How To Write Email To Boss Of Completion Of Work – 11 Steps

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Congrats on finishing your tasks! Here’s a quick guide on how to write email to boss of completion of work.

Not everyone finds finishing work easy. Many people put it off, even though it’s often one of the simpler things we do.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Starting with a greeting is important, and options include “Respected Sir/Madam,” “Dear boss,” or “Good Morning.”
  2. Clearly state what tasks you have completed in the email.
  3. Explain how you tackled any challenges during the completion of the work.
  4. Express gratitude for the opportunity and offer to assist with future projects.
  5. Emphasize your reliability and dependability for future tasks.
  6. Consider adding a personal touch to the email to strengthen the professional relationship.
  7. Keep the email concise and free of grammatical errors.
  8. Consider sending a handwritten note for a more personal touch on occasions.
  9. Modify the email template provided to suit your specific needs and situation.
  10. Include the date and time of sending the email for transparency and reference.

How To Write Email To Boss Of Completion Of Work – 11 Steps

If you are the one who completed your work, here’s what to write in the email:

1. Start With A Greeting:

Start with a greeting like:

– Respected Sir/Madam,

– Dear boss

– Good Morning

2. Tell Your Boss What You Have Completed:

Use an example like:

Hi [Manager’s name],

I want to let you know that I’ve finished all the tasks you gave me.

I understand the importance of this project and I’m happy to report it’s done!

How To Write Email To Boss Of Completion Of Work

Also, I would like to know if there is more work you need me to do.

3. How To Write Email To Boss Of Completion Of Work – Explain How You Tackled Challenges:

You can let them know how you faced the challenges:

“I learned to simplify language and words by ____. This helped me overcome challenges like ____, and allowed me to finish projects early.”

4. Thank You For This Opportunity:

Thank you for working with me and helping me improve my abilities. I’d be happy to help with future projects if you have any.

Please let me know if you have any other tasks for me, and I’ll complete them as soon as possible.

5. Let Them Know They Can Count On You In The Future:

Thanks for organizing the tasks so well. I finished work much quicker than expected.

It shows that you can always count on me for delivery and dependability in the future too.

6. Introduce A Personal Touch:

I hope these updates are useful, and I’d love to hear your feedback on what else I can help with.

I’m happy to be working with you and your team. Have a great day!

7. Keep It Short And Sweet:

Keep it brief and to the point. If you have additional documents, mention them clearly.

secret to life

End with a professional closing. Here’s how you end your email:

– Best Regards,

– Sincerely,

– Wish You A Great Day.

8. How To Write Email To Boss Of Completion Of Work – Get Rid Of All Grammatical Errors:

As this email is intended to be professional, it’s important to pay attention to proper grammar.

Avoid any typos or mistakes. This will help ensure a professional tone and avoid any misunderstandings.

Proofreading your email is a must. Edit it properly before sending it off.

9. A Handwritten Note May Also Work On Occasions Such As This One:

If there are personal connections between you and your boss, a handwritten note works.

Let your happiness finish the workflow through the words of gratitude.

10. Modify The Above Example As Per Your Needs:

If you need to use any formal phrases in the email, modify them according to your needs. Also, the paragraph headings are for guidance purposes.

You can arrange them accordingly or even eliminate some if required. Do not be afraid to ask about anything regarding the assignment.

Since this is an email, it would be easy for your boss to reply as per their thought.

You have completed work on time. It shows dedication to your job and impresses your employer.

give your best

It will put you in a good light at work and get you a raise/promotion soon. Keep up the excellent work.

11. Mention The Date And Time You Sent the Email:

Last but not least, remember to mention the date and time that you sent this email. It can be in a way like this: ____ on ___ at ___ hours.

Your boss will have an idea of how much time it took for you to complete work after receiving instructions.

It also shows transparency in your work which everyone in any organization appreciates. So go ahead confidently and write an effective email to express your gratitude.

