What To Do When Boss Is Threatened By Me – 8 Tips To See

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We all compare ourselves to our competitors all the time; the corporate world is no less than the competition itself.

Coworkers get threatened by each other, bosses get scared of their outshining employees.

What To Do When Boss Is Threatened By Me – 8 Tips

The question is, how to maintain a healthy relationship with your boss amidst competition. You must’ve recognized the signs that tell your boss is threatened by you; that’s why you’re here.

First of all, have a friendly discussion with your boss and try to get on the same page. Here are some tips that can help you do that!

1. Have A Friendly Talk With The Boss – Grab Two Coffees

Your boss is not your rival even if he’s threatened, so don’t consider a working relationship to be rivalry. Be polite when dealing with your threatened boss.

Talk To Your Threatened Boss

He might have got threatened because of your performance or something you said before. The problem can be at your end, so take a look at your behavior as well.

Invite your boss to have coffee together and have an open discussion with him. Ask him what is bothering him and how you can help lessen his insecurity.

2. Make Sure The Boss Is Comfortable

You don’t want to scare an already threatened boss, right? So make sure the environment is comfortable and friendly. Avoid talking about your achievements and what you’ve been doing lately.

Avoid Making Things Worse With Them

The topic should be how to help a threatened boss. Tell them you want to solve all the problems between you two and make things better like before.

Listen to your boss if he has to say something and keep your mind positive towards his comments.

3. Clear Your Purpose And Intentions To Your Threatened Boss

If you’re stuck on what to do when the boss is threatened by me, you should clear your intentions to him. Tell them about your purpose and why you’re here to work, clear your boss’s misconceptions.

What To Do When Boss Is Threatened By Me

Making your intentions clear in front of your boss will help you clear the path between you two.

He’ll not get threatened or scared anymore because you’re directly talking to him about your goals.

4. Share Your Skills

If I would’ve been in your place looking for what to do when the boss is threatened by me, I’d share my expertise. Yes, you read it right. You can offer your boss to get the benefit of your skills.

If your performance threatens him, share your skills and thoughts with your boss.

Instead of keeping things personal, share how you both can use each other’s skills. It will help you and your boss and the company on a significant level.

5. Appreciate Your Boss In Front Of Others

If your boss did something great, you should appreciate him in front of the whole team. So that can add up to his confidence that he’s doing good and you won’t much threaten him.

Your Boss Will Change His Perspective

Appreciation will make your boss think that he’s capable of other such great things. It will also motivate your boss and shift his focus towards his own achievements.

Instead of getting threatened of you next time, he’ll pay attention to do better himself.

6. Give Credits To Your Boss

If you give credit to your boss for something he did for you, he’ll be happier and feel lighter. A threatened boss is scared because he thinks you’re doing better than him.

Credit Your Boss For Something Great He Did

The boss doesn’t feel self-sufficient in his role and doubts his capabilities. Even if this feeling is intrinsic, you should give credit to your boss if you sense something like that.

It will make your boss assured that you’re aware of his contributions, and he might feel different for you.

7. Prepare If Things Don’t Go Well

If the positive approach doesn’t seem to be working and your boss responds rudely, try another method. You can’t change your boss’s behavior or perspective if he’s unwilling to do so.

Get Yourself Prepared If Things Go Bad

Remember that you tried, but it didn’t work, so keep your mind clear of any confusion.

A threatened boss will harm your reputation sooner or later; he can be a risk for your job. So document his behavior and try keeping a record of everything.

8. Get The Management Involved

Your boss’s negativity is not only affecting your work but also the company as a whole. You need to do something to save your workplace from such toxicity.

You did your best to change your boss’s thoughts about you. But the consequences are not in your hand, so you should inform HR.

Inform the management about whatever’s happening and keep some proof at hand.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Defend Yourself Against Your Boss?

If your boss is going against you and you’re facing serious threats from him, get out the policy book of your company. Learn how your boss is violating the policy and start the documentation trail. Have a direct conversation with your boss.

How Do You Respond To A Hostile Boss?

If your boss is being hostile towards you, ignore their hostility for a while. Avoiding taking it personally will help you get stronger mentally. Stay strong through the process and get ready to communicate with your boss.

Should You Argue With Your Boss?

If you can agree with your boss to the point that it’s not harming you, it’s well and good. You can also do things their way if you don’t find it bad. Only argue with your boss if you think it’s worth risking your job; otherwise, it’s better to let it go.

Why Does Your Boss Pick On You?

Your boss might be picking on you because he’s moody, and he’s taking out his frustration on you. That’s because you’re his safest target, and he can’t manage his stress well.


If your boss is threatened by you, that’s not your fault. You did everything possible to make your boss comfortable and diminish his insecurities. If he’s responding well to your efforts, that’s a good sign. Everyone should make sure no one feels threatened at workplace.

If your boss doesn’t respond well and behaves the same, you should accept him the way he is. But if his insecurities are causing a threat to your job security, you should take action and inform HR.

That’s the best thing in your and the company’s interest, take a step forward and save everyone!

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