7 Tips To Date A Coworker Without Getting Fired – 5 Don’ts

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Things don’t always work according to our plans. No matter how much effort we put into it, things will work in their own way. You need to be very cautious when dating your co-worker without getting fired in workplace.

It’s the reason many of the experts forbid workplace relationships and romance.

7 Tips For How To Date A Coworker Without Getting Fired

But if you like someone at work, it’s not necessarily a bad thing. Also, it isn’t sure how your career will get affected.

And if you’re proceeding to develop a relationship with your coworker, this article is for you.

See these tips to date a coworker without putting your career at risk.

1. Read The Employee Handbook

Companies have well-defined policies related to workplace romance and dating.

And most of these policies straight away forbid employees to pursue relationships at work.

Carefully Read The Employee Handbook To Know The Dating Policies Of The Company
Read The Employee Handbook

And the purpose is to keep the work environment fair, stable, and comfortable for everyone.

So before you think to date your pretty coworker, give the employee handbook an eye.

Thus you can avoid any trouble that can, later on, affect your career.

2. Consider, To Be Honest, While Dating A Coworker

It’s understandable if you’ve thought to keep your relationship behind the curtain. But if you want to date longer-term, then be honest with your coworkers.

So let your work friends know about your relationship in person.

How To Date A Coworker Without Getting Fired
Consider, To Be Honest, While Dating A Coworker

And it’s better than them getting to know about it through a grapevine.

How your coworker gets to know about your relationship affects their reaction.

So your coworkers will show a positive reaction if you be honest and upfront with them. However, the response can be worst if they see you romancing in the parking.

3. How To Date A Coworker Without Getting Fired – Begin With Friendship

Patience is the key to dating someone. Just because you like someone doesn’t mean you should immediately start dating them.

And you might feel the urge to move quickly while dating online. But the case is different when you see your crush every day at work.

Starting With Friendship Will Not Make You Awkward
How To Date A Coworker Without Getting Fired – Begin With Friendship

The formula of dating a coworker is to spend as much time as possible being their friend.

So you’d get to know them as a person and friend better. So you can decide whether to date that person or not.

4. Be Sure They’re Interested As Well

After you’ve developed a friendship, now’s the time to use your detective skills. So try to see the statistics of this relationship.

And ask yourself if they seem interested? Do they flirt with you? Please make sure they’re interested before you make the next move.

It’s crucial to save you from any embarrassment if there’s nothing on their side.

5. How To Date A Coworker Without Getting Fired – Give Them A Way To Say No

After you make your move and ask the person if they’re interested, give them a safe exit if they feel nothing for you.

Give your coworker an easy way out for saying no and make them feel comfortable.

Give Your Coworker The Right To Decide
How To Date A Coworker Without Getting Fired – Give Them A Way To Say No

If you do care about your coworker, know that they have a right to feel comfortable at work.

Tell them that it’s okay to say no for whatever reason. Be understanding enough to comprehend your coworker’s situation.

6. Decide People To Disclose Your Relationship To

A workplace policy might need you to disclose your relationship to certain people.

And these can be HR professionals. If this is so, try to disclose your relationship to them as early as possible.

So it doesn’t seem like you were trying to hide your relationship.

Decide Which People You Will Disclose Your Relationship To
Decide People To Disclose Your Relationship To

Hiding a workplace relationship can affect your reputation badly. And your coworkers won’t be able to trust you anymore.

So it’s good to take your significant other’s opinion on whom you should share it with.

7. How To Date A Coworker Without Getting Fired – Be Professional

Once you disclose your relationship at work, try to stay as professional at work as you were before.

So avoid kissing or touching your partner during work hours. It’s also good to avoid being affectionate because it can make others uncomfortable.

Be professional when working in teams, so your other team members don’t feel like a third-wheel.

Keep in mind; you get paid for your job. So be loyal to this job and pursue your goals by collaborating with your coworkers.

5 Things To Avoid – How To Date A Coworker

Dating a coworker can be a bit risky. However, you can avoid trouble if you remember not to do the following things.

1. Avoid Dating The Boss Or The Direct Report

Don’t go after your boss or subordinates, as these relationships involve power dynamics.

And one person in such working relations can directly affect the career of the other.

If a manager asks his subordinate for a date, it will involve implied coercion to some degree. Or the employee might do it for getting benefits at work.

Dating The Boss Or Direct Report Is Not A Good Idea
Avoid Dating The Boss Or The Direct Report

It will be hard to maintain a fair workplace. As other employees will think they are getting unfair treatment.

So avoid such kinds of relationships and don’t be a part of #MeToo.

2. How To Date A Coworker Without Getting Fired – Don’t Rush Into A Relationship

While you’re building a friendship with your coworker, decide if it’s worth dating them.

Think about the possible consequences of this dating, even the worst scenarios. And get yourself prepared for it.

If you’re looking for a hooking up or one-night stand, don’t do it. And it will open the doors for awkwardness.

So keep in mind that you’re going to see this person every day at work.

3. Avoid Pushing Your Coworker Into An Awkward Situation

Your coworker has a right to feel comfortable at work without any social awkwardness.

