Can You Get Rehired After Being Terminated? Yes, Here’s How

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Can you get rehired after being terminated? Would it be worth trying? First, let’s explore the options and what you can expect.

It’s not an impossible feat to get rehired after let go from a job. But, unfortunately, it happens more often than you might think.

Can You Get Rehired After Being Terminated? Find Out How

Yes, they can rehire you after they fired you. The process may not be easy and may take some time, but it is possible.

However, there are several things to keep in mind in this scenario:

1. Why Should They Give You Second Chance?

The first question you need to answer is why your former employer should give you a second chance.

Company can rehire - can you get rehired after being terminated

This is not always easy to answer. But it’s important, to be honest with yourself. Figure out what went wrong the first time around.

When you know what it is, be ready to explain it to your former employer. Be sincere and take responsibility for your actions.

For instance, explain what has changed since you got fired for being late to work. Perhaps you now have a better understanding of time management.

Or maybe you’ve found a way to get to work on time despite chaotic morning traffic.

Some employers are willing to give employees a second chance. But it’s important to show that you’ve learned from your mistakes and committed to doing better.

2. How To Approach Former Company Again?

Start by reaching out to your former employer. You can call or email them directly or go through a mutual contact.

When you reach out, be respectful and explain your interest in coming back.

Remember to mention what you improve since you were last there.

For example, you might say that you’ve been taking classes to improve your skills. Or working on your time management.

You may have to meet with your former employer to discuss the situation further.

But if you can show that you commit to doing better, they may be willing to give you a second chance.

Your former employer isn’t the only one you can reach out to. You can also talk to your former coworkers.

They may be able to give you a positive reference. Or they can help you get your foot in the door at a new company.

3. What Can You Do Differently?

If you want to go back to the company after termination, there are a few things you can do differently.

First, you must take some time to reflect on what led to your termination.

What were the circumstances? What could you have done differently?

Once you’ve identified the areas where you need to improve, you can start working on making those changes.

It’s also a good idea to reach out to your former employer. Try to understand their perspective.

Learning opportunities - can you get rehired after being terminated

What did they think of your work? What could you have done better?

Some employers are willing to give second chances. Make a list of why they should rehire you, and be ready to discuss them.

If you’re able to make a compelling case, you may be able to get your old job back.

And not only discuss, but you also have to show them that you have made the changes.

Use your previous work experiences, even the negative ones, as learning opportunities.

Don’t give up hope if they terminated you. You can use this setback as an opportunity to make some positive changes in your career.

4. Have You Moved On?

It’s important to show your employer that you’ve moved on from the termination.

Don’t be still angry or bitter about what happened. It’s unlikely that they’ll want to rehire you.

Instead, focus on the future and what you can do to improve your work performance.

Rehiring a former employee can be a risky proposition. The employer may have valid concerns about the employee’s performance.

The best way to demonstrate that you’ve moved on is to get another job.

This will show that you’re still employable. And you have the skills necessary to perform well in your role.

If you cannot find another job, try to volunteer or take on some freelance work.

This will show that your motivation and interest in work. It may also allow you to improve your skills.

5. Be Positive:

Even if you’re feeling down about termination, it’s important to remain positive. This is especially true if you’re hoping they hire you again.

The employer will be looking for signs that you’re able to rebound from this setback. So, stay positive and confident during your job search.

And be sure to emphasize you’re positive qualities during your interviews.

Your positive attitude may be the key to them rehiring you after terminating you.

6. Keep in Touch:

If you want them to rehire you, it’s important to keep in touch with your former employer. So check in every few months and inquire about any open positions.

You can also offer to help with projects or work on a contract basis. This will show that you’re still interested in the company and willing to help when needed.

You’re keeping your name fresh in the employer’s mind by staying in touch. And you may be the first person they think of when a position opens up.

7. Be Willing to Negotiate:

If you’re offered your old job back, be willing to negotiate. Things may have changed since you were last employed. And you may get entitled to a higher salary or new benefits.

Don’t be afraid to ask for what you’re worth. After all, you did leave the company on good terms, and they want to hire you again.

And even if the company can’t meet your demands, they may be willing to negotiate.

However, this is not an opportunity to try to get revenge. Be reasonable in your negotiations. Don’t make demands that are impossible for the company to meet.

Although it is not certain that you will get your old job back, it is still possible if:

– You got terminated for a minor infraction

– And have remained in good standing with the company

Small Steps To Start Over In Previous Company:

Here are some steps you can take to try and get your old job back:

8. Talk To Your Former Boss:

It is always a good idea to discuss this with your former boss. This will give you some insight as to why you were let go.

And if there is a possibility of getting rehired. Some bosses may be willing to give you a second chance.

But it is still good to have that closure if they are not. You will not waste time pining over a job that will never be yours again.

9. Write A Letter Of Reinstatement:

In this letter, you will want to express your remorse for whatever led to your termination.

Reinstatement letter

Be sure to take full responsibility for your actions. You will also want to state how you have changed and why they should give you a second chance.

Then, end the letter by asking to get reinstated. This is a formal way of asking to get rehired after getting termination. And it may just work if done correctly.


You can use this sample letter of reinstatement after termination as a template.

“Dear __________,

This letter states my interest in getting reinstated as an employee at ____________.

I am writing to take full responsibility for my actions that led to my termination. And I want to express how I have changed since then.

Since let go, I have taken the time to reflect on my choices. I have made the necessary changes in my life. I am ready and willing to return to work, where I will be a model employee.

And I am confident that I can perform my job duties in a way that meets or exceeds your expectations.

I would appreciate the chance to show you how much I have changed. And to prove that I am an asset to the company.


When you talk to your former boss, be humble. Do not try to make excuses for your past behavior.

10. Be Willing To Start At The Bottom:

If you get rehired after getting fired, do not expect to get your old job back. You will likely have to start at the bottom and work your way up.

They may allow you to prove yourself and earn back your old position. But, it is more likely that they will give you a lower-level job.

For instance, if you were a manager, you may have to start as an entry-level employee.

Smart bosses will realize that everyone deserves a second chance. If you are willing to start at the bottom, it will show that you are truly sorry for your past mistakes.

11. Ask For A Probationary Period:

When you talk to your boss about rehiring, ask for a probationary period.

This is a set amount of time (usually 3-6 months) where you can prove that you deserve to keep your job.

During this time, you will have a higher standard than other employees.

You may have to sign a contract agreeing to this arrangement. But it will be worth it if it means getting your job back.

Final Word:

Losing your job can be a very difficult experience. But it doesn’t have to be the end of your career.

If you take the right steps, you may be able to get rehired after getting terminated.

Just make sure that you are truly sorry for your past mistakes. Then, with a positive attitude and some hard work, you can get your job back and be successful once again.

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