Pooping At Work Is Healthier – 7 Good Reasons To Prove

Written By Assma Riaz

Everybody poops, and it’s natural! But pooping at work or a public place can be an overwhelming obstacle.

And covering the sound of a public plop is a task. People fail to understand that pooping is a natural process and needs to be dealt with naturally.

7 Reasons For Pooping At Work

Embarrassment due to pooping is so common that people prefer to hold it in.

However, it shouldn’t be like this. This article has some reasons why you should not hold it in and poop even if you’re at work.

Also, some tips are here to combat social constipation and toilet paper tyranny.

Here are some reasons why you should poop at work.

1. Everyone In Your Office Does

Although your coworkers are successful in keeping it a secret, they also pooped at work.

Every person you know in your office has pooped during the workday. Somewhere in between 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., even your most beautiful coworker pooped.

It means that you can also poop at work if you’re feeling the need to poop. No one will judge you for doing so because people themselves do this often.

Every Person Poops At Work And There Is Nothing Bad About It
Everyone In Your Office Does

Pooping at work is your act, and there’s nothing terrible about it. You aren’t affecting anyone else by doing so.

Like making a loud phone call or burning the popcorns in the microwave are rude acts.

It’s a normal human phenomenon like we breathe and complain about February.

2. No One Is Looking At Your Shoes If You Are Pooping At Work

You totally need not get afraid that people will recognize you by your footwear in the bathroom.

No one has the time to notice the shoes of a person sitting in the bathroom.

But maybe your shoes don’t go unnoticed by other people who are also pooping.

No One Has The Time To Notice Your Shoes
No One Is Looking At Your Shoes If You Are Pooping At Work

But that’s nothing to get worried about because they are doing the same thing.

The rest of the coworkers are going in and out and trying to fix their hair and makeup.

Such people try to keep the emotional and personal space with people around.

So remember that no one is looking at you, and no one will report you to the workplace policy.

3. Pooping At Work Is Not Unprofessional

If you think that you are wasting the company’s time by answering nature’s call, you’re wrong.

There’s nothing against the company policy if you poop at work. And you are not running away from your duties.

There Is Nothing Unprofessional About Pooping At Work
Pooping At Work Is Not Unprofessional

It’s legally permissible by the Department of Labor to poop at work. The employers who don’t allow bathroom breaks would probably get fined.

Pooping at work is your legal right, and your boss should deal with it.

So whenever you feel the urge to, you are free to spend your time in the restroom.

4. No One Cares About You Pooping At Work

No one cares that you are pooping at work. People don’t give a damn.

Even if you have the bathroom in the middle of the workplace, no one would care how much time you took to poop.

Every One Is Busy At Work And They Do Not Notice You
No One Cares About You Pooping At Work

If you come out of the bathroom after 10 or 20 minutes of pooping, no one would notice.

People won’t ever think that women have the audacity to poop because it’s natural for every being to poop.

5. Pooping At Work – If You Hold It, You Will Get Sick

You can’t stop taking care of yourself just because you are at work. It’s okay for you to eat healthier at work and poop at work.

If you hold it in, you might have to face serious health issues.

It can be anything from hemorrhoids to pelvic floor dyssynergia. It’s a condition where the person loses rectal muscle coordination.

Pooping At Work
Pooping At Work – If You Hold It, You Will Get Sick

After which, he can’t poop when he wants or feels the need to do so. The most affected people from this condition are long haul truckers and young women.

Because the young ladies were too shy to use the public restrooms. That’s why you shouldn’t let embarrassment put your health in danger.

6. Your Coworkers Will Not Make You Feel Isolated For Pooping At Work

Isn’t it weird to think like this? That the person fixing his hair would burn you once you come out after pooping.

It definitely is!

No One Will Hate You For Pooping At Work
Your Coworkers Will Not Make You Feel Isolated For Pooping At Work

I know you must be thinking how unrealistic I’m talking. This is what I’m trying to make you understand that no one will ambush you for pooping at work.

For a more realistic example, I, myself, got up to poop while writing this article. I’m at my workplace, and I didn’t get bashed for doing so.

So don’t think that your coworkers will start to hate you just because you pooped at work.

