How To Stop An Affair With Your Boss – 20 Ways

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An affair to remember- boss addition. Unlike the movie, you have to end this relationship to keep your job. Here’s how to stop an affair with your boss.

An affair with your boss is the last thing anyone wants or expects to happen at work.

How To Stop An Affair With Your Boss – 20 Ways

There are many ways to stop an affair with your boss. However, keep in mind if there was already an affair going on, the best way to stop it is not to let it start in the first place.

Here are 15 ways to stop an affair with your boss.

1. Have A Talk With Them:

An affair with your boss is a matter of great concern. If you suspect something is going on between your boss and yourself, talk about it with them. 

How To Stop An Affair With Your Boss

Lay everything out on the table and make sure that they know you don’t want to continue.

2. Distance Yourself From Them:

Distance yourself from them by creating boundaries at work. If you think there is something suspicious between you two, do so immediately. 

There are several ways to distance yourself from them to avoid being tempted anymore.

Keep your distance from them by:

– Making excuses not to go to work when they are there

– Having lunches at other hours away from theirs

Scheduling meetings during different times of the day. 

If this isn’t working out well for you, get yourself transferred to another department. 

It is better yet to quit before it gets worse between you and your boss.

3. Give Them The Cold Shoulder:

Please give them the cold shoulder in front of everyone in the office. Please do so, especially when their behavior becomes strange suggestive, or offensive. 

Through actions like these, they will stop what they were doing. They will feel embarrassed.

4. How To Stop An Affair With Your Boss – Create Distractions:

Create distractions to be around them as much as you can. Make it evident that you do not welcome any thoughts or anything of the sort. 

This way, your boss will stop his advances and affections toward you for good.

5. Keep Your Options Open:

If there isn’t an affair between you and your boss, but one has started, then pay close attention. It might not be true love after all. 

Keep your options open to have something better on the side just in case the relationship goes south. 

options open

It would hurt less if there were no first-place prize involved with being number one, right?

6. How To Stop An Affair With Your Boss – Get A Girlfriend Or Boyfriend:

If you have a boyfriend or girlfriend outside of work, use them as an excuse not to be with your boss. 

Whether it’s true or not, it will make everything more accessible and less complicated for both of you.

7. Hide Behind The Word No:

Hiding behind the word no can save you from those awkward situations that come up in life. 

However, don’t say yes if they try to ask you out on a date by any chance. If they sense that you’re interested, this could create tension at work. 

It could lead to more trouble related to this matter. You don’t want that, do you? The best way would be to say no and make it seem like you aren’t interested.

8. How To Stop An Affair With Your Boss – Don’t Appear Too Available:

Don’t appear too available at work because the boss might get ideas. He might take this as an opportunity to be with you more often. 

Act like you don’t want anything to do with them. Let your boss stop their advances toward you. Please don’t give them the impression that there is something between you two other than work. 

People will notice if this were to continue and may not take kindly to what’s going on between the two of you.

9. Be Professional:

Be professional so they won’t have any excuses left when it comes time for them to decide whether or not to be with you. 

Show them that you’re professional in your work ethic. Likewise, show that you don’t want any distractions from this. They will get the point if you keep yourself in check.

10. Be A Challenge:

Be a challenge in front of your boss by not falling for their advances even though they are attractive. It’s the best way to get them thinking that you don’t have any interest at all. 

be a challenge

It will let them know that nothing special is going on between you and them.

11. Don’t Give In To Their Flirtations:

Please don’t give in to their flirtations because this could be a trap to get what they want from you. Don’t try flirting with them back

It will only make things worse and create tension within the office. You never know how far they go with their advances. Try not to fall for them too much to avoid serious consequences.

12. How To Stop An Affair With Your Boss – Don’t Make It Weird:

Do not make it weird because there isn’t a relationship between you. You need to keep your distance from this person. 

Act like they are at work, and nothing else matters regarding how you feel about their actions toward you. Remember that they have a life outside of work. 

Don’t worry about them too much. Likewise, don’t try to get in the way of their private time by forcing anything on them.

13. Send The Right Signals:

Send all the right signals that you’re not interested in anything with your boss. Instead, focus on gaining knowledge for this position while working within it. 

They will take it as a sign that there isn’t going to be something between both of you. It is the best way to get your boss to understand that they don’t have a chance.

14. Be Honest:

Be honest about what you feel toward them. It will give your boss the impression that there isn’t anything else going on between the two of you. 

You’re just working together to achieve specific goals. It’s better to be blunt with them. Do not allow things to go on without being honest about your feelings toward their advances.

15. Keep Dating Around:

Keep dating around, even if it means sneaking out for dates behind your partner’s back. If things don’t work out between your boss and yourself, they wouldn’t have lost anything. 


It will ease tension within the office. It will get the point across that there isn’t anything between you two other than work.

16. Don’t Allow The Work To Invade Your Personal Life:

Don’t allow the work to invade your personal life. It will only make things worse for you during business hours. 

It’s best to keep some distance between the two of you, no matter how severe the relationship may be. It creates an imbalance that can cause even more problems at work.

17. How To Stop An Affair With Your Boss – Don’t Speak Too Much About Yourself:

Don’t speak too much about yourself around them. Your boss might see this as a sign for something more meaningful. 

Try using others to get their attention instead of trying too hard with them. It could push them away from what you are trying to achieve with them, no matter how close you feel toward them.

18. Use Their Past Against Them:

Use their past against them. People with dark secrets likely get attracted to someone who seems less attainable. 

This person might be susceptible to your charms once you prove that you can achieve anything.

19. Request For A Transfer:

If all fails or situations are getting out of hand, request a transfer to another department. 

It may be best for you in the long run anyway. You can request HR and give a professional reason.

20. How To Stop An Affair With Your Boss – Get A New Job:

If your boss threatens you with having an affair with him by threatening your job, get yourself a better job. 

The same goes if you feel threatened. Get yourself out of that work environment because you never know what your boss might do next. 

How To Stop An Affair With Your Boss (2)

If none of these ideas come to fruition, then it’s time to cut your ties. Leave because there is no going back from here on out if they won’t stop pursuing you. 

As much as possible, distance yourself from them by getting out of there. Make a new life somewhere else for yourself outside of working hours. 

Please don’t come looking for a job at their company ever again in the future either.


To stop an affair with your boss, it is best, to be honest. Keep your distance and not allow things to escalate between you two. 

It may not be accessible if the workplace gets very close. However, both of you must try keeping a little space between one another. 

It would help if you never made any changes regarding the relationship. Do not flirt with them and find yourself a girlfriend or boyfriend. 

Talk to them that you don’t want a relationship and immediately stop the affair. If nothing else works, get transferred or leave the organization.

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