20 Definite Signs Your Boss Is Testing You – How To React

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If your boss suddenly starts to test you, it means that they want something from you. We will help to understand 20 signs your boss is testing you.

Here are the signs you are being tested at work. If you figure out what your boss wants, you’ll have a much easier time dealing with this social situation.

20 Obvious Signs Your Boss Is Testing You – Must Read

Here are 20 red signs that you should be aware of:

1. Your Boss Asks Basic Questions:

Your boss asks fundamental questions about how things work. It is probably the number-one sign that your boss wants something from you.

signs boss is testing you

It’s an apparent attempt to get the information they should already know. You might think this doesn’t sound so bad, but it is.

If this happens, your boss asks you to prove that you know the answer. It might not seem like a big deal at first glance, but it’s sneaky.

Your boss is testing whether or not you’ll be able to provide the information they can use against you later.

That means that if you don’t give them an answer they’re happy with, they’ll hold that over your head.

2. Signs Your Boss Is Testing You – Your Boss Repeats Themselves Over And Over Again:

It is one of the most common signs your boss wants something from you. A lot of bosses will do this because of ego issues. 

They ask questions again and again. Repeating themselves makes them feel powerful and in control.

3. Your Boss Is Defensive:

When your boss becomes defensive, it’s because you know something they don’t want you to know. 

They’re putting up a fake front designed to trick you into believing they care about you and your work. It is your boss’s way of saving face.

4. You Get An Unfair Amount Of Work:

You get an unfair amount of work because your boss wants you to fail. It’s the ultimate Machiavellian test designed to ensure that you can manipulate them.

If you can’t get all of it done, they will find fault with whatever portion of the task you did complete. You’ll get punished for something that was never your fault in the first place.

5. Signs Your Boss Is Testing You – Your Boss Is Critical And Sarcastic:

It is a classic sign someone doesn’t have confidence in what you’re doing. They are always sarcastic towards you. Their criticism is not positive but negative.


They’re finding ways to undermine your efforts and test how well-versed you are.

6. They Probe Your Weaknesses:

They probe your weaknesses so that they can harness them to their benefit. It is one of the most insidious signs that your boss wants something from you. 

They’re trying to find out how they can get you to do whatever they want.

7. Your Boss Is Secretive:  

Your boss is secretive when they don’t trust you with information. They fear that you might reveal it before they want you to. 

They probe your weaknesses. It is all about harnessing and exploiting what power and control they think they have over you.

8. Signs Your Boss Is Testing You – Their Actions Are Inconsistent:

It is a sign someone lacks self-confidence. They don’t know what type of person they are or what kind of person they want you to be. 

They lack the absolute conviction required to make good decisions. Therefore, they change their minds whenever they feel like it.

9. Your Boss Doesn’t Respect Who You Are:

Your boss doesn’t respect who you are as a person. They question your integrity and motives whenever possible. If this happens, do not stay quiet!

signs your boss is testing you

Start putting up a fight to protect yourself and your dignity and decency.

10. Your Boss Is Impossible To Please:

They’re impossible to please. Your boss is always looking for ways to prove your inefficiency. 

That’s why after you do something right, they’ll come up with some excuse as to why it wasn’t good enough. 

If this sounds familiar, don’t wait for them to show their hand so you can figure out where you stand.

11. Signs Your Boss Is Testing You – They Encourage You To Do Something You Don’t Want To Do:

It is a surefire way to determine if your boss wants something from you. They’re suggesting that you do things you don’t want to do. 

After they convince you it’s a good idea, they’ll turn around and complain about your work.

12. Your Boss Makes Gossiping Part Of The Job Description:

Your boss turns gossip into part of the job description whenever possible. It is because it benefits them in some way. 

It provides them with information about how the company works. Consequently, they can exploit any weaknesses or find ways to sabotage others’ projects. 

If this sounds like your boss, be careful trusting them with anything personal.

13. Your Boss Is Always Needy:

Your boss is always needy because they want something from you. It could be:

– Help on a project

– Information about another co-worker

– Access to exclusive datasets or anything else designed to benefit them in some way down the road. They can use anything against you anytime.

14. Your Boss Always Brings Up Negative Memories:

Your boss always brings up negative memories. They’re trying to convince you that you don’t deserve better. 

They do this because it’s the only way to convince you your work is subpar, even when it isn’t. They’ll keep bringing up old memories every time the opportunity presents itself.

15. Signs Your Boss Is Testing You – Your Boss Is Unfair And Critical:

It is another classic sign someone is testing you. It has nothing to do with how good or bad you are at your job. 

They convince themselves that they can always get the upper hand by isolating you. Your boss takes advantage of whatever weaknesses they think you have.

16. Your Boss Don’t Believe You:

They don’t believe anything you say because your words mean nothing to them. All they’re interested in is how to manipulate your words to prove that you’re not good enough.

right track

They don’t want you to look smart enough or talented enough. Pay attention to signs that they can bring up what they’re saying up at a later date when it’s least expected.

17. Your Boss’ Actions Are Always Designed To Hinder Progress:

Your boss doesn’t care about progress unless it benefits them somehow. They only care about hindering your efforts every way they can form their selfish benefit. 

Don’t even bother working with them because the only thing they want is what’s best for them at any cost.

18. Signs Your Boss Is Testing You – Your Boss Asks You For Favors And Never Gives Anything In Return:

Your boss would never give you anything in return if you asked for help on a project. 

That’s because the only reason they’re helping you is so that when they ask for something later on down the road. 

You’ll be more than happy to do it without asking questions or expecting anything in return. Don’t fall into the trap of helping them out without expecting anything in return.

19. Your Boss Always Displays A Negative Outlook:

Your boss always displays a negative outlook. They’re trying to convince you that your life and career aren’t going anywhere. They make you believe that you should take whatever crumbs they decide to throw your way.

signs your boss is testing you

They don’t let you realize how unfair and meaningless their ways are. There’s very little chance anything will ever change if the status quo remains.

20. Boss Try To Sabotage You:

They’ll try to sabotage you whenever possible. It is because your boss wants something from you no matter what it takes. 

It doesn’t matter why because all that matters is that you allow them the upper hand no matter how much it costs you.

How To React To The Signs

After you see signs you are being tested at work, do not believe them! If your boss wants something from you, they will be nice to you. They will give off the impression that everything is alright.

You’ll notice that things will be fine one minute, and then the next thing you know, they start testing you.

When this happens, there’s no going back. Your boss has already started thinking about getting what they want from you.

In the beginning, your boss started asking questions to test how loyal and dedicated you are.

workers leave

Don’t think that because everything is going well right now, it will remain that way forever.

Sooner or later, your boss will start giving you orders that seem unethical or unfair. You have to understand that this won’t be happening by chance.

The more time goes on, the more likely your boss plans something big involving you.


There are many signs your boss is testing you. Most of the time, they push you to see what you’ll do when the time comes for them to take advantage of you somehow.

Don’t let it happen under any circumstances because that’s what they want. It may sound harsh, but that’s precisely how these people are.

They don’t care about anything other than themselves. The only thing you should ever consider is how to make sure that never happens.

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