Are There Jobs For IQ 70? Yes, Here Are Top 12

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There are several jobs for IQ 70-level intelligence, which can provide a sense of purpose, financial stability, and social inclusion.

It is important to note that the term “IQ” is controversial and has been criticized by some experts in the field of psychology.

Key Takeaways

  • Individuals with an IQ of 70 can succeed professionally if their strengths are recognized.
  • Jobs suitable for individuals with IQ 70 include dishwasher, grocery bagger, janitor, assembly line worker, shampooer, car wash attendant, fruit picker, lawn maintenance worker, food service worker, warehouse worker, and factory worker.
  • On-the-job training is often provided and can lead to career advancement within the industry.
  • Providing additional coaching or mentoring can help improve workplace skills and confidence levels for individuals with IQ 70.

Best 12 Jobs For IQ 70

This discussion focuses on the best jobs for individuals with an IQ of 70, considered in the borderline range.

While there are limitations in terms of job opportunities that require higher cognitive abilities, there are still several options available.

Some examples include positions such as dishwasher, grocery bagger, janitor, assembly line worker, and shampooer.

Despite being labeled as low-skilled jobs, these roles can offer stability and provide valuable work experience for those seeking employment.

1. Dishwasher:

The role of a dishwasher is an essential and integral part of the food service industry.

They are responsible for maintaining the cleanliness and sanitation of dishes, utensils, and other kitchen equipment.

Dishwashers play a critical role in ensuring hygiene standards are met in kitchens by efficiently cleaning dishes using appropriate techniques.

Effective dishwashing requires teamwork and cooperation with other kitchen staff to ensure that meals are prepared promptly.

Thus, contributing to the smooth running of kitchen operations.

Dishwashers - jobs for iq 70

In addition to maintaining hygiene standards, dishwashing has significant benefits for commercial kitchens.

By employing efficient techniques, dishwashers can help reduce water usage and energy consumption.

For instance, pre-rinsing dishes before loading them into the dishwasher or using high-temperature settings during wash cycles,

Commercial dishwashers also have larger capacities than residential models, allowing for more efficient cleaning of large volumes of dishes in less time.

Dishwashing may seem like a menial job requiring little skill or intelligence.

However, it plays an important role in maintaining hygiene standards and contributes to the overall success of any food service operation.

2. Grocery Bagger:

Efficient bagging of groceries is a crucial aspect of customer satisfaction and convenience in the grocery industry.

Baggers are responsible for ensuring that customers’ purchases are properly packed, organized, and secured before they leave the store.

They must also work quickly and efficiently while maintaining a friendly demeanor toward customers.

One of the benefits of bagging groceries is that it provides an opportunity for individuals with IQ 70 to gain employment.

However, successful baggers require specific skills such as good organizational abilities, attention to detail, and physical stamina.

Additionally, efficient bagging requires knowledge of different types of products and packaging techniques.

Good customer service skills are also essential since it helps create a positive shopping experience for customers.

In the future, there may be changes in the grocery industry, such as self-checkout options or increased automation.

These could affect future job opportunities for baggers.

3. Janitor:

Maintaining cleanliness and hygiene in public spaces is a vital responsibility of janitors, reflecting their commitment to ensuring health and safety.

However, this occupation also presents its own set of challenges.

Janitors must work long hours during non-traditional shifts such as evenings or weekends.

They must operate various cleaning equipment and chemicals safely while following established protocols.

A Janitor - jobs for iq 70

Additionally, they may face discrimination due to the perception that this job requires little skill or education.

Individuals typically need a high school diploma or equivalent to become a janitor.

Training may be provided on-the-job or through vocational schools offering cleaning techniques and chemical handling courses.

While the work may not always be glamorous, job satisfaction can come from maintaining a clean environment for others to enjoy.

Furthermore, career growth potential exists within this field as some janitorial positions may lead to supervisory roles with increased responsibilities.

