How To Attract Your Boss In 28 Proved Ways

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Attracting your boss is an art form, and not everyone has the skills. Here are several ways to learn how to attract your boss.

Attracting your boss is not always an easy task, especially if you can’t take care of yourself.

How To Attract Your Boss In 28 Ways

There are several ways to attract your boss, but the central part is knowing what seduces your boss first.

Here are professional ways to attract your boss:

1. Wear A Red Tie:

Women love the color red, and some men do too. It is a straightforward way to attract your boss without them even knowing it. How To Attract Your Boss

Basically know about his favorite colors. Incorporate these colors in your everyday dressing.

2. How To Attract Your Boss – Stand Up Straight:

How to seduce boss. Slouching will put your boss off. They’ll think you’re not interested in what’s happening around you, so stand tall.

Standing up straight conveys a very sophisticated image. It attracts the attention of your boss.

3. Take Notes During Meetings:

Your boss may find this attractive. Taking notes shows initiative and people like that.

Moreover, you’re going to need the information anyway. It shows you’re interested and attentive.

4. Be Punctual For Work And Meetings:

Punctuality seems to get more critical by the day. If punctuality attracts your boss, do all you can to be on time for appointments, etc.

Punctuality is a great virtue and it boosts your overall image.

5. How To Attract Your Boss – Get A Grip On Your Appearance:

You wouldn’t like to see your boss running around in disheveled clothes, would you? The same goes for you. If you want to attract your boss, Or you are looking for “how to seduce your boss”, the answer is dress nicely.

Wearing casual clothing will get you nowhere. The same goes for wearing weird clothes such as an orange shirt and blue pants.

6. Keep Your Desk Clean:

If you want to attract your boss, keep your desk clean and tidy.


If you’re a messy person, learn to become orderly and not lose your boss’s attention.

7. Learn To Admire Their Accomplishments:

Your boss will love it when you admire their accomplishments. It shows excellent self-esteem on your part, so do this with caution.

Your admiration will boost their confidence. They will be glad to have you speak with them.

8. Don’t Argue With Them In Public:

Arguing in public is a big no. Don’t do this unless you want to damage the relationship between yourself and the boss.

The best thing is to maintain professionalism at all times during work hours. However, if they’re always right, there’s no need to argue.

9. Become An Expert In Your Field:

Being an expert in your field is an excellent way of attracting your boss. It’s also a pretty good achievement for yourself.

People will point out the experts if anyone asks around who knows most. It leads to more promotions and even pay raises. So, become an expert at what you do and become famous for it.

10. How To Attract Your Boss – Be Grateful:

Being grateful is a great way to attract your boss and keep them interested. Expressing gratitude will control the flow of good vibes, which can only benefit you in the long run.

So, learn to thank you more often and show your appreciation for everything.

11. Ask For Their Advice:

It is another excellent way to attract your boss. Don’t abuse their knowledge. If they feel like someone isn’t respecting them enough, they’ll lose interest.


So, make sure you take their advice and all their ideas into effect whenever possible.

12. Offer To Help:

Offering to help in any way you can is an excellent way of attracting your boss. They’ll see your initiative and appreciate it. You can help them by

– Organizing their files

– Arranging their meetings etc.

And always start small by asking if there’s anything you can help with and then take on more work.

13. Write A Thank You Note:

Writing a thank-you note after you’ve had some time away from work will make them think about you. Your boss may even remember all the good times.

It could tempt them to hire or keep you around, which means more salary up for grabs!

So, send handwritten thank-you notes once in a while and watch as it changes how they feel about you forever.

Now let’s discuss romantic ways to attract your boss:

14. Take Them A Cup Of Coffee:

Who doesn’t love a good cup of coffee? Take your boss a nice hot cup of coffee during a break.

See if they appreciate it. It is a lovely way to attract your boss so give it a try.

15. Buy Them Flowers:

Having flowers sent to the office can be a great way to attract your boss.

The idea is that you show your appreciation, and you do this by giving them a lovely fresh bouquet. It’s simple but effective and not too expensive either.