Stop wasting more of your life by getting worried about such stuff.

7. Pooping At Work Is A Feminist Act

Men face the issues of pooping at work, but most of the women get affected by it.

Even it’s a cultural behavior for women to get worried about pooping at work.

Also, society sees body functions as unnatural and gross when these happen to women.

It Is Natural For Women To Poop
Pooping At Work Is A Feminist Act

Somehow our cultural fears say that women pooping at work are “primal” in nature. It is the total steaming load here.

Don’t get into such traps. You don’t have to be harsh on your femininity while dealing with loads of workload.

You are already dealing with lots of stuff in your life. It would help if you had the comfort of recently evacuated bowels.

Remember that you can still be successful without forcing yourself to impossible standards.

You can’t learn anything if you are holding the pressure of being a delicate ideal woman.

10 Tips To Use When Pooping At Work

You might get embarrassed because of your bodily sounds while pooping at work. It happens when there are other people in the bathroom.

If it is so, here are some tips you can use to avoid this embarrassment.

1. Play Loud Music From Your Phone

You can take your phone to the bathroom and play music while you poop. It’s a good tip as the sound of music will cover up the sound of the plop.

2. Wait In Dead Silence Until Other People Leave

You can wait in silence for other people to leave the bathroom. So you can get out without a feeling of embarrassment.

Wait For Other People To Leave For Pooping In Peace
Wait In Dead Silence Until Other People Leave

Also, there would be no one to get bothered by that stinky smell!

3. Have A Wacky Pair Of Shoes With You

You can keep a pair of shoes under your shirt while you walk towards the bathroom.

This way, no one will recognize your shoes while you are on the stall.

4. Put The Piled Up Tissues In Bowl

Make a stack of toilet papers and place them in the bowl where you think your poop will plop.

You’ll give this tip ten points every time you go to the bathroom because it will cover the sound of your pooping.

5. Bring Your Laptop In The Bathroom

You can bring your laptop to the bathroom and play an episode of Game Of Thrones at full volume.

The people outside will think that you are enjoying the season and won’t judge you.

6. Fake A Phone Call

You can pretend to make a phone call and cry loudly. This way, your sound of pooping will get covered up.

You can use this tip every time you think that things might go loud.

7. Ask For A Glass Of Water

Yet it sounds funny, but it works. As soon as your coworker enters the bathroom, ask him in a weak voice to get you a glass of water.

The moment they leave, you can get your pooping done before they come back.

8. Create A Diversion

You can create a diversion for coworkers, so they ignore you. Please bring your pet to work and leave him outside the bathroom.

Leave Your Pet Outside The Bathroom
Create A Diversion

Your coworker will start playing with it instead of fixing his hair.

9. Say Who Put That Cushion Here

A good trick! After you fart, say, “Who put that whoopie cushion here,” and then toss that cushion into the air.

10. If Every Thing Fails

If all else fails, then you should go and use a Starbucks bathroom.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Normal To Poop At Work?

Recent studies show that most people find it uncomfortable to poop at work. But it can lead to health issues. So it's normal and necessary to poop at work if you feel the need.

Why Do We Read While Pooping?

To read while you poop seems relaxing. It's good for the eyes to absorb some fresh matter as the bodily substance is getting lost.

How Do You Secretly Poop?

You can turn on the fan if you want to make it less noisy. Depending on the sink is another useful trick. Flush instantly after you are done pooping and spray some air freshener in the bathroom.

Is It Wrong To Use Your Phone While Pooping?

Using the phone in the bathroom is always disgusting. To use your phone, you'll have to handle it against your face. It is somehow bad for health. Also, the phone will divert your attention and screw up your body's response to poop time.


Pooping at work can be challenging, but it’s important to remember that everyone poops. So please don’t hold it in and avoid any long-lasting trouble.

It’s all about the timing. The time you choose to go to the bathroom is an essential factor. Choose a time when everyone else seems to be busy.

Be quick in getting your business done, so no one else has to wait outside.

The sound of a flush is always louder than that of your plop. So do it a flush when you think it’s time to plop.

Wash your hands after you come out and behave as nothing happened!

Share a funny moment from your office in the comment section below.

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