Why Is My Boss Doing My Job – How The Aftermath Looks

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Most of us don’t get a chance to do what we’re good at work, and then we get labelled as insufficient. Isn’t it unfair? Definitely, it is!

But have you ever thought about what makes such things happen at the workplace? Suddenly, your table is empty, and you’ve nothing to do because your boss is doing your job.

Why Is My Boss Doing My Job – 10 Reasons

When a boss gets a promotion, he takes the work of that position along with him, thinking it to be his right. There can be various reasons behind the concern for why is my boss doing my job?

Let’s talk about some potential reasons that are making your boss do your job instead of you.

1. Your High-Hat Boss Thinks You’re Dumb

The first reason he’s been interrupting your job is he thinks that you’re not capable of doing it. In his eyes, you’re just another uncompetitive employee who got this job by luck.

Your boss thinks he is the superman of the company who’ll fix everything and put them in place. So even when you do your job in the best capacity, he’ll disdain this task.

Why Is My Boss Doing My Job
Your High-Hat Boss Thinks Youre Dumb

He won’t stop there and ask you to do it again; rather, he’ll do it himself and make you feel worthless. So you think you’re not someone wise enough to handle an important task.

2. Why Is My Boss Doing My Job – He’s Ready To Bid You A Good-Bye

No matter how much time you’ve given to this company, your boss will fire you once he’s done with you.

But before he breaks this news to you, he’ll seize all those projects from you one by one. The reason is that he knows that you’re going soon, so he tries to adjust your work with his schedule.

He won’t delegate these tasks to your coworkers and considers himself enough of this. Even if he fails miserably at the end, he won’t admit that he can’t do it all alone.

3. Your Boss Is Doing Your Job Because He’s A Perfection Freak

Some people are born like this; they are perfectionists and think others to be magicians too. Putting efforts into the tiny details of work matters a lot to them.

His Perfection Sense Would Not Let You Do Anything
Your Boss Is Doing Your Job Because Hes A Perfection Freak

Your boss can be one of these people! He wants you to do your job as if you’re a superhero that can’t leave anything with a flaw. But that’s not possible for a human, as humans can make errors.

When you’re unable to do so, he starts grabbing on to your job and tries to prove himself in front of managers.

4. Why Is My Boss Doing My Job – He Can’t Trust With Major Projects

Sometimes it’s not in the hands of your boss to assign you a project, and you aren’t directly reporting to him. Higher management teamed up with you for something exciting and significant.

Now your bossy boss can’t digest the fact that you’re doing good. He thought you to be an average employee who shouldn’t get involved in significant projects.

He’ll try to snatch away those tasks from you because he thinks that you’ll ruin everything in the end.

5. That Weirdo Wants To Impose Himself On Everything

You must be thinking that your boss is trying to help you by doing your job, but that’s not true. You’ll often see him stamping his name on every project that goes upward through him.

He wants to mark his impression on everything, yes it’s weird, but that’s what he likes.

He Cannot Let Anything Go Without His Impression
That Weirdo Wants To Impose Himself On Everything

My boss used to proofread everything that I did and pointed out mistakes to correct them by himself. He wants to enjoy this contentment when his name is present on every little task of the company.

6. You’re New, And He’s Showing You How To Do It

If you’ve recently joined this job and wondering to yourself, “why is my boss doing my job?” Then you should be at ease because your boss must be doing things to give you a demo.

You should take it in a positive sense because he’s just trying to help you out. He doesn’t want you to mess up things right at the beginning of your job.

He performs a task to show you how to do it and wants you to do it perfectly when it gets done the next time.

7. Your Bossy Boss Desires To Control Things – Another Micromanager

Micromanagement is never going to get off our way. We all suffer from being under a micromanager at some point in our jobs.

Your boss must be too bossy to take everything under his control. No matter how good you perform, he’ll keep raising his standard of perfection.

My Boss Wants To Control Me
Your Bossy Boss Desires To Control Things – Another Micromanager

You can’t satisfy such bosses in any way; he’ll always have something to point out in your tasks.

Instead of correcting your mistakes, he’ll assign your job to himself and start doing it.

8. Why Is My Boss Doing My Job – He’s After The Promotion License

Sometimes bosses try to do all the tasks that can bring them fame and recognition. That can be the case with your boss who’s trying to do your job.

He thinks that it’s a way to gather approvals from higher management to get a promotion.

When a person is outperforming everything in the office, he’ll be worth the promotion.

So he is doing other’s jobs to achieve a higher rank in the office. He has nothing to do with other’s success.

9. He’s Got Nothing On His Plate

You shouldn’t hate your boss by thinking, why is my boss doing my job. Sometimes it’s not his fault; he has got nothing on his plate.

Wondering what to do, he sneaks into your cabin and starts interfering in your job.

Your Boss Is To Free At His Own Job
Hes Got Nothing On His Plate

It can be a management flaw of not delegating the tasks properly.

Your boss wants to keep himself busy, but his desk is empty, and he has nothing to do. So he starts doing your job to pass his time in the office.

10. Thinks You Aren’t Sincere With Work.

Last but not least, a boss might think that you aren’t true to your job. You’re just getting rid of those tasks to finish your day and go home.