Templates; How To Write Email To Boss Of Completion Of Work

Sample 1:

“Dear Sir/Madam,

I hope this email finds you in good health. I am incredibly pleased to inform you that the project is finally completed ahead of schedule.

Thank you for your guidance throughout this process. Without it, I wouldn’t be able to meet the deadline.

Please let me know what else I can do on this project or if any other tasks need immediate attention.


Sample 2:

“Dear Sir/Madam,

It is to inform you that the work on XYZ is complete. I must say, it’s been a privilege working with you and your team.

I would also like to thank you for your patience throughout this assignment. Without it, I couldn’t have completed it on time.

I look forward to assisting you further if required. Kindly advise.


Why Is It Important To Write Email To Boss Of Completion Of Work?

Some people might wonder, “Why is it important to write an email to your boss for completion of work?”

Here are a few reasons that will help you understand the importance of writing this email:

1. Progress Report:

Since you received help from your boss on this project, it’s important to keep them updated on your progress.

This is because they may know if there are any changes to deadlines or the project itself.


The best way to do this is by sending them regular progress reports. This will keep them informed and allow them to offer any needed guidance.

2. Why To Write Email To Boss Of Completion Of Work – Acknowledgement Of Work Done:

It feels good when someone acknowledges the efforts and hard work we put in for completing a given task.

It removes any frustration one may be going through due to a complex or challenging project. A simple email that shows gratitude goes a long way.

It gives a tremendous morale boost to the individual on the receiving end.

3. Building Trust:

It’s important to get your boss to trust you. This will help you with future projects.

Your boss will know you’re fast and good at your job if you send them an email when you finish a project, even when it’s hard or urgent.

You only get one shot at these projects, so you have to make sure you can meet the deadline and do good work.

4. Boost Self-Confidence:

Completing any big project ahead of time gives self-confidence to an individual.

They can reach their goals on time and put effort into achieving them without being under stress. It is a good step towards success as an employee and in my personal life.

5. Why To Write Email To Boss Of Completion Of Work – Request For Promotion:

If you’ve been working hard and doing well on your projects, your company might give you a promotion or raise soon.

doing work

To help your boss know this, send them an update on your work on time. You can also mention you’re interested in a higher position, like a senior role.

This can help you move up in your career and get more important work to do.

6. Recognition By Boss:

Usually, people wait for their bosses to say they did a good job in front of everyone.

But that’s not how things work. If your boss thinks you deserve a raise or promotion, they’ll tell you directly, not in front of others.

So, let your boss know what great things you’ve been working on. Thank them for the chance to do this task.

You can also ask if there’s anything else you can help with on this project.

7. Less Stressful Job:

Wouldn’t it be great to have a job where you don’t have to worry about deadlines? Everyone wants that!

But most projects are a bit tricky and need you to be focused and organized.

This email is to let your boss know you’ll get your upcoming projects done on time and to a high standard.

8. Why To Write Email To Boss Of Completion Of Work – Gives You A Boost:

Completing any challenging project on time gives you:

– Satisfaction

– Happiness, and

– Confidence boost is needed to perform better and improve productivity.

It helps one realize how far they came from where they started. It also pushes you towards success which we all know is very important for a successful career.

9. Professionalism:

Sending an email to your boss to let them know you finished your work is a good way to be professional.

How To Write Email To Boss Of Completion Of Work (2)

It’s a helpful habit to keep because it shows them you’re open and honest about your work.

10. Why To Write Email To Boss Of Completion Of Work – Makes Boss Happy:

When your boss says “Thank you” and smiles, it makes you feel really good and happy, like you did something important.

To make your boss happy, always finish the tasks they give you. You can send them a quick email, like “Hi [Boss’s name], just letting you know I finished [task name].”


Keep things friendly and easy to understand in your email to your boss about finishing a task.

Use short, clear sentences and avoid any tricky words.

Thank your boss at the end and let them know you liked working on the task.

Remember to add the date and time at the end of your email.

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