

strengths and weaknesses

5. After all, making strong connections is what every suitable company needs. You’ll feel right at home from day one.

6. You already know how everything works and with whom and where to find specific documents. It will save you time.

7. After having a great time with them during your internship, they have good memories with you.

8. Your boss will give you more challenging tasks and praise for doing them successfully. It, in the long run, helps the company grow.

9. If you’re still interning at university – guess what? Having this extra work experience on your CV will help you get a job with another company.

10. It’s also a great chance to see whether this profession is for you or not. If you’re still at university, you will have plenty of time to change your mind.

If You Don’t Get The Job?

It might seem like an impossible dream right now, but anything is possible. Keep working hard on all aspects of your work, skills, and talents.

One day they become essential requirements for any position opening up the company. If things go your way, we wish you all the best.

confidence to ask your internship boss for a job

If you don’t get a job with the company after your internship, it doesn’t mean anything wrong. It’s still possible to join them again in the future.

Or even go for an interview if you’ve decided to make a career change. Being refused once means nothing. They might want to test your skills and abilities on more challenging projects.


Your goal is to show your boss that you’re not only a dedicated and hard-working employee but also a loyal one.

You’ll be even happier with where you work if they offer you a full-time position. The company will be more satisfied with their candidates’ quality of applicants.

In return, they’ll gain a long-term employee working very hard for them throughout the year. Moreover, you will have no problem finding another job later on.

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