6 Stages Of Career Development To Grow Your Career

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You must be thinking what is career development? And what are the stages of career development? 

Sit back and read this article.

Career development process is used by people to develop their careers. It plays a significant role in human development.

Career development can be either in the same organization or moving to a new place. It involves learning new skills or moving to a higher job.

Career development is a lifelong process and it never stops to a certain point. 

Career development concerns with the goals and objectives set by an individual.

It begins when a person identifies and realizes his interests. The interests and capabilities then match with the available options.

To use the available option, the person must develop the skills needed for it. The person can achieve his targets by developing these skills.

6 Stages Of Career Development Process – Advance Your Career:

Since career development links to an individual’s satisfaction and advancement. Rather than leaving it to the manager, the individual should decide it by himself.

Career development helps both in the personal and professional growth of a person. 

There are six stages of modern career development. 

1. Assessment Stage Of Career Development:

The process begins with an assessment of one’s career choice.

At this stage, an individual is unaware of his capabilities and weaknesses. He wants to know more about himself who he is.

Assessment Stage Of Career Development
Assessment Stage Of Career Development

There is a sense of realization and he thinks that he should do something to play his role in this world. Interests are not identified yet.

But this stage is the trigger to a process of career development.  It is one of the best career development stages.

2. Investigation Stage:

This stage involves researching different careers. An individual might feel confused at this stage. As he doesn’t know what career is best suitable for him.

A major confusing situation can occur as there exist so many careers in the world.

But one should handle this situation with a positive frame of mind. If explored, there can arise many possibilities.

3. Preparation Stage Of Career Development:

At the preparation stage, the person is getting ready for what to do next. He is preparing to enter into a new work that he considers suitable for himself.

He explores job opportunities that tend to be more stable.

Preparation Stage Of Career Development
Preparation Stage Of Career Development

With the feelings of excitement, he looks for upward growth. And a job where he can do meaning full work.

4. Commitment Stage Of Career Development:

The commitment stage is where an individual is confident. He has figured out what he wants to do.

In some cases, people already know what they want to do but they are not sure about it.

Once reached on the commitment stage, it’s sure what career one wants to pursue. And he will remain committed to achieving his goals.

5. Retention Stage Of Career Development:

At the retention stage, the person is comfortable with what he is doing. He knows the standards and methods of industry.

Remaining committed to his post, he learns new skills and efficiencies. He is also improving himself to move with updating technology and standards.

6. Transition Stage Of Career Development:

At this stage, the person might feel tired of what he is doing. Also, there’s a feeling of uncertainty about what to do next.

Transition Stage Of Career Development
Transition Stage Of Career Development

Then there is a need to make some changes in career direction. And adopt a new career which seems suitable and interesting as well.

For this purpose, the person should remain resilient. 

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Career development is not a simple going process and it doesn’t end at a specific point.

One can be at any stage of career development and still, he can start all over from the start.

Careful career development can be helpful for professional success. It also brings motivation to do better in life.

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