How To Get Revenge On Bad Boss – 21 Tips and Tricks

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If your boss is wrong, then stop letting him step over you. It’s time to learn how to get revenge on boss.

We all know that a bad boss can make your life miserable. They yell, demean, and don’t care about anyone but themselves.

How To Get Revenge On Bad Boss – 21 Tips and Tricks

So what do you do? You could look for another job. But before you go running off to work for some other company, remember one thing:

Your boss is still out there somewhere, making other people miserable.

Therefore, to end it, get revenge on the evil how to make your boss miserable. Here are 15 tips on how:

1. Listen For Clues About His Personal Life:

Remember, your boss isn’t much different from you. How to get even with your boss He watches TV shows in his free time, which means he has favorite actors and actresses like everyone else.

How To Get Revenge On Bad BossSeeing who the stars are dating may give you ideas about how to ‘get even.’

2. How To Get Revenge On Bad Boss – Use His Troubles Against Him:

Does your boss have a family member who’s sick? A wife who is constantly angry with him?

Before you use this for revenge, how to get back at a bad boss be aware that it may worsen the situation. But if he deserves it, don’t hold back.

3. Do Exactly The Opposite Of What He Wants:

This one works exceptionally well if you can get away with it. So long as you aren’t making serious mistakes, it should cause your boss problems.

If he asks for something, he knows it will not happen. For example: “I’m sorry, Mr. Johnson needs me in the meeting.”

How to get revenge on a bad boss: “Fine, but don’t forget to get this report done by lunchtime.” Reply: “Yes, I’m sorry, but Mr. Johnson needs me for that meeting.”

4. Check Our His Social Networking Sites:

It’s too easy to set up a social networking account these days. If you’re friends with your boss on Facebook or Twitter, then monitor his activity closely.

You can find out exactly how many times he’s been looking at girls online if he posts the same link every weekend.

5. Give Him A Fake Deadline:

Bosses expect you to get their work done on time. Sometimes this means they start expecting it before the due date, which is unfair.

bad boss

So if he asks for something that you can not finish on time, give him a deadline for later. It gives you more time and gets him off your back simultaneously.

6. Make His Email Look Like Spam:

If you want revenge to the boss but don’t know how to get it exactly, make his email account look spam. Use some self-explanatory phrases or keywords in his address.

If he’s sending out an important email (such as one about ordering more toner), then you will know.

7. Use His Own Company Against Him:

Does your boss have a favorite social media site? An extramarital affair with a woman who works in the office next door?

Whatever it is, find some way to use it against him. You can make a compelling argument by saying that if he doesn’t do X or Y, everyone at work will find out about [spam link]

8. How To Get Revenge On Bad Boss – Report An Error He Made:

Your boss makes mistakes from time to time. It’s inevitable. But what’s important is how he responds when he gets caught.

So pay attention and if you see something fishy going on, report it anonymously. If you obtain proof of his error, he will have no choice but to work with you.

9. Hang Out With His Friends:

It’s time to find out who the people your boss spends his free time with are. The guy in accounting? A receptionist in another department?

Whoever they might be, this is a great way to get close and take away some of your boss’ power over you.

10. Make An Appointment And Never Show Up:

Whether you do this by phone or in person at the front desk, try to make an appointment and never show up. If you don’t arrive on time, it will make your boss think.

quit bosses

Your boss will know that he didn’t notice you when requesting the appointment. He will feel like less of a boss.

11. Pull A Sick Day:

Everyone uses sick days for the sole purpose of avoiding work at some time or another. The difference is that you do it all the time, making your boss realize that he’s not very important.

It’s hard to be an authority figure if you can’t even control your employees. If they’re calling out with ‘illnesses’ like a bad cold, there is something fishy.

12. How To Get Revenge On Bad Boss – Don’t Show Up:

If you’re feeling bold, then show up to work one morning. When your boss asks what’s going on, tell him that you won’t be working there anymore.

Walk out the door with a smile on your face, get breakfast at the diner down the street and never look back. It will cause problems for him because no one else will know how to do your job.

13. Make A Misstep Without Apology:

You can also take some of your boss’ power away by making small mistakes now and again. Do not ever show any sign of being sorry about it.

If he tells you not to forget something important, but you do anyway, act like it wasn’t a big deal.

Don’t apologize when he asks for an update on the project you’re working on, and try to forget about it.

14. Call Out Without Reason:

If your boss calls out sick one day, don’t bother calling in yourself. Just call out too.

If he never calls out, then it’s unfair for you to do so once in a while just because you feel like it.

It will show him that you’re here all the time, and even though you might be lazy, at least you’re loyal.

15. How To Get Revenge On Bad Boss – Let People Know He Lacks Leadership Skills:

It is where your colleagues come into play. There’s nothing worse than someone undermining you. Point it out every time he makes a mistake.


Make sure that you’re never around when those mistakes come up. Prevent him from firing you for insubordination.

16. Frame Him For Something:

You can frame your boss in many different ways to get back at your boss. It all depends on the strength of your evidence and how much trust someone has for you.

The more people who believe what you say, the more damage it will do to his career and reputation.

Try to find something believable – especially if everyone else likes your boss.

If this is too hard, frame him with something unrelated, like:

– Claiming that he’s been stealing information from an upcoming project

– That he’s been embezzling funds for himself.

17. How To Get Revenge On Bad Boss – Build Up Your Resume:

It might not make much difference. You should think about your career and get yourself out there for opportunities.

If this means building up your resume while at work, then go for it. It doesn’t matter if you get fired (which is likely). At least you’ll be able to find another job than everyone else.

18. Keep Your Job At All Costs:

If all else fails, keep working hard and doing everything asked of you by your boss. The last thing he wants is an employee who shows up every day and does what to do.

Try to prevent him from getting rid of you at all costs by doing everything he asks without complaint.

19. Make Him Look Bad In Front Of Other People:

It can be a little tricky because you’ll need to socialize with other people from work bad boss revenge. It might not be accessible if your boss is watching over your shoulder.

If he’s not, though, take the credit for your colleagues’ work and make sure that they know about it. This way, they can dislike your boss.

It will work even better if you manage to make one of them like you more than him.

20. Spread Rumors About Him:

It’s the easiest method of them all. All you have to do is talk about your boss behind his back with everyone who will listen.

breaking your heart

The more rumors out there, the lower his status will be. Eventually, people will start looking for any sign of his rumor-worthy action.

21. How To Get Revenge On Bad Boss – Let Him Go:

Remember that revenge isn’t the answer to anything. If you ever feel like how to get back at your boss, go home, play some video games and get away from the whole situation.

It might be challenging. However, it’s easier than trying to get rid of someone who has more power than you (unless you’re a lawyer).


Don’t forget what your goal is – to get revenge on a bad boss – and don’t let anything stand in your way.

Keep it fun and keep it interesting by trying out different things. Remember to document everything so you can laugh about it later.

You can try to get rid of your boss, but we recommend you do not. Your career is necessary, and there are specific protocols that you should follow.

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