What Should You Do If A Coworker Is Being Electrocuted – In 6 Steps

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What should you do if a coworker is being electrocuted? Well, we first want you to be calm and come to your senses. Only then can you help your colleague.

Electrocution, unfortunately, is something that you cannot prevent. It happens to people.

What Should You Do If A Coworker Is Being Electrocuted – In 6 Steps

If your colleague falls victim to this unfortunate event, the best thing you can do is first make sure it’s not your fault.

Here is a step-to-step guide on how to save your colleague from electrocution:

1. Do Not Touch Anything:

First of all, make sure that the room is well-ventilated. If you do not know how to do this, open the windows and door leading outside.

What Should You Do If A Coworker Is Being Electrocuted

There may be sparks coming out, so please keep your distance from them. It also means that you should avoid touching anything metal or conducting materials.

You are now one of the conductors to “complete” the circuit. If that happens, then both you and your colleague could die.

2. What Should You Do If A Coworker Is Being Electrocuted – Turn Off The Power:

If there is a live wire, don’t think it’s okay if somebody touches it with their hands or feet.

All they’re doing is opening up an opportunity for getting electrocution as well. So what can you do? It would help if you shut off the power supply first before anything else.

It will help prevent your coworker from getting any shocks. Moreover, it will minimize casualties as much as possible.

3. Pull Your coworker Away:

Once again, we remind you not to touch anything else. Just focus on pulling your coworker out of there.

If you’re in the middle, then it’s no longer one person that dies but two people instead. Use a non-conductive object to pull them, do not touch them with bare hands.

4. What Should You Do If A Coworker Is Being Electrocuted – Call 911:

After saving your coworker from electrocution, do not forget to call 911! Let them know what happened and where so they can come and help your coworker out.

No matter how much pain they might be experiencing, keep the conversation short and simple.

This way, you won’t get confused or lost when talking to paramedics or doctors.

5. Stay With Your Coworker:

Now that you have done the essentials, it’s time to stay by your coworker’s side. If they are conscious and okay, then, of course, you can ask questions about the incident.


But if not, keep them company until help comes in. Do not leave their side. Your presence will help your coworker more than you know.

6. What Should You Do If A Coworker Is Being Electrocuted – Know Your Sources Of Electricity:

Your coworker needs to know what type of electricity runs through the lines in your area. This way, they will learn to avoid it because these can be life-threatening.

If you are unsure where the line is or if someone has already tampered with it, stay away from it.

Inform security guards or authorities about your findings. They can help you find out more about this issue.

Tips To Not Get Your Coworker Electrocuted:

If you don’t want yourself or your coworker to get electrocuted at all, here are some tips and advice.

1. Make Sure All Electrical Cords And Wires Are Maintained:

Have you ever seen a branch that’s been freshly cut and is moist?

There’s a chance that it could have electricity around, and if you touch it the wrong way, then “bye-bye!” Well, electrical cords and wires work like branches.

They need maintenance regularly so they won’t become dry and electrified. It will help prevent your coworker from getting hurt.

2. If Your coworker’s Hurt, Do Not Rush To Help them:

Even if you are very eager to help your coworker out, do not rush into things. You have first to make sure that the place has well-ventilation.

This way, they won’t get any electric shocks from other wires or cords. If it’s not, then there’s still a chance of getting more electrocuted.

Please wait for further instructions first by authorities or professionals before doing anything!

3. Never Replace An Electrical Cord Or Wire As Long As It’s Still In Use:

Please note that it is never okay to replace an electrical cord or wire while the appliance is on. It will cause your coworker to get electrocuted.

What Should You Do If A Coworker Is Being Electrocuted (2)

It will be because they do not know whether the new one you’re replacing is well-maintained or not. If this happens, then their life jacket is nearby 🙂

4. Hold On To A Non-Conducting Material Like Wood:

If your coworker accidentally got shocked and fell, do not immediately rush over and try to help them up.

You have no idea what might happen if you touch them. There might be another electrical cord running through them.

Instead, stay away from your coworker. Hold on to a wooden object or tool so that it will not conduct electricity.

5. In Case Of In-House Power Outage, Make Sure To Follow These Procedures:

So what happens if it’s a power outage caused by a storm? Here are some essential procedures before going out to check on your coworker.

1. Do not touch anything metal. It could conduct electricity even though there is no power running through the lines.

2. If you have an iPhone, use its flash for help instead of a candle.

It can save energy and charge itself when in dark areas like the one you’re in when experiencing a power outage.

3. If there are metallic objects outside like light bulbs or wires, make sure to stay away from them. It is best if you bring something non-conductive with you.

In this way, they will not get electrocution when you touch them.

What Should You Do If A Coworker Is Being Electrocuted- Identify 5 Sources

Every day, there are a few deaths records worldwide due to electrocution. Here are five sources of electrocution for you to stay away from:

1. Electrocution By Wire Or Electrical Cord:

It is the most common reason why electrocution occurs. If you are not careful, your coworker will get electrocuted by an electrical wire or cord.

It can happen to anyone who does not maintain electrical cords and wires well enough. These materials have to be dry throughout not to cause electrocution.


When wet, only allow them to dry for some time before using it again. Do so in case there is residual electricity.

2. Electrocution By Appliance Or Outlet:

If your coworker was careless with appliances or outlets, they might get a shock.

These may have exposed parts that could conduct electricity when touched by a coworker. If this happens, make sure to follow the procedures discussed earlier.

Make sure not to feel them until you get further instructions from authorities.

3. Electrocution By A Leaky Faucet:

Suppose your coworker got back from taking a shower, electrocution chances. It happens if there is a leaky faucet inside their bathroom or washroom.

It can cause water to drip on electrical outlets or light sockets, which can be hazardous.

4. Electrocution By Electric Blankets Or Heating Pads:

It can also happen when using electric blankets or heating pads. Your coworker would only have a little time to react.

It’s best if they know how to avoid them. They might want to use this for warmth or comfort during wintertime or when it’s raining.

5. Electrocution By Appliances From Other Countries And Foreign Electricity:

Your coworker should know how to differentiate between appliances from other countries.

If they were careless, a foreign device might electrocute them. They might not realize it. It can be life-threatening.

Hazards Of Electrocution

There are several life-threatening effects of electrocution. Therefore, ensure your safety at all costs. Here are a few results:

1. Burns:

In electrocution, the electricity running through the lines marks your skin. Some people develop scars and sores because of this type of accident.

2. Heart Attack:

Electrocution can also cause a heart attack. It is due to the sheer force of the current going through your body.

cardiac arrest

The symptoms include heavy breathing, chest pain, nausea, and loss of consciousness.

3. Coma Or Death:

Your coworker might be unconscious or unable to respond even if you call their name. No matter if you shake them from time to time until medical attention.

In some instances, death can occur right after someone experiences an electric shock.

That’s why it’s important to do CPR as soon as possible if your coworker is no longer responsive.

4. Injuries In The Spinal Cord And Nerves:

In severe electrocution cases, your coworker might have to live with the after-effects shock.

If they got a high-voltage surprise, then there’s a big chance it affected their spinal cord. It will also affect the nervous system, which controls the body’s movement.

5. Injuries In The Muscles:

If your coworker felt a shock from a low-voltage current, it affects their muscles.

It can lead to total paralysis or the inability to move the affected area even if they appear normal.


In conclusion, it is best if you know how to avoid these accidents from happening.

Nothing can bring them back once they occur and someone dies from electrocution. Make sure to protect every coworker around you.

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