4. Assembly Line Worker:

Assembly line workers face the challenge of maintaining their physical health while performing repetitive tasks for long periods.

The impact of automation on assembly line jobs has also made this work more demanding, as workers are now required to operate and maintain machinery.

To be an assembly line worker, one must acquire specific skills through training programs that teach them how to use the necessary tools and equipment.

Additionally, these programs focus on teaching safety measures for assembly line workers as they work in potentially hazardous environments.

Salary and benefits for assembly line workers vary depending on the industry and location.

However, most companies offer competitive wages, health benefits, and retirement plans.

The importance of teamwork in assembly line work cannot be overstated since it is crucial to ensure smooth operations, reduce errors, and increase productivity.

Despite its challenges, assembly line work can provide a decent living for individuals with below-average IQ.

5. Shampooer:

The job of a shampooer involves utilizing specialized equipment and techniques to clean and maintain the appearance of carpets, upholstery, and other fabric surfaces.

This job requires individuals with a keen eye for detail and an ability to work well in a team setting.

Some necessary skills for this position include physical stamina, which can require extended periods of standing or kneeling while working on furniture or flooring.

Attention to detail is also crucial when identifying stains or areas that require extra cleaning.

Training required for this position typically includes on-the-job training from experienced shampooers or supervisors.

However, some employers may prefer candidates with certifications in carpet cleaning or related fields.

The work environment can vary depending on the employer but often occurs in commercial settings such as hotels, offices, or residential buildings.

This could be an ideal career path for those who enjoy physical work that requires attention to detail and problem-solving skills.

However, those who prefer more independent work may find this position challenging due to its reliance on teamwork and communication skills.

6. Car Wash Attendant:

Operating a car wash requires individuals with a combination of customer service, problem-solving, and mechanical skills.

Operating car wash - jobs for iq 70

They work to ensure vehicles are cleaned efficiently and effectively.

Car wash attendants are responsible for greeting customers, discussing their preferences for cleaning services, and safely handling their cars during the washing.

They must also be able to troubleshoot mechanical issues during the washing process, such as malfunctioning equipment or damaged vehicles.

Car wash attendants typically earn minimum wage or slightly above it depending on location and experience.

The work environment can be fast-paced and physically demanding, especially during peak hours when there is a high volume of cars to clean.

However, some job benefits include opportunities for overtime pay and flexible scheduling.

Required skills include attention to detail, communication skills, ability to work in a team environment, problem-solving abilities, physical stamina, and agility.

7. Fruit Picker:

For individuals seeking employment in agriculture, fruit picking may be a physically demanding but rewarding job opportunity.

Fruit pickers are responsible for harvesting fruits from trees or bushes.

It requires proper fruit-picking techniques to prevent damage to the fruit and plants.

The job’s physical demands include standing, bending, and reaching for extended periods, carrying heavy baskets filled with fruits, and working in various weather conditions.

Job availability in fruit picking varies throughout the year, depending on the crop season and location.

Wages also vary depending on experience level, location, and employer.

In addition to physical demands and fluctuating wages, fruit pickers face challenges related to weather conditions that can affect crop yield and job security.

Despite these challenges, many individuals find fulfillment in providing fresh produce to consumers while gaining valuable skills in agriculture.

8. Lawn Mowing And Simple Lawn Care:

Lawn maintenance is essential to maintaining a healthy and aesthetically pleasing yard.

Basic landscaping techniques, such as mowing, edging, trimming, and pruning, are necessary to keep the grass lush and green.

Lawn maintenance equipment includes lawnmowers, edge trimmers, leaf blowers, hedge clippers, and pruners.

These tools make it easier for individuals with IQ 70 or below to perform lawn care tasks efficiently.

Starting a lawn care business can be a lucrative opportunity for those who enjoy working outside and have basic landscaping skills.

Lawn care safety tips include wearing protective gear such as gloves and safety glasses when using power tools and being cautious around sprinkler systems.

