How To Tell Your Boss You Got A Job Offer – 17 Tips

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Congratulations on the job offer. However, we know you can not fully enjoy it before telling your boss. Here’s how to tell your boss you got a job offer.

A job offer is a formal proposal to offer someone a job. It is an offer that shows the willingness of the employer to enter into an employment contract.

How To Tell Your Boss You Got A Job Offer – 17 Tips

A job offer is more than just a raise. It means more money, better benefits, and even more excellent career opportunities. So how do you tell your boss you got a job offer? We offer the following tips.

1. Set A Meeting With Boss: 

It is the most straightforward way to tell your boss you got a job offer.tell boss you got job offer

The best time to have a meeting is when you have a deadline for accepting or rejecting the offer.

2. Use Resources At Your Disposal:

You can also let your boss know in an email unless they prefer phone calls. If they’re expecting the ring, then don’t chicken out.

You can even write down what you want to say ahead of time and read it over before dialing their number.

However, if mailing them with details seems like too much trouble, use email. It’s easier than calling, but make sure do not misspell anything.

3. How To Tell Your Boss You Got A Job Offer – Ask For A Raise+Offer Letter:

Another way is asking for a raise and an offer letter so you can compare your current situation with the new one.

In this way, you make it clear that you are considering a new offer. At the same time, you will be putting pressure on your boss to raise your salary.

4. If Asked, Be Honest:

If your boss asks, “Why are you looking for another job?” tell the truth.

You can say that another company contacted you with a job offer and so you are considering it.

If your boss says, “That’s too bad. We were hoping to keep you,” be honest about your plans.

You can negotiate the best possible package for yourself with them. You can’t let them know if they are disadvantaging their chances by not being supportive.

5. How To Tell Your Boss You Got A Job Offer- If Necessary, Be Ready To Resign:

You must be ready to resign if your boss decides they can’t match the offer presented to you.


You don’t want to accept an offer without giving your current employer a chance. At the same time, you don’t want to go back on your pledge either.

6. How To Tell Your Boss You Got A Job Offer – Accepting An Offer When The Boss Doesn’t Match:

If your boss can match the offer, then accept it right away. However, if they can’t check it, don’t be hasty; ask for more time.

Give them about 48 hours to think of their options. If you find out that they cannot meet your demands within this period, let them know you’ll leave.

A good idea is to suggest your prior salary as your starting point for negotiations.

However, make sure not to force a raise on someone who does not appreciate it or has the money to give one.

7. Keep The Conversation On A Personal Level:

Any conversation between both employers and employees will be personal.

Do not cross it. It is because emotions and ego get involved, and the conversation becomes too tense. Thus, it is advisable to keep the conversation professional and not personal.

8. Keep The Conversation On A Positive Note:

No matter the situation, let your boss know your full appreciation of their efforts.

If they did not match your new job offer, inform them of how much effort they have made for your good.

Let them know that you don’t intend to leave anytime soon. However, like any other employee, you will consider them if given an opportunity.

9. Don’t Let Your Ego Get In The Way Of Righteousness:

If your boss does not match your new job offer, do not become spiteful. Do not retaliate by taking an action they might not like.

Do not let your ego get in the way of righteousness. Be a positive and calm person.

10. How To Tell Your Boss You Got A Job Offer – Preparing For The Meeting:

Treat this meeting as you would any other important business meeting. Such as a job interview or negotiation with clients.

meeting with boss

You will want to be well dressed and prepared so that your words flow smoothly and confidently.

11. Prepare An Offer Letter And Salary Counteroffer:

Once the conversation is over, you should know what terms you can negotiate for a salary increase.

If it is impossible, make sure to use any counteroffers provided to you by your new boss. Do not leave them on the table waiting for nothing.

12. Be Ready To Match An Unmatched Offer:

If for any reason your boss can’t match the offer from another company, be ready to do it yourself.

You should have a set of counteroffers that you will pull out. It will be as soon as you know that they can’t match your new job’s salary.

13. How To Tell Your Boss You Got A Job Offer – Have Your Counteroffers Ready:

If possible, have your negotiations ready before going into the meeting. You will already have an idea of what you are willing to compromise and what remains firm.

You should never agree to a deal right away if the terms aren’t in favor of you matching the offer.

14. Don’t Stress Yourself Out:

If, with everything in place, you realize that it is not what you want, then let go of it. You don’t always have to work for something that appears good outside but is terrible for you.

Working a job that doesn’t offer enough money is one thing. however, working a job you hate is another matter.

15. Don’t Spoil The Relationship You Have With Your Boss:

No matter what happens in negotiations, keep a healthy relationship. Even if they can’t match your new job’s salary offer, be cordial.


Talk about future opportunities that might arise at their company. This way, when there comes another option, you will already have a foot in the door.

16. Give Your Two Weeks Notice:

Once you finalize everything, all that’s left to do is give your notice to your current boss.

If you don’t show up without bothering to notify anyone, then you might get into legal trouble. Make sure to call your boss and HR department.

If they have one so that the transition is smooth. They have a reasonable amount of time to prepare for your absence.

17. How To Tell Your Boss You Got A Job Offer – Keep It All In Perspective:

Having a job that offers more money is great. But it’s essential to keep in mind that when you are miserable every day at work, it doesn’t matter.

The truth of the matter is that if your new prospective boss can’t meet your demands, then it isn’t worth working for.

If they can match or beat your current offer, then good for you! However, if they do not and the only counteroffer they give you is worse than current, thank them for their time.

Politely decline and find something better suited for yourself.

When Should You Accept The Job Offer?

If your boss starts treating you poorly, you should accept the new job offer.

It is because it would be wrong of you to risk your happiness and esteem to keep such a job. A boss who doesn’t appreciate their employees is not worth it.

Remember, the decision to accept a job offer is one of the most important ones we ever make in our lives. We should always follow our hearts on such matters.

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Moreover, many of us will also need to choose between two job offers. If you think your current boss will match the salary but not give any other incentives, take the new offer.

When choosing between two jobs, it’s essential to look at all the offered benefits. Salary is one of them, so don’t sweat it too much!

The Bottom Line Is That It’s Up To You:

In the end, it is your decision what you choose to do. If you think your boss won’t agree to a counteroffer, don’t show up to work on Monday and accept the new job offer.

However, if you think they will give a counteroffer and try to keep you, then stay. If you are not sure, find out more about the company and its hiring process before choosing.


To tell your boss you got a job offer, do the following:

1. Prepare all documents carefully.

2. Meet with your boss and make sure to talk about it on a personal level.

3. Keep the conversation professional.

4. Thank them for everything they have done for you. Even if what they have offered can’t match your requirement.

5. Have your counteroffers ready before going into the conversation.

6. Maintain a positive relationship with your boss. Future opportunities might arise from this single conversation. It’s always better to think ahead than settle now and later regret it because of past decisions you made at work.

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