How To Show Your Boss Appreciation In 9 Ways

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You are lucky if your boss is a gem. And therefore, he needs the care and appreciation of his team. But how to show your boss appreciation?

We will discuss some best ways to appreciate your boss and make his day better.

You need not go extra overboard, but if he does fantastic things for you, it is time to give something back.

How To Show Your Boss Appreciation in 9 Wonderful Ways

Nothing is too small for a boss who ensures the best workplace for you. Therefore, try to grab the little tokens of appreciation and thank him.

The nine best ways below will motivate you to appreciate your boss right away.

1. Thank Your Boss For Everything:

The best way to appreciate your boss is by thanking him for everything he does for you. For instance, he teaches you something new or takes time out for you.

how to show your boss appreciation

Suppose he gives you more opportunities or helps you with something. When your boss does something for you, he deserves your appreciation and acknowledgment.

Therefore, you can say something like:

“You are doing a great job for this company, boss. I thank you for everything.”

When you thank your boss, he feels good, and the better part is that you will get opportunities to grow further.

2. How To Show Your Boss Appreciation- Give Gifts to Your Boss:

It is difficult to resist the power of a gift, especially when it comes to your boss! A gift can be the right way to show your boss appreciation.

It will cheer him up and motivate him to work harder. You can even give him a box of chocolates. But only if he loves chocolate!

If you are thinking about an appreciation gift, which will make him feel wanted, here are some ideas for you. You can give him something like:

– A gift card

– A pen stand

– A journal

– A beautiful pen

– A luxury brand watch

– A designer wallet or

– An Apple laptop, for that matter, anything you feel fancy in giving.

– Bake a cake for him with a personal message written on it like “Best Boss Ever.”

You can also choose to give a more personalized gift, like a customized mug.

3. Throw Him An Appreciation Party:

There are days when you forget all the little things that your boss does for you. You can use these opportunities to express how much you appreciate what he has done.

One good example would be on his birthday or on the day he won an award. Likewise, you can also arrange a birthday party for him, or throw him a celebration party.

The best way to show your boss appreciation is by uniquely thanking him on special days.

4. How To Show Your Boss Appreciation- Compliment Him Publicly:

When was the last time you complimented your boss? If it has been a while, start doing it right away.

Acknowledge all his good work and tell him how much you appreciate him.

appreciate your boss

When your boss does something great, make sure to compliment him publicly. Firstly, it will show that you are proud of him and secondly it will increase his morale.

You can say something like:

“Good job, boss! I appreciate all the hard work you have put in.”

Make sure your compliments are genuine and not empty words. When you compliment your boss, he will feel appreciated and happy.

Moreover, it will motivate him to do even better things for you and the company.

5. How To Show Your Boss Appreciation- Give Him Time Off:

One of the best ways to show appreciation is by giving your boss some time off. When he feels stressed, it will help him relax and return with more energy.

It will also show that you value his work and his health concerns you. Meanwhile, you can handle his work along with your team.

Moreover, you can perform well in his absence. Try to take off some of his burdens from him, and your boss will feel the happiest.

6. Make Him A Tribute Video/ Give Him Reviews on Social Media:

You can make him a tribute video or write something on social media to show your gratitude for what he does for you.

It will boost up his morale and encourage him to do more. The best way to give your boss reviews is by recommendation on his LinkedIn profile.

The little recommendation will go a long way. Firstly, you will adorn your boss’s profile on the best professional platform. Moreover, you will be acknowledging his work in front of millions of professionals.

7. How To Show Your Boss Appreciation- Organize An Outing:

When all the team members go out together, it will create good memories for your boss. It will also show that you are a good team player and care about him.


You can plan an outing for him and his spouse or with his friends. The important thing is that he feels special and enjoys himself. You can take him to a nice restaurant, or for a picnic in the park.

8. How To Show Your Boss Appreciation- Send Him A Thank You Note:

If you want to thank your boss in a handwritten note, it will make him feel special. When was the last time you sent someone a handwritten note?

Your boss will appreciate the gesture and keep it with him for a long time. You can write a thank you note like this:

“Dear Boss,

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you do for me. You are a great boss, and I hope that we have a long and prosperous tenure.

I appreciate your professionalism, your work ethic, and more. You have been a role model for all of us. The way you manage work is exceptional.

Every day we learn one thing or two from you, and we look forward to your suggestions. We are grateful for having a brilliant boss like you.

You make us feel successful and appreciated too. You boost our morale and let us do exceptional work by getting out of our comfort zone.

We can not thank you enough for everything. We wish you heights of success and heaps of happiness. Thank you for being the best boss.”

9. Keep Your Boss Happy With Your Hard Work:

It is essential to keep your boss happy while working at the office. Therefore, let him consider you as a valuable employee.

It would help if you always were the first to arrive at work and the last to leave. You can also help your boss with his work and show your dedication.

Moreover, when your boss is happy with you, it will be easier for you to ask for a raise or a promotion in the future.

be ethical

There are several ways to appreciate your boss. But keep in mind one thing: be professional. It is your boss, not your boyfriend/girlfriend or family.

Therefore, whatever you plan for him, let it be ethical. Otherwise, you can offend him if you go way too personal or unethical.

Who Are The Best Bosses?

There are bosses whom all employees love. Below are the best ones:

1. Good Communicator:

Such bosses are always available for communication, even when they are in a meeting.

They make sure that all their team members understand the situation. Likewise, they have a positive attitude and are always cheerful.

2. Encouraging Bosses:

Such bosses always encourage their employees to develop new ideas and discuss them. They encourage their employees to give their best.

Best bosses help their employees grow professionally. They trust their employees and let them take decisions independently.

Good bosses set realistic and achievable goals for their employees. They appreciate their employees’ hard work and reward them accordingly. They support their employees through thick and thin.

3. Bosses Who Are Leaders:

Such bosses are always one step ahead of their employees. Firstly, they have a vision and know where they want to take their company.


Secondly, they lead their business to success and motivate their employees. Their employees admire them.

4. Bosses Who Are Great Mentors:

They are also good mentors and help their employees grow professionally. Moreover, such bosses show immense patience when their employees learn new skills.

Mentors encourage their team members to explore new opportunities in the market. Likewise, they are always available for feedback and guidance.

5. Honest Bosses:

Their priority is customer satisfaction. Therefore, they are always transparent about everything with their team members.

When something goes wrong, they take accountability instead of pointing fingers at others. Consequently, their behavior is exemplary in front of everyone in the company.


Bosses are essential for any organization, and it is crucial to show them gratitude for all that they do. You can use the best ways to appreciate him, for instance:

1. Thank him for everything

2. Give him a tribute on social media

3. Compliment him publicly

4. Perform exceptionally well, etc.

In conclusion, these are some of the best ways to show your boss appreciation. We hope that you will find them helpful and put them into practice.

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