In addition to the physical benefits of lawn care, mental health benefits are associated with spending time outdoors in nature.

Regular outdoor activity has been shown to reduce stress levels and improve overall well-being.

9. Survey Taking:

Survey-taking can provide a viable income opportunity for individuals with cognitive challenges who cannot perform physically demanding tasks.

Online surveys, phone surveys, focus groups, market research, and opinion polls are ways people can earn money by sharing their opinions and experiences.


Online surveys are perhaps the most popular method of survey taking as they offer the convenience of completing them from anywhere with an internet connection.

Phone surveys are another option for those who prefer speaking on the phone rather than typing responses.

Participating in focus groups can also be a way to earn money while providing valuable feedback to companies looking to improve their products or services.

Additionally, market research firms often conduct opinion polls that require participants’ input on current events or consumer trends.

These opportunities may not provide full-time employment but can supplement other sources of income and offer flexibility for those with cognitive challenges.

10. Food Service Worker:

The food service industry offers a potential career path for individuals with cognitive challenges.

They must possess strong interpersonal skills and enjoy working in fast-paced environments.

No formal education or training is required to become a food service worker.

Some employers may prefer applicants with previous experience or completing a food safety course.

Additionally, new hires often receive on-the-job training, learning about food preparation techniques, customer service skills, and other job responsibilities.

The work environment can vary greatly from fast-food restaurants to upscale dining establishments.

Regardless of the setting, however, all food service workers must follow strict hygiene regulations while handling food products and interacting with customers.

The job outlook for this field is positive, as there will always be a need for individuals who can provide quality service in the food industry.

11. Warehouse Worker:

This occupation involves working in a warehouse setting and performing various tasks related to receiving, storing, and shipping goods.

While this job may not require advanced cognitive abilities, it does require physical strength and stamina.

Physical strength and stamina

The advantages of working as a Warehouse Worker include the opportunity for on-the-job training, which can lead to career advancement within the industry.

However, there are disadvantages, such as the physically demanding nature of the work.

Safety concerns are also related to operating heavy machinery or lifting heavy objects.

Additionally, salary expectations for entry-level positions are relatively low compared to other industries.

The job market outlook for warehouse workers with IQ 70 is stable but competitive, with opportunities varying depending on location and industry demand.

12. Factory Worker:

One potential occupation for individuals with limited cognitive abilities is a Factory Worker.

This job involves performing various manufacturing and production-related tasks.

These include machine operation, product assembly, quality control checks, and packaging.

While some aspects of the job may require basic reading and math skills, many factory positions can be learned through on-the-job training programs.

Employers can also provide workplace accommodations for individuals with IQ 70, such as providing visual aids or simplifying work instructions.

However, the impact of low IQ on job performance and productivity should not be ignored.

Individuals with lower cognitive abilities may struggle with certain job duties or take longer to complete tasks than those with higher cognitive abilities.

This is where support systems for individuals with IQ 70 in the workplace become crucial.

Providing additional coaching or mentoring can help employees improve their skills and confidence levels while promoting inclusion and diversity in the workplace.


Individuals with an IQ of 70 may face certain challenges in finding employment.

However, plenty of job opportunities are available for them that cater to their skills and abilities.

Some of the best jobs for individuals with an IQ of 70 include janitorial work, assembly line worker, retail sales associate, and food service worker.

Janitorial work involves cleaning and maintaining buildings. It requires physical stamina, attention to detail, and good time management skills.

Assembly line work involves performing repetitive tasks in a factory setting.

Retail sales associates interact with customers and assist them in making purchases while food service workers prepare and serve food.

These jobs might not seem glamorous or high-paying.

But they offer stable employment opportunities for individuals with an IQ of 70 who may struggle to find other types of work.

These jobs can also provide a sense of purpose, independence, and financial stability for those who may have previously struggled to find consistent employment.

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