It can be because you look hasty at your job and try to finish tasks before time.

But he misinterprets it and jumps up to volunteer himself and do the job you’ve been trying to do.

He is trying to do good for the company, but he’s dragging the morale of employees down.

What Happens When My Boss Tries To Do My Job

It can have detrimental consequences when a boss tries to grab on to the jobs of his employees. In some cases, bosses might have good intentions and try to fix things, but the results won’t be positive.

What happens when you aren’t considered responsible for doing something you’ve been doing for years? Obviously, you’ll feel frustrated. So here are some more results that come into being after such incidents.

1. My Career Gets A Full Stop

When a boss doesn’t allow his employees to do their job, they won’t have any big achievements on the wall.

Why Is My Boss Doing My Job
My Career Gets A Full Stop

Such a person can’t even enlist any attainment on his CV when he’s out to find a new job.

Not considering employees worthy of doing anything big puts a full stop to their careers. How can a person grow in his career when he hasn’t done anything during his job?

2. It Bashes My Self-Esteem

Whenever my boss snatches a task from me and does it himself, I start feeling more and more worthless.

In such a situation, a person can’t feel motivated to do his next task. When this happens over and over again, the employee thinks there’s a flaw in his performance.

So when my boss is doing my job, my self-respect and esteem get hurt to the point that I no longer want to stay.

3. My Creative Spirit Dies

We all learn a new thing while doing our jobs; it keeps the creative spirit alive. Inventing new ways to solve a problem is something a person should learn at his job.

I Am Not Able To Solve Work Problems Anymore
My Creative Spirit Dies

But when the opportunity gets taken away from you, you won’t have anything on your plate.

Innovation and enthusiasm slowly fade away, and frustration makes its way instead.

4. Drags Down The Employee Morale – Turnover Raises

No one can feel motivated when they are told that they can’t do it. Such bosses who try to do other’s jobs carry away their motivation.

Eventually, the employee morale drops down, and he can’t feel worthy of anything.

Some people will choose to stop working in such an environment and leave the company. It will harm the organization when valuable employee leaves and turnover rate increase.

How Can I Stop The Boss From Doing My Job

You must be thinking of a subtle way to tell your boss to stop doing your job. You must not want to get kicked out of the office for being rude.

You can try the following method to keep your boss’s nose out of your professional matters.

1. Check If He’s Aware Of This Over-Involvement

It would be wrong to assume in every case that a boss is purposely interfering in your job. He might be unaware of his doings and doesn’t have an intention to cause harm.

Why Is My Boss Doing My Job
Check If Hes Aware Of This Over-Involvement

First of all, clear the dust from expectations. You can ask your boss to tell you what he expects from you. It’s a good way to understand the scope of your role they want to see.

Tell him clearly what his involvement is doing to you and your job. He might be unaware of his degree of involvement.

2. Inquire About Your Performance – See Where You Lack

Sometimes the fault can be at your end too, so it’s for self-assessment. If your boss is trying to do your job, he might be giving you hidden feedback.

You can ask them if there’s something they think you’re not good enough at. If this is the case, you should address your weaknesses.

3. Throw Some Light On The Aftermath

When a boss tries to do his employees’ job, it’s causing much more damage than one can imagine. Both of them gives a bad impression on the management.

Highlight The Consequences Of Your Bosss Actions
Throw Some Light On The Aftermath

Employee morale falls, and he doesn’t want to keep up with his job. It also has an overall effect on the reputation of organizations.

Your boss may back off once he realizes that his involvement in your job is not good.

4. Team Up And Discover The Backup

You can make your boss learn to be clear about what his involvement should achieve. If he thinks that he can get better results by doing your job, he’s on the wrong track.

Tell him that there’s a certain level of involvement a boss should have in other’s jobs. If they exceed that level, they won’t achieve anything other than disappointment.

You both should communicate and discover a reasonable solution to this problem.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Tell My Boss To Back Off?

If your boss is a micromanaging jerk, you must learn to tell him back off in a nice way. Tell him that you want to increase your productivity and save time. Ask him if he can help to develop your skillset and suggest some career-related tips.

How Do You Tell If Your Boss Is Trying To Get Rid Of You?

The signs of telling your boss are trying to get rid of you are quite absolute. It happens when he is handling your work to others and doesn't let you grow. Also, miscommunication and micromanaging behaviour are alarming signs. He passes rude comments to show his hatred.

How Do You Deal With A Vindictive Boss?

It can be very dreadful to deal with a vengeful boss. Once you know he's up to something horrible; you should get out. Document his behaviour and keep building other connections in the industry. You can also consult an attorney to get legal help.

What are bosses not allowed to do?

There are certain things that your boss can't legally do; if he's doing these, he's violating laws. He can't forbid you to discuss your salary. A boss can't ask prohibited questions during a job interview and force you to sign a project.


When I think about why is my boss doing my job, I see it split into two possible ways. A boss might be doing this to satisfy his ego and meet the harmful intentions. He wants to look down upon you by proving you worthless shit.

Now flip the coin and see the other side; a boss might have good intentions but is unaware of his involvement. The intentions can be different, but the consequences are the same in most cases.

You should have a hard head to deal with this problem and don’t give up at any point. I hope that the suggested ways prove useful for you.

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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