Why Is My Boss Suddenly Being Nice To Me – 12 Possible Reasons

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We came upon a worried employee. Upon asking why he asked: Why is my boss is mean then nice? We got the answer to that.

A suddenly nice boss is not something to be extra worried about. It could be as it is.

Why Is My Boss Suddenly Being Nice To Me – 12 Possible Reasons

However, some other things can cause a boss to be nice to you.

We will list them down for you here!

1. Are You Appreciative of Their Work?

People work for different reasons. However, all people have in common is that they always want appreciation for their work. So, are you being appreciative of your boss’ work?

Why Is My Boss Suddenly Being Nice To Me

“I’m sorry I forgot to thank you earlier.” It is a common phrase, but is it practiced enough? If your boss is suddenly nice to you, it could be because you are not appreciative of their work.

Instead of thinking that they will always be there to help you, start appreciating where it is due.

2. Why Is My Boss Suddenly Being Polite With Me – Do You Argue With Them?

This is not a trick question, or it is. All too often, people tend to forget that work-life is not a place for arguments.

And yes, your boss being nice to you could be because you have been arguing with them at work.

“I’m sorry for all the arguing I did.” This can be a way of apologizing and letting yourself off the hook.

It also lets the other person know that you understand where they are coming from.

3. Are You Being Cooperative?

Another thing bosses usually expect out of their employees is cooperation when needed.

Why is coworker suddenly being nice could mean that you have not been cooperative in some way. If this has happened quite a few times, this might also be why they are so surprised!

“I’m sorry for not cooperating. I was wrong.” Offering an apology goes a long way in mending fences.

It gives the other person the chance to save face and is a sign of taking responsibility.

4. Why Is My Boss Suddenly Being Nice To Me – Have You Been Showing Respect?

Getting this right can be a one-way ticket to everyone who works for you being nice to you!

This is because respect goes beyond the workplace. It also goes beyond family, religion, and everything else.

good leader

“I’m sorry if I haven’t been showing enough respect.” If done right, acknowledging a lapse in showing appropriate respect can go a long way. It can be the source of patching things up.

5. Did You Act Rudely?

Now, this might seem obvious.  If your boss suddenly is nice to you, they respond differently to what you do or say.

This could be why coworker being nice all of a sudden! And it has nothing to do with their personal life either.

“I’m sorry for being rude.” Offering a simple apology can do wonders. If you’re rude to the person in charge of your performance reviews, this might turn things around.

6. Why Is My Boss Suddenly Being Nice To Me – Did You Break The Rules?

Believe it or not, many organizations have rules that are valid only within the workplace. There are also breakers of these rules, leading to superiors reprimanding employees.

But, if they are nice to you, this might be why! This is because they saw or heard about what happened.

“I’m sorry for breaking the rules.” You can own up to something like this without shifting blame. Then following up with an apology can do wonders to mend fences.

7. Do You Work Well As A Team?

The reason why your boss is being nice to you has nothing to do with anything personal at all!

It might mean they see an effort coming from you in teamwork. They might think things will run well if everyone gets along.

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“Is this for our team?” If your boss is pushing for something like teamwork, ask them about it.

It might put them at ease and lead them to spill the beans about their true intentions.

8. Why Is My Boss Suddenly Being Friendly To Me – Do You Have An Explanation For The Change?

This last question is more important than all the rest. It could explain why your boss has become so friendly with you.

The truth of the matter is that many things happen in the background of everything we do.

“I hope you understand why I did what I did.” If you explain something, there is a chance that your boss will be more understanding. They will go easy on you next time around.

9. Do You Follow Instructions Well?

Is your boss nice to you because they think following instructions is a priority for you? If it is, then this might be the reason why!

This is because they believe you are dependable enough to follow instructions.

“I’m sorry if I didn’t follow instructions well.” Offering an apology for something like this can go a long way. It can re-establish trust between you and your boss.

10. Why Is My Boss Suddenly Being Nice To Me – Are You Trying To Change?

Believe it or not, if your boss is nice to you, there is a chance that they notice you trying. This could be changing for the better, so they are rewarding you for it!

“I’m sorry for not changing.” If done, an apology can help ease things up and might even win your favor with your superiors.

11. He Simple Likes You After You Did Something Good:

Your boss is nice to you might have nothing to do with anything at all! They could like you and how well you’re doing.


“I’m glad we get along.” If it’s true, this simple sentence could win your favor with your superiors and make them want to be nice to you.

12. Why is my boss so nice to me – Did You Do Something Nice For Them?

Believe it or not, this is possible! Your boss might have planned on giving you a raise or a promotion but didn’t know how to bring the topic up.

So they started acting nice to you instead! Find out if that is the case by asking them.

“Hey, have I done something to deserve a raise?” If you have been wondering, this is a simple sentence that could lead to an explanation. Why is someone suddenly being nice to me.

6 Ways To Deal If My Boss Is so Nice To Me

Are you wondering “why is my boss suddenly being king to me” Now that we know some of the reasons, here’s how to deal with a nice boss:

1. Do Not Take Anything For Granted

Finally, do not take anything for granted! Your boss being nice to you is something to celebrate.

The last thing you want is your boss having a bad day or thinking you are taking them for granted.

“I’m sorry I took it for granted.” It does not matter what the situation is. An apology goes a long way in making both parties feel better about what happened.

2. Do You Think Being Nice To You Is A Trick?

Some people think that their boss being nice to them is nothing but a trick. Then again, this kind of thinking might be the reason why they are so lovely!

boss vs leader

They might be trying to ease you into something that will lead to trouble for you later on.

3. Do Not Rely On One Explanation:

Having one explanation for why your boss is nice to you might not be enough. Why is everyone suddenly being nice to me. This person might have many sources which could change their attitude.

It would help if you considered several possibilities before believing them.

4. Is It Coincidence?

Believe it or not, sometimes people agree to disagree! This does not mean they hate each other or anything.

Instead, they find themselves in a situation where they work better apart. Before jumping to conclusions, try considering this option.

“I hope you understand that I cannot agree with your perspective.” This is often the best way to avoid conflict with irresolvable issues.

5. Ask Them Why:

It could be as simple as them being the kind of person who praises those on their team. Or they have noticed how nice you’ve been to them and want to repay the kindness.

Whatever it is, if you are not sure what this sudden change in attitude means, then do ask your boss. You do not know what could happen.

more ability

One day they might be in a good mood and decide to share the reason with you!

“I am curious as to why you were being nice to me.” This might catch them off guard. More often than not, people will explain themselves when someone is suddenly nice to you.

They won’t act like an enigma after changing their behavior for no reason.

6. Enjoy Your Boss’s Nice Behavior:

Finally, remember that your boss being nice to you does not have to be an act. Please take advantage of this new behavior and enjoy it while it lasts!

We all know how unpredictable humans can be, so enjoy this moment for however long it lasts.


Don’t worry if your boss is nice to you because the reasons listed here are pretty simple to follow.

But, make sure that you do these things if they apply to you! If not, then all might be well and good but remember bosses have to.  And one way of making sure that they are happy is to work on these issues.

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