So you must not make the work environment hostile to them. And if your coworker already said No, don’t put pressure on them by any means.

How To Date A Coworker Without Getting Fired
Avoid Pushing Your Coworker Into An Awkward Situation

Instead, you can ask this person for a group dinner out with other coworkers. And maybe you can find a common interest between you and your crush.

4. How To Date A Coworker Without Getting Fired – Don’t Hide Your Relationships

People aren’t as sneaky as they think they are. So if you’re thinking of hiding your relationship, there’s already gossip about you two.

Always keep that in mind!

Instead, open up about your relationship to an extent where you feel comfortable.

And set your boundaries and a behavior that’s acceptable in the company. Don’t let your coworkers sneak into the details of your relationship.

5. Keep Your Relationship Drama Out Of The Work

You should keep your relationship drama at home when you enter the workplace. And bringing your fights to the office will make you unprofessional.

Avoid Bringing Your Relationship Rants To The Office
Keep Your Relationship Drama Out Of The Work

Also, people working with you will get awkward if you pull them into your issues.

So keep your relationship friendly and professional, even in case you break up.

But if you can’t do this, avoid getting into a workplace relationship.

3 Potential Advantages Of Dating A Coworker

Various reasons justify that dating a coworker is risky.

However, there are some pros of dating a coworker too.

1. You And Your Coworkers Have Much In Common

Your coworkers can get you better than anyone else can. You can freely talk about the tasks without fear of getting fired.

Also, you know who and about what the other person is talking about.

How To Date A Coworker Without Getting Fired
You And Your Coworkers Have Much In Common

By dating a coworker, you’ll get a friend to rejoice in your successes together. Because you both will be working for the same goal.

And you can get a ride to work too!

2. You Can’t Help Who You Fall For

The most major reason behind falling for a coworker is that you can’t help it.

It’s in the nature of humans to get attracted to the individual they like.

For most people, personal relationships matter the most. And they won’t give up their relations for a job.

3. Meeting New People And Finding Friends

It isn’t easy to make new friends once we enter adulthood. And work is a place where you spend a lot of time around the same people.

How To Date A Coworker Without Getting Fired
Meeting New People And Finding Friends

So it’s likely to develop a friendship between you and your coworkers. So work is a good place for socializing.

3 Disadvantages Of Dating A Coworker

At the same time, there are reasons why you shouldn’t get into a relationship with your coworker.

1. These Relationships Affects Your Career

Relationships at work can mess up between personal life and professional life.

No matter how much you try to stay professional, there will still be so many issues.

2. Your Coworkers Have Their Own Opinions

When two people start to date, there’ll be a lot of office chatter about it. People might judge the two of you or create their own opinions.

Your Coworker Might Dislike You For Dating
Your Coworkers Have Their Own Opinions

Your coworkers might dislike you as a couple and avoid working with you.

Boss may think that it’s not suitable to do workplace romance no matter what.

3. Things Can Get A Bit Awkward

No matter where your relationship heads to. You’ll have to interact with that person five days a week.

Relationships involve risks of cheating or breakup. Just like regular relationships, workplace relations will suffer that too.

You Will Have To Face Them Daily After Breaking Up
Things Can Get A Bit Awkward

So remember that you can’t just block your coworker and move on in life.

Can You Get Fired For Dating A Coworker?

You must be wondering whether this relationship is going to affect your career. However, you can control this effect by following the guidelines of this article.

If you avoid behaviors that are inappropriate at work, you can save yourself.

No one from your workplace will judge you on this decision. But they might judge you for how you handle the situation.

You Might Get Fired For Not Maintaining A Balance
Can You Get Fired For Dating A Coworker

You must handle your relationship with professionalism and composure. It’s a way to show everyone how serious you take this job.

However, if you poorly handle the relationship, it will affect back at you. Dealing poorly with your relationship and job can cause your boss to fire you.

Messing up your professional life with your personal life and emotions can be a threat to the job. You might think it’s romantic in the beginning. But take time to consider how you’re going to handle this relationship.

You should reconsider your decision if you have terrible relationship patterns before.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Illegal To Date A Coworker?

It's not illegal to date a coworker according to the laws of the U.S. Your employer might impose rules and restrictions on you. But these rules would be employer-specific and has nothing to do with the state laws.

Should I Tell My Boss I am Dating A Coworker?

Yes, it is good to open up about your relationship with your boss and coworkers. It's not necessary to tell your boss after the first date. However, it reduces awkwardness if you honestly admit your relationship at work.

How Do You Tell If Two Coworkers Are Dating?

It is too apparent when the two of your coworkers are dating each other. You will see them always busy talking to each other. They will go for lunch together, and one will grab the coffee for the other. Also, body language makes it sure.

Do Workplace Romances Work?

Workplace romances often result in longer-term relationships. Sometimes these lead to marriages. But there is also a possibility of an awkward situation for both of you after the breakup.


The bottom line is that work is not a preferable place to have romance. But if you do, don’t keep your relationship a secret. It only births more problems.

Not only for you, but it will also lead to cause troubles for your organization. You must be thinking that your scenario is different, but it isn’t.

No matter what happens, you need to stay professional at work!

Share your experience in the comment section below.

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