16. How To Attract Your Boss – Ask Them Out:

It may seem a little dangerous. However, asking your boss out for drinks or coffee is something that will attract them.

The idea is that you’re showing interest in their life outside work. However, do it with care because if it goes wrong, then there could be some severe consequences.

17. Make Them Laugh:

Everyone likes having fun. Make an effort to inject humor into the workplace by telling jokes, etc.


Your sense of humor will be attractive to anyone, not your boss.

18. How To Attract Your Boss – Suggest Fun Activities:

If you’re in charge, suggest fun activities that everyone can get involved with. It is sure to attract your boss because of your great ideas.

They’ll want you around more often if they see that you have fantastic views.

19. Change Your Attire Slightly:

Sometimes changing up the wardrobe may be enough to capture someone’s eye.

If you’ve noticed that all their attention has gone elsewhere, then it’s time to change things up a little bit. Stay on top of any new fashion trends.

Have some fun with clothes before going for a look that you know will attract them.

20. Keep Flirting With Them:

Depending on how attracted they are to you, it may or may not work, so have fun with it and see what happens.

It is a very appropriate way of attracting your boss if you’re already in a relationship with them. It will keep the passion alive, which every couple should do.

21. Show Interest In Their Personal Life:

If your boss has children, then talk about yours. It can be an exciting topic for everyone. If they’re single, then show some interest by asking:

– How their day went

– Chit chat about sports, etc.

They might like having someone around who takes an interest in their personal life. Nobody wants to feel like they work alone.

22. How To Attract Your Boss – Stay After Work For A Drink:

Asking your boss to stay behind for drinks after work can be a romantic way to attract them. Everyone wants to feel appreciated.

Staying back after work is an excellent way to unwind together. Staying professional at all times is super important.

mix things up

However, don’t be afraid to mix things up by taking your boss out or even having fun with them over the weekend.

23. Compliment Them:

Complimenting your boss is a great strategy to attract them. It’s a way of saying that you notice good things about them.

It can be pretty flattering, and they will feel better knowing that someone values their work. So, please don’t hold back with compliments.

It could positively affect how much they enjoy being around you.

24. Smile And Wave At Them:

Smiling at your boss is something so small, but it could be the ultimate way to attract them. Showing an interest in someone’s day can go a long way.

Take the time to smile and wave as you walk by their desk. Let them know that they have your full attention for at least 5 seconds.

25. Take The Time To Get Know Them Better:

Take some time out of your workday to better get to know your boss. Discover what they like and dislike and what matters most to them.

They will appreciate this gesture, which could be enough to catch their eye. Everyone wants someone who makes them feel comfortable.

26. How To Attract Your Boss – Chat To Them About Their Hobbies:

Chatting with your boss about their hobbies is a great way to attract them. They might mention something that you love. It could lead to regular chats about your shared interests.

attract boss

Therefore, it can be an exciting topic for everyone. Remember, it’s not only what they say but how they come across when they talk that makes them attractive.

27. Be Attentive To Them:

Show some interest by being attentive to them. It can be as simple as asking how your boss is or anything you can do for them to make their life easier. They will appreciate this gesture. It’s a great way to help them feel valued.

28. How To Attract Your Boss – Have Fun With Them:

If your boss finds it hard to unwind at the end of the day, invite them out somewhere fun on a night out. It could be anything from mini-golf, bowling, or even roller-skating.

Try and think outside the box when making your strategy. You want to catch their eye while having some fun with them.

So, please don’t wait for them to invite you out because this may never happen. After all, people are often shy when meeting new friends in person.

Use romantic ways to attract your boss sparingly. Flirting can sometimes go wrong if you’re not careful.

It means that you need to know what type of person they are before doing anything, so watch how they behave first.

how to attract your boss 1

If all else fails, then let nature take its course. Remember – Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Give yourself some time, and soon enough, you’ll be in a happy relationship with your boss.


You can attract your boss in two ways; professionally and romantically. You know the type of person you’re dealing with.

Play it safe, and often enough, they’ll come around to you. If this doesn’t happen, then let nature take its course.

There’s no point in forcing anything. That will cause problems when things don’t work out.

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